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Dream Interpretation / Bizzare dream
« on: June 19, 2022, 01:12:03 PM »
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Hello  :)
              I’d appreciate some interpretation for this one please? The dream was about a baby, the baby had Down’s syndrome and I was caring for it. At first it was standing in an area where two floorboards were missing so standing in the hole where they should have been and he was bending down to find things. I recall a tiny fork about 2 inches big he handed to me saying “baby fork” & then followed with a tiny dinner knife. I thought it was cute. Then noticed the baby’s nappy needed changing so went to change him and when I took the nappy off around his tummy under his skin were shape sorter shapes that go into a shape sorter toy. They formed a ring and were rotating constantly around the baby’s tummy.
I was concerned and took him to hospital but I was not prepared as in not dressed fully so that was on my mind at same time. Nothing was done and no one looked at him so I took him home. He was moaning so I asked him if it hurts and he said “no but it’s a bit too busy there pointing at the rotating shape sorter toys under his skin around tummy. I then woke up.
I’m sure it has significant meaning but I must say one of my most weirdest dreams so appreciate help please?
Thanks  😊

Dream Interpretation / Aspect of dream I don't understand
« on: March 20, 2022, 12:18:21 PM »
Hello there, I understand part of my dream meaning but one part is confusing me. I dreamed of being in bed reading a newspaper but I found it difficult and irritating. It was a struggle. Then woke up in dream to see every page of the newspaper scrunched up in separate balls on floor beside my bed piled up to height of bed.
I just can't quite fathom it out? Any ideas anyone please?
Many thanks  :)

Dream Interpretation / Molar teeth showing images/DNA
« on: February 12, 2016, 11:37:09 PM »
Hi Tony & all  ;)

This dream has confused me a lot.
I will tell it all.
I found myself with my ex and was in his room(not his actual room) and we were smoking pot, neither of us do. I felt uncomfortable after a while. His mother was outside the room in the house and shouted out "what about the ink?!" Just suddenly. Ex went out and while he was gone I started rising up and swirling around the room which was extremely pleasurable. When ex re-entered I showed him and he smiled.
I again became uncomfortable as knew I wasn't with him any more and why was I there with him, to the point that I decided to open my eyes and check where I was, hard to explain my thought process. Basically checking it was a dream, I opened my eyes for real and saw my familiar bedroom surroundings, felt happy and went straight back to sleep.
Next I recall is being in a home and decided to clear the cobwebs away with a duster. I started at this shelf which was quite full and at one point uncovered a large black spider, tarantula type. It didn't attack but to keep it from running converted the duster to a mechanism that held it there.
I took it from the shelf and it was docile and I felt no threat. I became quite enamored by it and was caring for it, gave it a bath which it liked lol!
I was looking closely at it and it turned into half baby and half spider, not sure if baby represented a new thing or my baby in my physical life. Or me experiencing a new start. I looked in the mouth and saw the upper left molars all had images on them, images I can't recall. On each tooth a different image or set of  symbols in colour not black and white. I knew somehow in the dream that it represented DNA & it meant that there was a flaw because of the way it was created.
The baby became all spider again and I handed it to my adult son to hold and told him to put it outside. Later asked him and he said he hadn't as he had lost it so was still somewhere in the house.
Only other bits I recall are my dters friends putting 22 pounds on my gas or electric meter for me. (22 is my day of birth)
Also seeing my mother sat on sofa looking very down and beside her on the wall was lots of writing, recall thinking it was words to a song but didn't read them. Under the words was a dark large patch.

Soz know it was all over the place but that's how the dreaming was last night. Know it helps to include the whole picture if possible.

Any help appreciated  :)
Many thanks

Dream Interpretation / No threat from gun?
« on: January 04, 2016, 10:26:13 PM »
Hi Tony and all,

I don't have dreams with guns often, unusual for me. This scene keeps coming back and bothering me as I don't grasp what its meaning exactly about me.
I was in a street alone, few cars going up and down, the odd pedestrian. Houses lined the street. A car went crossways at the junction at end of the road and stopped there, blocking anyone coming into the road or out. A man trying to exit the road got out of his car quite annoyed that he couldn't continue his journey. He had long dark hair about 30. He pulled a hand gun out and was waving it around at other people directing them. I somehow knew he would not threaten me and he didn't, he made eye contact but I was the only person he didn't point it in the direction of, I was in the scene but felt like I was also a viewer externally. I had no fear at all of this man, it was weird like I knew something about his nature and that he was quite peaceful although the scene may not have looked that way to others.

