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Questions about dreams / tony crisp if i may have your attention
« on: March 01, 2011, 02:45:52 AM »
i posted a dream .in dream  interpertation forum of feb 26 2011.
as rebecca, would you look at it and tell me what you think please

Dream Interpretation / meaning of my dream- of my dying
« on: February 26, 2011, 09:09:09 PM »
i usualy do not remeber my dreams, i am 68 and of course in the last couple years,face the event that someday i will die, im not sure that im scared of dying, its the thought of no longer being around, even if im not happy in this life,of which there are lots of reasons for that, and if i was going to dream of dying, i would thought that dream would have  happened at least over ten years ago when i really wanted to.
it started with me being in a real nice sorta homey comfortable large room,people i assume were nurses, were makeing me comfortable in a bed and i knew i was there to die soon. they gave me a televsion controler, there were other people in beds in this place. i was okey with why i was there. i was calm
i turned on the controler to watch tv and it sorta exploded. as did a few others in the room, they said i had to go wait in another room as they cleaned up the glass and such, nobody was hurt. so i went to this large room with other women in it, and i dont remember why, but i was uncomfortable with them and i left, i started walking to where i dont know, on the way, i remember i had left my backpack back there and i decided, ok no need to go back and get it, as i was not going to need it.  {i dont own a backpack.}   
next i am at my home.  this is the part that bothers me, my eight year old great grandson was there. at this point i knew i had decided not to tell anyone i was going to die. but when i seen him i knew he had to be told something as he was not going to understand why greatgrandma was no longer around and i did not know what to tell him.. and he had on his winter coat. it is winter now. with snow on the ground and in the dream there was no snow.  so i picked him up and carried him to go over to his granmothers house which is across the way, to tell her i was going to die and i did not know what to tell mygreatgranson. and see if she did,.
at this point i woke up. and i was still calm. i thought wow.thats an odd dream, and i thought i was okey with the dream, but as i discovered by nightime i was not, im still mostly calm.but am concerned. NOW
i know if in the dream my greatgrandson was older i know he might have a better understanding of my haveing died. in the future, than now,
SO i know you can tell me anything you want to set me at ease. but i am wondering if this dream means im going to die in the more recent future than many many years from now.

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