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Dream Interpretation / riding a bicycle in the snow
« on: January 22, 2012, 04:07:53 PM »
In this dream I'm living in a house with my husband and other people.  It's so uncomfortable and I'm very unhappy.

I get in my car and start driving trying to find my bicycle.  I find it and I'm riding as fast as I can down the road, it's snowing very hard and I can hardly see.  I get to this one part in the road and find the bridge has broken and fallen into the river, so I can't go any further.  Suddenly I'm surrounded by creepy people, they head down to the edge of the river.  I want to get away, but I don't know how.

Can you help me with some meaning from this dream?

Dream Interpretation / Can't figure out what this dream means
« on: March 04, 2011, 05:50:39 PM »
I gave my son some of my Dad's stuff, after he passed away, and my Dad was so angry.  I tried to get him to tell me why he was so mad, but  he wouldn't say,  So I told him I had too much stuff for one person and I prefer to be generous and share.

There's a long haired cat in a dresser drawer.  I made the drawer more comfortable place for it to sleep by adding a blanket.  As I'm petting it, it turns into a Japanese woman with huge hemorrhoids.  I tell her she needs to see a doctor for them and I can't help.

I'm working on art, a place setting.  I almost have it the way I want and I have to move from where I'm working.  I think I find a place to set up, but suddenly someone else is in that place.  I see another spot, but it is suddenly too small.  I can't find a place near Tom or my friends.  I have to go off alone.

I find a place, it's not exactly what I want and I'm uncomfortable, but it's where all the other dish people are.  I find the perfect design for the silverware, but can't find the pieces I need.  I'm tired and leaning against a man, who gives me a hug.

Cindy Crawford shows up and drags me to see her representation of my art from before.  She's very enthusiastic.  It's a huge statue of a smiling woman skating or running wearing a copper colored beaded 1920s dress.  She thinks it great, I'm kind of horrified by it.

I'm back at my work station, across the room a man waves a piece of the silverware I have and wants to make it part of his pattern or he wants to help me find what I  need (it's not clear).  I find myself back where I began with the cat in the drawer.

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