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Questions about dreams / What does it mean?
« on: November 21, 2014, 09:15:29 AM »
Hi, I'm new here and I came across your forum since, I'm curious to know the interpretation and idea behind the dream I saw.
I can tell you that I was very sad & overwhelmed yesterday night & fell asleep in the morning around 6:30. I saw a dream in which I travelled a lot to look for a guy, who my parents had chosen for marriage. Apparently the guy had taken off to a village and I went to meet him but unfortunately couldn't, because of the far distance and less time at my hand. So I decided to head back home but on my way back, I saw a big white Lord Shiva temple, people offering their prayers. I decided to offer mine and entered the temple. Surprisingly, I didn't find any shiv ling but statues of 2 Shivas. One larger than life size Shiva statue made of metal but painted white, silver & gold and smiling, to which all offered their prayers. And one that was small in height in copper, again smiling. I offered my prayers and got up on my way back also, I fold my hands and bowed in humility and walked along watching the Statue of Lord. What did this whole dream mean?

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