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General Discussion / My death dream
« on: April 26, 2013, 08:51:51 PM »
Okay here goes. I am at work but it is hospital that I have never worked at or seen before. It is very dark and I am a new employee and have only come in contact with a few mentally challenged residents and 2 other employees. I am finishing up my charting to leave. I was some what in a hurry. I go to get into my boyfriends truck and I notice that the windshield is busted pretty badly. There is a lot of confusion with people hurrying around the truck before I get in. I tell my self when I see the windshield that I'll be okay I have driven with a windshield like this before even though I didn't like the idea. I could barely see the stop light but I stopped. When it turned green I proceeded forward and the next thing ya know I was falling in the drivers seat legs stretched forward, back pressed up to seat watching what looked like parking garage levels pass as if I am going into a hole. I'm holding my body back and telling myself that if I keep this way I will keep the truck from flipping forward and maybe I will land flat. I do land flt and I am jostled but I get out of the truck and shake things off. My heart is pounding. I see this little girl and I am speaking to her but she doesn't seem to understand. She goes inside this apartment/house comes back looks at me and I follow her in. When inside I see a man and I asked him if I could use his phone to call my mom and dad (I'm a 41 by the way)and my fiance' that I have just been in a car accident and it is very important that I speak with my mother. He looks at me with sadness but has a light grin that is comforting. I repeat myself and add that I would like a cigarette because I can't find mine after the accident. He says okay and we go out the way I came in. He tosses me a green pack of cigarette's with brown fast food style napkins, I only catch the napkins.  I laugh and pick up the cigarette's. He then tells me "You know what happened don't you?" I said yeah I got into an accident. He said to turn around and look. I did and I was shocked and saw that the truck was missing its bed and back tires, it was just the cab that remains with 2 flat tires and it's very dusty. I looked at him and said well I really need to call my mom now and my boyfriend is going to be pissed. He said you are dead. I said well how am I talking with you then? He stated that he has my file and when it is time I will no longer be able to communicate but I have time now to do so......I woke up and felt like I was in a different world. I actually had to check on the truck. Does anyone have any insight. There are more little details. I remember my dreams very well. I have even experienced lucid dreaming before. I am nervous now because I have never dreamt anything like this about myself.

Greetings / Hello everyone Im new
« on: April 26, 2013, 08:26:44 PM »
Greetings from Virginia. I would like to say hello. I woke up from a dream this afternoon and I was drawn to an article that Mr. Crisp wrote. It was very ironic because when I needed to by plates I felt that I needed to go to this thrift store, a specific one and I found exactly what I wanted. So here I am. My dream was of my own death. So here I am. Oh I'm also a nurse and love the outdoors. Thanks!

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