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In this dream, my sister and I were running away from something. We were in the woods of some kind, possibly during the Autumn season. After running for some time, we had entered a huge road or path that could fit at least two cars put together side by side. Dry leaves were covering our grounds. In seconds I could see various large snakes flying in about 6' off the ground. We both ran up a hill and I told her we should separate. When I reached a path that will lead back into the wood, I saw many small dead black and brown snakes. I didn't go that way. Instead, I turned around and looked at the commotions from below me. A large yellow snake had just entered my view, flying by while a black snake was flying the opposite direction. The yellow snake then grabbed hold of a man, coiled over him and bit him.

Scared, I ran west from where I was, but stopped when all of a sudden a large green and blue colored snake crossed path with me. It had meant to fly down from the hill, but stopped when it saw me. It looked straight into my eyes and I have decided to run. But shortly after attempting to run, I felt my whole body being coiled by a snake, that was when I can see the yellow scales of the yellow snake. And seconds later it bit me. My body felt a slight burning sensation, the snake never let me go, and after the burning sensation my body felt relaxed. And I woke up.   

Greetings / Hello everyone I am new here
« on: December 04, 2013, 07:50:14 PM »
Greetings! It's amazing to see everyone in here. Thank you Tony for this website :)

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