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Dream Interpretation / Wooden Screwdriver
« on: August 25, 2017, 06:07:50 AM »

I'm having a hard time interpreting this dream and am really confused at how I woke up from it:

My mentor from many years ago was coming to visit me and I was trying to make sure everything was perfect for his arrival. But when he came, suddenly several people were around also, as if I knew them too. Mentor got out of the car as did other people and he was limping a bit. It seemed like he moved slow. We hugged each other and were so happy to see each other.Our hug, though we were trying to hug each other as firmly as possible, felt like something was in the way that was preventing us from hugging as strong and as freely as we had wanted to. I don't know how this was established but he needed a screwdriver. I went to the basement of my house to get one, but somehow some cats were let out of the house while I was looking for the screwdriver. I yelled for my sister to find the cats and get them inside. I remember feeling like everything was in chaos because I couldn't find the screwdriver, the house was a mess, and, for some reason, cats that were  inside of the house were out and missing. I found a large screwdriver in my basement but Mentor said he needed a large, wooden screwdriver, so we, along with a carload of people piled into a car and went to a hardware store to get a large wooden screwdriver. The hardware store was in a comic book shop but the hardware store inside was closed. I was so frustrated because I wanted to make sure my Mentor had everything he needed. (I didn't know what the wooden screwdriver was for.) He was quiet the whole time but followed me around. He was having some trouble walking and I extended my arm so he could hold on to me as he walked. We went to more places that were confusing and then we all piled in to the car again. I was sitting in the middle or back of the car and Mentor got up from wherever he was sitting to come around to sit where I was in the car. We sat squeezed side by side and I had my mobile phone in my hand. He saw I was discouraged and he tried to get my attention off how I was feeling by asking me something about my phone and pointing to it. He spoke softly and in a very comforting voice. I rested my head on his arm near his shoulder as I let him handle my phone. This felt like such a confusing, chaotic dream but when he was around me he was very soft spoken, calm and kind, as if to say not to worry about making everything perfect for him. I woke up immediately to the feeling of an achy sexual arousal that started to feel almost painful. This disturbed me because there was nothing sexual in this dream that I could see so I didn't understand why would I wake up feeling that way.

Can anyone shed some light or ideas on this, please?
Thank you so much!

Greetings / Re: Hello
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:43:48 PM »
I agree with you. I feel as if they are messages that need to come out. I've heard about lucid dreaming and only once was I actually feeling aware that I could control my reactions to situations in the dream. Normally, I feel like I have no control and it's like watching a movie.

Greetings / Re: Vivid dreamer
« on: April 21, 2017, 03:49:29 AM »
Hi Sharon -
I know what you mean - sometimes I wake up from a dream and go, "huh??" The visuals, smells and sometimes the touch are so strong in the dream that once I wake up, I write them down quickly and put it aside to kind of shake off the feelings of them, until I'm ready to go back later and interpret.

I do love them, though :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: Spider bite
« on: April 21, 2017, 03:37:33 AM »
Hi Sharon,

For me, dreaming of spiders usually mean some sort of emotional conflict or heated conflict/discussion that I will be facing or currently in the midst of, usually with someone close to me. The spider goes after your dog, your child and then you sounds like something annoying, irritating and threatening to you, perhaps a conversation/value or situation that is very important to you and there may be opposing thoughts about it from others, whom you value the opinion of, perhaps. I often get dreams of me screaming to be heard and being very emotional when trying to get someone to listen to me - the people I usually see are family members or others whose opinions I greatly valued - but they never seem to listen to me. In fact, they are just motionless and look through me or ignore me. In waking life, I am least heard and understood by family so this makes sense to me. The fact that you were trying to instruct people to take you to hospital and they weren't listening could mean that something very important or passionate to you that you are trying to convey or express but you may feel unheard or misunderstood. Maybe those people don't see your point of view or see it's importance as you do. Sometimes, I've also noticed that, depending on who's in my dream and what I am screaming or trying hard to convey to another, it sometimes mean for me that I'm not listening to myself or taking myself as seriously as I should. A lack of confidence. I'm trying to convince someone else in my dream about my feelings or what I need but what I need to really do, in my waking hours, is to convince myself to trust and believe in myself on a matter.

