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General Discussion / Dreaming of a bus (reoccurring dreams)
« on: October 17, 2013, 06:54:08 PM »

First I love this website. I just found it.

I have been dreaming of a bus for a long time…
I actually hate this dream because it does not make me feel good.

Last night dream, I was visiting a friend’s house. I have never been to her house. I brought my dog with me. He was sick and would completely flatten out in the sand when he plays with my friend’s dog. My friend’s dog was sick too, also flattened on the sand. This was frightening experience.

I felt bad so I decided to take the bus. We walked up a hill and saw the bus coming from down the hill (it is hilly area…) and then for few seconds, I could not see the bus. There was a tree or a corner of something that blocked…but luckily enough the bus stopped right behind the corner (that was the actual bus stop) and the dog and I made to the bus and got on. There was a moment here and there with the bus driver but do not recall fully.

Then there was time to take care of my dog and the toilet was absolutely clogged! I had to pull clothes in there…and there was poop all over it. This should be my dog’s poop but looked so much like human poop. I was frustrated in this scene.

***that is for last night***

My previous dreams contained lots of buses. Taking the bus, waiting for the bus. Seeing the bus driver, paying the rate. Missing the bus (this is not very common). But definitely taking the bus is so common I started not to like it!

What do you think? Thank you so much. I really appreciate this.


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