He ordered the other people into a building and they went because of the threat from the gun. He wanted me too but there was no threat and no force but I felt obliged to do so in the calmness of my mind. I went in and he was teaching us, lecturing like we were students, we were all seated at desks. Once he finished he told us to all write down what we understood about him. I saw that my paper had disappeared and told him so and he came over and said it didn't matter and to use this newspaper he handed me.
I thought it odd as there was hardly any space to write but found a strip at bottom of the newspaper. I sat and thought about what I would write and decided that I wouldn't try to write down what I understood of him as too difficult to write but that I would say it out loud instead from my heart. Along the lines of him being a peaceful person by nature etc. I felt no love connection for him but compassion knowing his true self.
I did not recognize him in the dream as anyone I knew and couldn't understand why I knew what I did about his truth.
(must point out that although he held the gun and was waving it around he didn't actually point it at anyone directly and threaten, it was the mere having it that the other people found threatening)

The fact that it keeps replaying back to me tells me there is something I should understand of this that I haven't yet.

Many thanks

Dream Interpretation / Mother & Ex featured
« on: December 23, 2015, 11:48:18 PM »
Hiya, Happy Christmas Tony, Anna and everyone!

I can't recall all of my dream but the bits I do recall I need help with as it contains my mother and my ex mainly. Back history...was with ex four years and we decided to have a baby, 18 yr gap for me for child bearing so big decision. He was not your ideal boyfriend by far but with his longing to have a child at 47 thought it would be making of him as well as I decided I would love one last child in my fertile years.
It changed nothing about him, he loves our son a lot but makes very little effort to see him apart from sundays and sitting here at my house, won't take him out etc, always excuses of ill health etc.
We maintain a good relationship per say, but I do not want him back yet he persists in trying to get me back, which he could do and knows it through effort with our son, he won't so I am not interested, there is no love lust or pining from me, he's a narcissist categorically.
My mother lives with me with my dad, my home, they moved in with me as only hope of living back in UK again. Love them both loads and they do I. My dad and me are more alike, mum and me, well it's like she shows emotions towards me of jealousy and has for a long time, resentment feelings. I have no idea why, I am not well off, life is a struggle etc. I don't have a relationship with the perfect man and so on. Other people have commented on signs of jealousy in the way she treats me at times. Yet we are very close mostly but she turns on me if she's fed up as dad would call her on it, so does it to me when he's out of the room.

The dream...my son and my ex's son had a chocolate bunny and I was keeping it for him, my mother and my ex took it out and unwrapped it and started breaking it into pieces to eat it. I was deeply offended that they would eat his chocolate, they had eaten some already. Took it from them and put it back in fridge and reprimanded them for taking a baby's chocolate. Neither had any shame at all.
The two of them seemed to be in hoodwinks together in the dream and I remember my ex getting out a small bottle of champagne(which he really has and has never opened as waiting on right time, go figure you had a son!) and he was opening this bottle to celebrate with my mother. In the moment I remember looking at it thinking oh so now he see's it as just cause to open it and wondering why.
It was like they were of similar mind but they are not in life, my mother is very much against him, she accepts him but disproves rightfully of his little effort with his son.

Is this to do with how 'I' view them towards me? For different reasons. Even if so why would I dream of my mother eating my babys chocolate when she cares for him so much more actively than my ex does? I don't see them in the same way in regards to my baby son at all.
The whole scene seemed to focus on them being in the same boat but they come from entirely different perspectives regards to my baby son. Was my son symbolic in this instance?
About them both 'taking' from me? Unfairly?
Guess I need clarification!
Many thanks for reading
All the best

Dream Interpretation / Too late for inheritance
« on: November 05, 2015, 08:57:04 PM »
Hi Tony, Anna & everyone,

I was found by a solicitor who told me that searches had been done for some years about an inheritance, he showed me a photo of a lady who I said I recognized but not clearly, knew I had connection with in my past. He said that the lady called Nunee(pronounced New-nee) said I helped her years before and she wanted to gift me so she had some money but also sold one of my past houses to put towards it and this amounted to £160000.
The solicitor said unfortunately I was too late too receive it as it had passed the deadline which was end of October, just days before. I burst into tears and cried that I was sorry and that it was because I had such a full life with family and the work I do I was distracted the whole time with little time to draw breath. I felt extremely upset. It upset me not just for the lost money but that this deceased kind lady never got to give what she wanted to me because I was unavailable to find. It was something she really wanted to do and touched me and shocked me but left me feeling frustrated with myself.