When you say you can manipulate your dreams, are you referring to lucid dreaming? In this dream, were you trying to manipulate any of it, or had you tried but was unable to?

Please, don't be disturbed by this dream. I understand, it feels icky or odd but know that dreams are wonderful guides. There is something you need to know and you are getting a 'head's up" on a situation. We just need understanding on our dreams. They help us so much in life.

Hope this helps some.
Mela  :)

Greetings / Re: Hello
« on: April 07, 2017, 09:26:38 AM »
Thank you so much, Tony, for providing this link! I've not seen it before. I started reading it and it is amazing. Looking forward to reading and learning more from your book this weekend.

Greetings / Re: Hello
« on: April 05, 2017, 06:04:09 AM »
Yes, I do keep a journal. I've always remembered my dreams and tried decipher their meanings but it was only recently, within the last few years, that I started keeping a journal and really studying the interpretation of them. In only a couple dreams, I've had an an amazing experience to actually be aware that I was dreaming and consciously make decisions in the dream. I didn't intend to do this and at the time I had not heard of lucid dreaming. Has that ever happened to you?

I've not heard of Denise Linn before but I did a search online. Do you have a recommendation on what book of hers to start with? She's very interesting. She has material on Louise Hay's website, HayHouse. She also has a video series on clearing there.

Was it a recent dream that prompted you to find this forum and the website?

Greetings / Re: I love dreams
« on: March 28, 2017, 04:59:19 AM »
Hello Patrick,

I agree with you completely - I would be so lost without my dreams also!

They have provided such a strong source of information for me that I wouldn't have seen (or seen it too late, or even refused to see) otherwise. Though I've had very significant dreams for some time, I just began keeping a dream journal for the past 2 years now. I love how it sheds light on a situation with honest raw truth, sometimes shown in surreal ways.

Dreams sure do know how to get your attention!!

Greetings / Re: Hello
« on: March 28, 2017, 04:39:55 AM »
Hi Patrick!

 :D Sure - Always up for a chat!

Oh Yes - haha - I am a serious dreamer!  :D
Sometimes I wake up from my dreams so exhausted, I stay awake just to get some rest!!

It's been a while since I've visited England but enjoyed my stay there. I stayed in Bath for a month and also visited London.

Do you keep a dream journal?

Greetings / Re: Hello
« on: March 15, 2017, 06:25:17 AM »
Thank you so much, Tony, for your encouragement and guiding me to those links. I've been reading and rereading them! It has given me so much clarity. I've open my curtains - and the sun feels SO good!  :) It is a relief to emerge from the shame. Thank you again!  :D

Greetings / Hello
« on: March 10, 2017, 10:04:52 AM »
I'm Pamela ("Mela") and I'm a Native New Yorker residing in Oregon. Dreams have always been a strong source of information for me. I would get nightmares often and many times I'd have dreams so surreal and vivid that you cannot help but feel that I'm being shown something to take notice of. I would get dreams inside of dreams quite a bit, where I would have to tell myself or do something to wake up (try to move)  and when I think that I am finally awake, I actually am still dreaming. I woke up from a dream but I am still in a  new dream and then I have to wake up from that dream in order to actually wake up to be in the present. Does anyone ever get dreams like that and is there information on why that happens? It can be exhausting sometimes. As a child I would always see my dreams as a movie and I was learning something from it. Then my dreams would sometimes alert me to some warning that actually came to pass or was averted it I took heed of it. My family and friends thought I was odd so out of shame I stopped talking about it. But there were times my dreams were louder, or more vivid or intense so  I would share them if it involved someone else. It's not easy to find safe, informative forums about this so I am thankful to you, Mr. Crisp, your site, insight and to all those who bravely share. Looking forward to learning, sharing and growing.  :)

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