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Greetings / Re: Hello Everyone
« on: August 28, 2014, 03:40:52 PM »
Hello Tony,

I feel that he is always with me. I guess it's me just trying to tell myself that he is just gone. The night he passed away I dreamed that I was in a dark tunnel headed towards a bright light at the end. Once I reached the end of the tunnel the light was almost blinding, I saw him standing there smiling at me with his hand out. He told me he loved me and wanted me to go with him, I was an inch away from grabbing his hand, but instead I pulled back because I knew I couldn't do it. As I stood there I just stared at him as he looked at me with his arm reaching out towards me as he went up higher into the light. After that I woke up to tears running down my face. I was crying while I was asleep.

The links you posted are very interesting and really grabbed my attention. Thank you for sharing those  :)

Greetings / Hello Everyone
« on: August 14, 2014, 02:00:48 PM »
Hello everyone, I'm new to the Dreamhawk community. I've been on the website several times looking to see what the meaning of my dream was. But this dream I had I couldn't find the meaning for.
My dream:

I was out with my current boyfriend, my sibling & my friend. We were all going to the movies, my friend and I decided to get some snacks while everyone else went into the movie theater. After purchasing our goodies I saw a man that looked identical to my ex boyfriend --he died about 5 years ago. I ran up and hugged him, I knew it wasn't him but I wished it was. So I talked to the man like he was my ex, just telling him about how I wish things would've ended differently. But at the same time telling him that I knew that if he wouldn't have got shot then it would've happened now, especially with the way things are in Chicago now. Basically just vented to him, at the end the man and I said goodbye and I watched the man leave. After that I met up with my boyfriend and siblings and I just cried as I told my sister about the situation. :-[

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