I understand that the inheritance was symbolic but can't quite get the 'being too late' bit as whatever it was symbolic of has presumably been reached now so why or how can it be 'too late'? Selling one of my past houses I'm not sure about, although I know houses can be representations of us.

Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Dream Interpretation / Canal dream
« on: August 27, 2015, 12:55:12 AM »
Hi Tony and Anna, Hope you enjoyed your well deserved break! You do so much for others you should take more time out for yourselves. Make it regular  :)
Now I am asking for advice!

I remember being beside a canal with many others, multitudes of people sitting on the banks. All very nice and picnic like.
Fast forward into walking and coming across a green Cliffside like edge, but it wasn’t a cliff as such, more of a steep bank crevice overlooking the length of a canal. I stepped onto it no one with me and noticed the earth underfoot was not as solid and firm as it should have been but was solid enough to walk on. I sat and looked out and was looking across the canal I’d already been beside. Then I became aware of the earth beneath me and that it was more moss like than solid earth and looked round to see a sign which was staked in the ground warning that it was ******* cannot remember but meaning it was not a solid structure. So although not immediately I began to retreat from it.

The memory I had when looking at the canal banks while sitting on the un-solid ground overlooking it was from when I was sat upon it and the memory was different from my reality of the experience at the time. I saw blankets upon the bank where everyone sat, no-one sat upon the grass bank, they were all sitting on the blankets which covered the banks. Without which there was immediate danger from the earth to them.

The blankets were baby blankets for a cot size but I take that as meaning in my life literally as I have a 1yr old baby and I use those blankets.

Then someone started telling me of a person with great wealth, and wanted me to see, so I agreed and they took me there. It was still the canal. They had several miles of the canal which were tennis courts, swimming pools, houses, golfing, and many sporting and luxury things which most of us dream of, all in one long line of a canal. Not usual and was odd to me at the time, like it was laid out so structured and un-usual to normal for a person. I thought why did they choose to have it like that as luxurious and splendid as it was, most would envy naturally.

It seemed odd and laid out wrong but like it had to be that way, their luxury deserved had to be laid out in an unusual fashion. But boy they enjoyed it all the same as if the usual! I felt good for them! But a discomfort at the layout, if me I would not want it that way, I’d want it in one structure. Not miles of length along a thin canal stretched out. I appreciated that for them it was good and worked for them and saw the difference between us in what makes us happy. I knew I would prefer different if I had the choice and opportunity ever.

I feel it's about me even with the other people and how parts of my life are but would appreciate your input very much. The blankets are something I may have been laying on the banks for other peoples sakes, their comfort rather than my own? Have a few thoughts about it but would love to have your opinion and insights.

Many thanks

Dream Interpretation / Nylon hands
« on: June 15, 2015, 09:45:13 PM »

     I was with someone female who was walking and talking to me, she was a character from tv but she  featured as a new friend in the dream. As we were walking and chatting I felt her hands and fingers around my neck, not strangulating me, but firm grip. I felt no threat from this. I just commented on how strong her hands were and she asked me why. I said because she was so slight herself in build the strength in her hands surprised me and didn't seem to match to the rest of her.

She laughed and said "okay you got me!" She said that they weren't really her hands and proceeded to remove her hands from her wrists in front of me and stated that the hands were nylon.

Could do with a bit of clarification with this please, many thanks.

Dream Interpretation / Road covered with floorboards
« on: April 22, 2015, 11:30:18 AM »

This part of my dream was about a road with houses either side, residents were about and it was on a hill. The road was covered in flooring, all boarded and waxed shining and glossy. There were different types of flooring along the road in sections.
I asked passing residents why the road was floored was it because of low maintenance? The lady replied that no it was to keep the noise down(which kinda didn't make sense noise level of walking but that doesn't matter as it was the symbolism not logic).

