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Questions about dreams / Re: dream interpretation
« on: May 10, 2017, 08:04:58 PM »
So true Tony.  good comment.  I just get blown away about how wise our dream can be.  coming from a zen background,  many things like this are kind of put in the back field of importance, but I am finding more and more about this amazing world.  (or worlds)  :)

Questions about dreams / dream interpretation
« on: May 09, 2017, 05:56:03 PM »
I have read a lot from folks asking "what does this dream mean"??  common and good question. 
from what little experience i have in what i like to call "wise dreams",  I see them as very personal to me,  and the meaning has to come with time.  I have had dreams years ago, that just now are becoming clear.   example:  many years ago had a lucid dream where i decided to go see God.  I was feeling very cocky because i was lucid in my dream, and therefore had control..........  needless to say, when I flew very high above earth,  God came out to say, "so you think you have power hun?  let me show you a bit of power"... then proceeded to cause the earth to shake and the sky to boil, until is scared me into waking up.........  had a kind of idea about this,  i.e. my ability to feel smug at times,.. but just a few weeks or months ago,  (not good with time).  had a very similar dream where once again, i decided to "go see God".......... but this time did it with a humble heart.  At this time, all i saw was a wonderful blue sky, with big white clouds.........  it took some more time to compare the two dreams, until only right now , am  i starting to see the message.  so for me. it does take time. sometimes years to get the correct message.  that's all i got for today. sleep tight, all.

Questions about dreams / wise dreams.
« on: May 04, 2017, 01:13:12 AM »
New here, so I call dreams that show me something, "wise dreams".  don't know if they are really wise to anyone else of not, but here goes.

lucid dream,
standing around a kind of bar, with about 8 or 9 people, who I do not know, and I know i am dreaming, so i start to shake each person, and say, "you are dreaming, wake up"!!!
I then see that everyone is in a kind of hypnosis,  and I cannot wake them up, but i also  cannot look them in the eyes, because i will become hypnotized again, and forget that i am dreaming, so i avoid there eyes.
At last, i get one person to listen to me,  he ,, at last says, "yes I know we are dreaming,  But now that You Know, there cannot be two of us who knows, and I have to leave"
And he leaves............. the end.............  WTF?  still noodling this one out.

Greetings / Re: HI all
« on: May 03, 2017, 02:12:42 PM »
thanks Tony.  good in-depth article on lucid dreaming.  will look at rest of links after work day. so far my lucid dreams are kind of divided into just curious lucid dreams, and those who have very deep wisdom.  and also those i start out flying or something else, and decide i want to see something deeper.

One of the classic lucid dreams i had just a while ago,  started out as the "nude in public" dream that many have, where you are nude, but no one seems to notice, except you, and you are very embarrassed,  but no one else seems to notice.
anyway, started out as the typical nude dream, then i became lucid, and said,  "the hell with this, i am going to let it all hang out",,,,,,, and then started to speak very loud and say to everyone, "hay !  can't you all see that i am nude"???  At that point one person saw me and started to laugh, (at least he did not point and laugh). 
I walked up to him and waved my hands though his form, and he dissolved, (I still feel bad at that for some reason), 
This makes me wonder if i will ever have another nude dream again?  haven't had one since.  amazing stuff. 

Greetings / HI all
« on: May 02, 2017, 08:44:57 PM »
nice to find this site.  I live in the mountains of northern Colorado, and have sat in zen meditation for over 7 years.  every day,  and have found that my dreams have changed.  at first, i stopped having any "bad or nightmare" dreams, now days,  almost all of my dreams are lucid or semi-lucid,  (where in semi-lucid, i get into the story of the dream, until it either gets boring, or turns in a direction i do not care for, and then i decide to scrap it and start another one- where in lucid dreams,  they are typical where i can become an animal, fly, do just about anything)... the thing i have been starting to see, is that even the most lucid dream still has rules. so to speak. dreams and "real life" seem to be very much the same.
well, that is for another time and story, but just to say happy to meet you all.  very difficult to find real dream sites anywhere.  most are just sales gimmicks.  cheers. zp

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