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Dream Interpretation / Re: Mother To My Children
« on: February 03, 2022, 04:00:14 PM »
I am not Tony but I 've worked with him on dreams for many years. So I am just  adding to your writing ...my experience.
My ex companion died on the 22nd of September 2021.  We were me and my 2 children not expecting it at all. We were shocked. He was an artist, but as well as a musician and wrote. So he communicates now with me through visuals, thoughts and sometimes music. I've written a diary since he died, named "Conversation with you". I felt I received  a lot of messages at first from him. I feel still  he is looking after us from where he is. He appeared after he died in a dream to my granddaughter who lives in England, she is 3. (I am French and I live in France). My grand daughter saw him in a dream, he was tickling her. It gave a lot of comfort to my daughter when her young child reported that to her.
With all my compassion

Dream Interpretation / Re: Lion's Den
« on: May 29, 2016, 05:09:17 PM »
Very interesting Tony!

Tony ,it completely makes sense!
Just after my grandparents died 22 years ago(in fact  they died within 2 days of intervals altough they were separated and didn't communicate in real life at that time anymore), I felt that my grandmother had gone somewhere else , but on the other hand  I felt that my grandfather was still in the house for quite a few days  after he died ,and my niece felt his presence in one of the room.
 In real life my grandmother was very at ease with the spiritual world.My grandfather was more sceptical .

We are at my grandparents' house where I grew up.
I see my grandmother very clearly, and I think that she is dead,   but she says to me that she is alive. I see  her in the dream and she appears  real to me. I hold her in my arms and I feel very happy.It last for a while. We talk  about my grandfather and she says that he  is not that happy , because his space has been changed, there are a few chairs in the middle of the corridor.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Give me back my money
« on: February 21, 2016, 04:34:33 PM »
Yes it makes sense Tony, I can give a lot of myself or even money to others and then I have had an inner conflict about it;  because I don't feel appreciate enough about it and taken for granted .I was  angry with myself to have let it happened .But another aspect of myself doesn't seem to care so much about it, and is much more laid back , things are not that important after all ; But I seem to have an inner conflict about it. And recently I have adopted a new attitude, I am much more firm with people  and with myself.

Dream Interpretation / Give me back my money
« on: February 16, 2016, 01:12:59 PM »
I am with a friend Lisa, she is younger than me , and we are probably in England.(In real life we were students together and we shared a house)
I 've given money  to Lisa to pay for  accomodation for two nights. We are probably travelling or on holiday.  I have lent her 60 pounds, and I feel I want my money back. However, she doesn't seem to bother about it because she took it as a gift. It makes me feel  angry; Because I feel it was  a certain amount of money.I start to pack my suitcase, ready to leave in order to show how I feel!
She understands I am not laughing about it, and she gives me back my money .

Dream Interpretation / Late for the plane
« on: December 24, 2015, 08:26:40 AM »
I am going to take a plane. I am in a taxi. But in  the taxi driver tells me  that I will never be on time to catch the plane ,  I realize that it is true , because  I didn't seem to have measured the time right. I left my house to late .The plane is going to take off soon without me. There is nothing I can do about it. It is a stressful dream.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Driving in the sea
« on: October 06, 2015, 07:05:17 PM »
Thank you Tony and Christine for your advices which are most helpful!And it makes sense.
 I will try to follow the life will and try not to be frighten by The Life Stream  in my dreams and in my waking life....

Dream Interpretation / Re: Driving in the sea
« on: October 05, 2015, 11:00:39 AM »
I do agree Tony!
In the dream I felt as well that there was no problem with the other woman going into the sea , I know she was safe and happy.
But for information I am a bit frighten because I have chosen to go on a journey in a little island in Madagascar "nosy komba" and I am aware of not understanding  the way they use  the world of the unseen . Last time I went I took part in a little  ceremony and my body started moving like in self regulation , for me there was no problem but I ve been told that people can sometimes lose their identity for awhile and be a channel for something else or be possessed by spirits. As you mention before they are a lot of things that we can't see but that we can perceive , and I don't know what I am dealing with in the world of the unseen.  I am frighten by the dimension I don't know .
I am frighten to lose my identity

