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Ok There are three parts two my dream one that took place in the past (or at least I think) and two that seem to be future events.

Part 1:
Im on public transportation and I run into my Ex boyfriend from middle school and his babys mother and their new baby. (I havent seen him since he has had the child and I have never seen the babys mother before in person) but in my dream she looked nothing like she did in the pictures.

we didnt share words and thats it.

Part 2:
I have some unpaid tickets on my car in DC and I live in maryland I recently got a boot put on my car for unpaid tickets and they are now paid.

in my dream a dc officer went to my home when i wasnt there and left a letter and her card saying that I would have to pay or they would come to maryland and impound my car.

Part 3:
A friend of mine who  recently committed suicide was on the phone with me in my dream telling me that he was thinking about commiting suicide. and he had called charles countys suicide hotline ( which i dont know if they have one or not) but i could see his face although we were on the phone and he was smiling whici thought was strange .


Greetings / NEWBIE!
« on: March 08, 2011, 03:35:24 PM »
 :) Hello im new and have a dream where 3 things took place i want to share.

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