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Dream Interpretation / Death of Everything
« on: July 07, 2014, 08:26:56 PM »
I recently had a dream that the world ended, and that I and everyone else died, along with the planet that our earthly bodies share. 

I was sitting in my music studio with a handful of friends.  The details were all correct... nothing out of the ordinary, no reason to suspect it was a dream.  In this room, in the dream as in waking life, a wall of glass looks out upon stunning, glacial rock formations.  As I looked out, I found myself watching the cliffs separate from the Earth and rushing away into space.  At the same time, the ground fell away.  My last sights were of light where ground had been, flame where rock had been, empty, dark space where blue sky had been.  I still did not suspect it was a dream.  Sound had ceased.  Light had ceased.  All awareness of my body was gone, only my consciousness remained.  My thoughts were "Well, we were warned that this would happen, that this planet wouldn't last.  I just didn't think it would be so soon.", and "I wonder how much longer my consciousness will linger?".  As I felt it fading, I was aware that I was having my last thought.  It was "Here it comes... this is where I find out what comes next."  I felt myself cross over.... and immediately felt a cool breeze on my skin, heard birds singing, and opened my eyes to find myself awake in my bed on a the most beautify summer morning imaginable.

I understand death dreams and apocalypse dreams, and the analysis makes perfect sense in the context of my life and the profound life changes I'm currently facing.  No surprises there.  It's the ending of the dream that leaves me pondering. 

As a lucid dreamer, I know that dreams, when I'm in them, are every bit as real as life.  I remember once, in normal conversation, joking with my son, laughing at the thought that maybe we were actually dreaming the moment.  My typical test of lucid dreaming is to fly, so we both took little leaps into the air, and sure enough, instead of laughing about it as gravity prevailed, we were both up and flying.  I was stunned.  Even once I knew it was a dream, I had a hard time finding anything absurd around me, anything to indicate a dream, other than flying.  It was as real as typing this.  Dreams have been like that for me quite often.  Normal life.

So when I was faced with the discovery of what comes after death and learned that it was followed by an awakening to another consciousness, in this case the one we call "waking", not surprisingly, it left me pondering life and death and consciousness and reality... and the universe... and everything, to the point of wondering which consciousness is the "real" one.

I haven't been able to find reference to anyone else having a dream quite like this one, and I'm profoundly curious.  Also if others, especially lucid dreamers, have trouble distinguishing dream from life.  Or at least find themselves questioning which is real.

Greetings / New member, Old dreamer
« on: July 07, 2014, 07:34:09 PM »
Hello, My name is Melody and I'm delighted to have found this site.  Thank you, Tony Crisp!  I've been exploring the dream world for several years now, and I've been, at times, an active lucid dreamer.  I have learned more about myself through dreams that in waking life.  I hope to gain new insight here, as well as to share my experiences with other dream explorers.

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