I have been told by my guides that I am blocking my subconscious mind from entering into my conscious mind for a specific area of spiritual work we have embarked on. I find this very frustrating as I am leaving myself open and cannot fathom how my mind is doing this but the reason I mention this fact is I am feeling that the roads symbolism may be to do with what I've been told. (Especially as I work with sound specifically hence how I hear my guides not through thought alone, that's not the problem, it's the 'thoughts' alone arriving in my conscious mind that is)

It seems the mind has a mind of it's own  ;)

Many thanks

Questions about dreams / Two dreams coinciding
« on: March 20, 2015, 11:04:59 AM »

I experienced having one dream and within that dream started having another leaving the first only to remember during the second that I needed to get back to the first as I'd left a situation hanging and immediately went back into the first dream to continue where I'd left off. It was like time had passed in the first dream but the situation was the same and I was being waited for.

Little confused by this, I know I had some lucidity as I was aware I was in a dream and spoke of needing to get back to the first dream as someone I was caring for was left waiting. I went back and it was clear my absence caused distress. It wasn't like going back and the distress was there as part of the dream anyway, it was caused by me starting another dream and leaving it abruptly.

Maybe the distress caused by me leaving and starting a second dream was a symbolic act of meaning, leaving one dream and starting another rather than the details of the dream itself? Maybe that act was the whole point and meaning?

I've not experienced this before.

Any guidance appreciated  :)

Dream Interpretation / Journey
« on: March 02, 2015, 03:23:26 PM »
Hi, I couldn't think of an appropriate title, so journey seemed the most apt.  :)

Being asleep in my dream as I was in bed with my young baby Caleb and my adult dter came in with a clear bag of things that were mine, toys from a time ago not sure if my childrens when they were young or mine and she made comment on the weird thing in there that I had experimented on some time ago and gave a disgusted look. It was feces shaped into a phallus wrapped in tissue paper.
I did not remember the phallus.

I got a toy out for Caleb and played with one a monkey electronic game, kind of remembered it. Then Kelly went out with her dad, knew he was coming and thought he was taking our grandson Freddie out but they were in the street outside a coach, he was leaving for a trip. My baby Caleb was with me and he had glasses on and I said how he had glasses now but didn’t need them yet and took them off him.

I then got on the coach at the back corner seat, not sure why as I wasn’t going anywhere on it. Once sat I realized I couldn’t get off as the people had filled the aisles and seats. Somehow I managed to get off.
Next I remember is going out in my dressing gown and nightwear very curious to see a bus, not the same coach. I saw it in the next town as it was moving along and I ran after it, I grabbed a bar at the back of it and my legs were flying off the ground as I hung on.

Then I was walking and embarrassed being out in daytime in my nightclothes, people were staring at me. I walked across a busy park area and I had my cat with me. There were a few men dotted about with dogs and balls and they were deliberately throwing the balls into my cats path, I kept grabbing my cat and changing direction off the path to protect him. Then one did it again and this time the dog got my cats leg between its teeth and bit down, I grappled with it and eventually it let go.

I wanted to get off the beaten track where people were and saw what looked like a subway walkway and thought I could cover most of my journey home that way without being seen as I was dressed. There were about 7 flights of steps down into it around the circumference of the round shaped area. I went for one and when I got to the bottom it was a huge area that seemed to lead nowhere and next thing I know I’m getting aboard a bus. I went past the driver and straight upstairs, he saw me but didn’t ask me for fare. It was strange as I did not seem to recognise it as a bus as I boarded, only once on it did I realise it was a bus.

I realised the bus was taking me further away from my home not nearer so decided to get off and then realized I had no money wearing my nightwear. As I went to get off the driver said oh yes I meant to say to you that I noticed you hadn’t paid. I said I was sorry but had no money as I was in nightwear but I had money at home.
I talked of what had happened and how I have a bit of a problem with a type of sleepwalking where I follow things in my dreams that I shouldn’t and that I can’t control it, I said I needed some help from a professional with it as I get into all sorts of fixes. A few passengers were listening as was the driver and his female assistant.
A couple of passengers gave some small change towards my fare, which I thought kind. Still wasn’t enough. Then I put my hand in my pocket again and this time I found money that wasn’t there before, first off a coin which was silver but much thicker than any normal coin of today, I didn’t know what it was but thought it may have been a coin left from my family after they passed. The assistant took it and said she’d check if it was accepted currency and she ran the coin over an electronic device and it was accepted. I felt a bit sad to see it go as it felt sentimental and special.

I looked in my pocket again and pulled out the rest of the money that had appeared and it was notes, one with 50 on it and a few others of smaller value. I held the 50 note up and I didn’t recognize the currency, a man in front of me smiled and said “oh you’ve been to Frome, lucky you!”