Dream Interpretation / Driving in the sea
« on: October 04, 2015, 03:33:40 PM »
I am in a car with a woman , she is a friend, she is driving. I am next to her and I am thinking that the car is going fast . Then I see the car entering  into the sea with us ! and I think; "That's it , we are going to die."
The next image , I am on the shore safe with no fear , on a sandy beach but I want to find my handbag with my papers. I put my hands on the handbag and them straight away . I feel relieved because my identity papers and my bank card are important for my everyday living and losing them is a major source of stress.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Two Black Bodies
« on: September 15, 2015, 11:47:42 AM »
Hi Christine

I am allowing myself to contribute  and I hope you don't mind me doing it.

Does it feel in the dream like contemplating  the natural  and perhaps more ancient side of your natural  male and female  who seems to create and give birth to something  harmonious together (the egg space)  ?  The image has a certain magical feeling to it like an alchemy or statues in a temple .What about allowing the 2 black bodies to move into space? Bringing them to life and exploring  as well what the marble aspect is about? How do you feel that relate to your everyday life?
Hope you don't mind my contribution  ! Jacquie

Dream Interpretation / Consulting my daughter who was the psychiatrist
« on: August 06, 2015, 09:50:09 PM »
Hi Tony,
Following the dream about raw meat

I go to consult my daughter who works as a psychiatrist .I have a  very professional exchange with her.
She is there as a doctor to help me. In the following scene, I can  see under under her desk, it is the sea and the lagoon, coral are all along, making like a frame  with the mangrove, making a natural decoration under the desk. There is a lot of light in the sea, it is very bright. I ask my daughter for homeopathic medication against stress, she is not convinced that it is necessary and doesn't prescribe any.
When I wake up, I think of Celine, she can be quite straightforward. I think as well of the mangrove where djinns are suppose to come and where  rituals take place and where I often go. I think l of the sea being used by local healers "foundi' as part of  natural medicine  . 

Dream Interpretation / Re: My daughter eats raw meat
« on: August 06, 2015, 09:27:56 PM »
Hi Tony,
Being an animal is for me very positive because it is where our body and strength is, as well as our pleasure to some extend .I feel being part of  a group of humans and sharing their basic nature is very important and it is extremely important to feel That.We share the human condition.
As for THE spirit , this is for me just a possibility of being in contact with unseen forces. We are sometimes in contact with "strangers" that we don't see.They are around us specially if we make room for them. Raw meat is as well about the life force and we are a channel for it.

Dream Interpretation / Re: My daughter eats raw meat
« on: August 05, 2015, 05:03:43 PM »
Yes Tony, that it's all about;Wanting more of the raw and meaty side of life.
In real life I feel I don't want for "my child " of a pavement and pram environment . Some path already set in concrete is not for me. Although it is secure, it is dull and unattractive .
As being the child I prefer being carried against the body of my mother. I want warmth and cuddles  and a lovely view.
Celine seems to be the part of me who doesn't stand for what she doesn't want.But she goes for what she needs. Raw meat  is the side of life connected with sexual energy but as well with the more aggressive side of my nature,which is a good surprise. As I tend to have difficulties in asserting my needs.
In  real life I can find  towns  dull , I am used to nature as I work in Mayotte near Madagascar . I  realize that I am very jealous  and angry especially if I feel cheated  by a man. I could fight . What I find interesting as well is that in rituals in Mayotte   flesh and blood  are used for attracting spirits .

Dream Interpretation / My daughter eats raw meat
« on: August 02, 2015, 09:07:10 PM »
Hi Tony!  In the dream
I am walking with my daughter Céline and we take a walk  with a pram and her baby . I don't feel very exited by the walk , because  we walk in a street what seems to be  a pavement. So, we go back home and we eat. I offer my daughter some sandwiches but she refuses to eat them, she goes for a big piece of raw meat that she eats  eagerly.

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