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Dream Interpretation / Re: Vacation/Ex/Facing my Mom
« on: June 19, 2017, 03:42:22 AM »
Thank you Christine and Tony. I think what both of you are saying is true. I need to take a closer look at my relationship and see what I want to let go and what I can't. Interestingly enough, my grandmother is like my mother so there is a persistent theme of dealing with emotions around mothers. And I do realize that maybe there are some things about relationships that has been getting me all caught up and feeling tied down.

Since the time I had that last dream, I have had two more packing dreams. Both of them are where I am taking my time to pack and missing my next mode of transportation. The first one is that I arrive in my childhood home to visit my family and am packing and I take my time and miss my bus. It was almost like an experiment to see what it be like to take my time and just go when I was ready. I was in the living room and I had my things strewn around and I was packing up and I missed the Megabus. This apartment/brownstone was where a lot of bad blood had been created in my family. 
My best friend was there as well. I partly believe I was late because I was distracted by something that held my attention which I am blanking on. It was either from smoking weed (something I quit), or spending time with my little cousin or taking care of plants. I can't put my finger on it. But something that interested me that I just thought, when the bus comes, it comes. My bestie thought it was kind of funny. When I missed the bus, she said, "What now?"

I looked at other schedules and there was one for a bus set to leave at 3 the next day. My concern was that I would have to pay to get a new bus, since I probably would not be able to refund my ticket. Either way I had to pack my things and go.

The other dream is that I missed my plane. I wasn't sure where I was going, but I was trying to pack for a flight and I was going to miss it for some reasons. I think I wanted to take some sex toys and other stuff. I really can't remember everything. My uncle was there asking me questions and trying to help me out. I also think I had a nice, bright red suitcase.

Just thought I would throw those out there. What do you think?

Dream Interpretation / Vacation/Ex/Facing my Mom
« on: June 15, 2017, 03:36:20 AM »
Hey Tony,
I had this dream medley last night. I will preface it by saying that it is a little gory. :-\ Any insight you can give will be appreciated:

I had a dream that I was on a vacation with three female friends of mine. We are old high school friends. Only three of us are still close now, but somehow, we all found ourselves on vacation. The vacation was going well, but then it got interrupted. We got back together at my grandmother's place, which felt very colorful and rich as always with nice rugs, and furniture. Yet, when we got back, we had all our stuff, in our suitcases, laying all over the place trying to re-pack. I was laying down and my grandma was complaining about me lying down amongst the mess. I think I was just tired. The song "Highway to Hell" came on the radio. I thought it odd that my grandmother let it play, considering that she is a Christian.

At some point during the vacation with my friends, I think I also saw my ex, who I recently broke up with. I think we smoked his marijuana and had sex. We had a cool time on vacation with Tiki huts & sun.

Then I had a second dream where my mom had me tied up with rope in the kitchen of my current apartment. She was controlling me, trying to mistreat me & hurt me. She had me tied up, but it seemed that it was done loosely because I was able to break free. I felt I had to hurt her seriously because she was going to keep me tied down or kill me. I was worried about her controlling me & not being free.

I did not want to kill her, but I managed to get her on the floor and I stabbed her several times. She would show a threatening movement and I would stab at her or cut her. I stabbed her in the stomach and blood came pouring out. I didn't want her to die, but I didn't want her to control me & hurt me. After all of this, I still tried to call for the ambulance.

As I woke up, while in between the dream state, I imagined her saying “just kill me please.” I know that she wouldn't want to live like that, in that state.

After I woke up, I did remember the time that my mom was stabbed by an ex after a fight. She survived, but I thought if I lost her, I would never have so much anger towards her the way I have had for so long. I would miss her & feel like I lost a chance to be with her. Yet I feel like I need to accept this time away from her right now.

In addition, I will add that my mom and I have not been on speaking terms since the beginning of the year. I made her mad and she would not take my call, and I did not fight it. In that time, I have had about 4 dreams about her. One or two of them was her doing something hurtful or seeming threatening, but others were her seemingly waiting to talk to me and one she apologized and said sorry. But now this dream....

Could you also shed some light on the wanting to keep her alive part of the dream?

Thank you.

Greetings / Bonjour! ^0^
« on: June 15, 2017, 02:00:54 AM »
Hello Everyone! I am from originally from Brooklyn, but I now live in snowy Syracuse! I'm a big city girl that found herself in a much smaller city, but I don't mind. I love the access to nature and the time I get to dedicate to my spirituality and hobbies. I've been a dreamer for a while. I keep dream journals and I try to document them regularly. I also try to interpret, by using the Bedside Guide to Dreams by Stase Michaels, but sometimes my dreams are so long I just end up confused!

I really started to take note of my dreams when I left home to go to college. I had serious night terrors. I used to play the video game Silent Hill, and I would constantly find myself trapped within this game within my dreams. Eventually I came to know when I was within the "game" and would wake myself up, as soon as I realized what was happening if I could. They were mind's take on this game.... I would have dreams of having to fight to the death, or war dreams, walking through streets that are surrounded by cops (police state) or climbing up long flights of stairs without railings, or walking on dirty tile in bathrooms (very terrifying to me.) I journaled a lot so I have many of them recorded. I did grow up with some very traumatizing experiences and I think once I left home, the dreams really started to become more vivid and expressive. I also have very involved, colorful dreams and dreams that seem to be two or three dreams in one. I have trouble interpreting the merged dreams.

I have referred to the Tony Crisp Dream Dictionary many times, but this is the first time I realized there was a forum! I am happy to have found this site because I think I may be having a breakthrough. Unfortunately, the dreams I recently had is violent. (I swear I don't only have violent dreams.) But this one seems uber important (!) and is part of a series of dreams that I have been having concerning my mom. I just want some feedback on it, and I may post the ones leading up to it. Not sure yet. Anyway thanks for bearing with my long and, maybe, eccentric intro.


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