I thought the currency must have been French as my parents live in France and thought they must have put the money in my pocket. I said if only I’d have found this money before, I could have just got a cab and avoided all of this and walking about dressed in front of people in my nightwear.
Just before I woke the word Frome was shouted to me several times, so it was the first thing I thought of and it had impact.

I have no known connections to Frome at all currently, nor do my family. I had to look it up to find that it was a place in Somerset, Uk. A pretty town, and has a lot of history.
I’m very curious about this Frome place name. As well as the phallus of feces, I can kind of see the meanings breaking it down but putting them together I’m finding a little hard, am learning and trying but not quite there yet!

Appreciate any input x

Dream Interpretation / Man Hiding
« on: February 15, 2015, 11:43:52 AM »
Hiya  :)

I was in our home with my daughter(adult) and this is my reality as she lives with me. Things were happening which led me to believe someone was hiding in our home. So I looked and within a hall cupboard behind the back wall paneling I started ripping off (kinda in the wall itself)I found a man crouched and squashed into this small hiding place.
My feelings were that he should not be in our home and I wasn't sure of his intent.

Lots more to the dream but all different areas and I could do with some help to understand this part.
Many thanks


Dream Interpretation / Sleeping spider
« on: November 10, 2014, 04:17:47 PM »

In my dream in one part there were a lot of spiders, some looked fierce and in attack mode but not directly at me and others looked harmless, a right mixture. I was trying to avoid them and get out of the building without touching them and had to exit through a type of window with another. As I was climbing out I saw a large spider up close which was a beige colour, looked kind of old and it was sleeping in a leaf. I can't find anything online about sleeping spiders  :o
This particular spider has captured my mind and would love some idea as to what he symbolized.
(I am in a situation where someones true colours and intent have become unpleasantly clear to me and know that having many spiders in my dream means I feel someones being manipulative on a large scale, it fits whats happening)
It's just this old aged beige sleeping spider I'm intrigued by!
Thanks for reading  :)

Dream Interpretation / Other peoples houses & river bed
« on: March 10, 2014, 01:23:00 AM »
Hi there,

In part of my dream I was in my home, as it is in reality, everything normal in the surrounding road etc. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw my road, and all houses as they are in reality. Then noticed immediately that all the fronts of all the other houses were blown off completely, no wreckage, debris about, just totally exposed. I could see dividing walls of the rooms and furniture within them just as if they hadn't been touched.

I could see clothing neatly piled in one house when I focused closer. I saw a lot of detail, nothing vague. My house was intact. This I think is to do with perspective of persona as Tony has on this site. House representing what we put out in appearance of persona?

Confused about it being other peoples houses I don't know so no reference to any individual I know. I have been encouraged to let people know who I really am in my waking life, people in general(being clairaudient people know about me that I know but not everything would they accept so recognize that). I am not religious but have a strong faith in God.

Also in same dream a medium in an unexpected setting told me that she was being told that there was an answer to my present issue about what is expected of me in my work which I am finding hard to accomplish, my work for God if you like....and she was receiving answers in front of me and said that there was something in the river bed that I had missed. That was my answer as to why I couldn't achieve it, or felt I couldn't. I do not feel enabled as it involves faith and not everyone has the same faith as me in God. As well as the fact I am anonymous and not known so why would people have reason to believe in what I'm supposed to be passing on from God. That's my reality right now.

I have been teaching for a couple of years, in person groups which have had to end, the right time, for the next stage to start, highly successful so the accomplishment of what I'm too do is not that. My ultimate purpose is something else and I had been told quite directly that it is time. By my guides.

Please do not take offense if you read this and do not have the same faith, just ignore me  ;) I do not intend on doing anything apart from hopefully gain some clarity with my dream and include what I do as I know our lives directly impact what we dream of.

Many thanks  :)

Greetings / Hi, new here
« on: March 10, 2014, 12:59:20 AM »
Hi, I have often found Tony's interpretation of dreams very informative, accurate and full. (Hi Tony!) I do have an understanding of most of my dreams but I do get stuck at times! Glad to be here and glad I noticed there was a discussion forum. Sometimes I can't see the woods for the tree's with my own dreams lol!I am a clairaudient person(hear spirit) and live in the uk.

All the best!  :) x

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