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Dreamhawk site feedback and suggestions / Invitation
« on: June 14, 2017, 10:19:10 PM »
Hi dear Tony, excuse me I am sending you this message here, but I would like to kindly make an invitation to you. I just finished writing a story about how I overcame suicidal depression and I look forward to publish it so I can inspire-help others. The tittle will be: Conversations With the Sun: Rescuing the Child Within to Find True Love, Wisdom and a Life Purpose. One of the things I did to heal was to pay attention to my dreams, as you know, and learn their interpretation and do the correspondent exercises in order to heal and evolve. I am very grateful for your help, thus I would love to acknowledge you in my book by including a quote from you, if you may I, about the importance of interpreting dreams and-or what they represent in our lives. The quote can be taken from the interpretations and comments you already made to my dreams, so you won't have to invest much time on this, if you don’t want. My 2 books will be published in Spanish and English, which I believe will bring more visitors to your web and more readers to your books. Please let me know your thoughts about it, hopefully you consider my invitation. I can let you know more about my books at your request. I'll wait for your answer. Thanks again for guiding our dreamy journey. Love, Patricia.   

Dream Interpretation / crystal little rocks
« on: September 19, 2016, 05:15:36 PM »
Hi dear Tony, I hope you are fine and enjoying life. :)  I would like to share these two short dreams I haven't understood. 1. a. I've dreamed about seeing a lot of little crystal rocks on the ground, like from a broken something. They were many, and my mom (who has already passed) was there next to it like expecting me to sweep them or clean up. I don't have any particular feeling, I love dreaming with mom, as I am getting ready to clean up, I noticed they were a lot. b. In another dream, I am cleaning like an elementary school building and I had to sweep some pieces of those little transparent rocks that corresponded to something broken, they were a few spread out, I don't have any particular feeling, I'm just doing my job and I clearly drag them to the dustpan with the broom. At one point I put one in my mouth, bite it, (like I like it) I think it's hard and hope I don't swallow it. Although I know they are from something broken, they are nice, somehow pretty, transparent, like little rocks.

(repetitive dreams of me cleaning places sock! but in my dreams I just do it over and over and I hate the fact that life is passing by and I'm still cleaning in dreams when I just should or could be doing something else, at least what I'm cleaning here is not disgust and only sweeping... could it be that the little crystal rocks represent some sort of transformation? from something it's disgust to something is not dirty or disgust... while I clean I know I'm helping and I take it seriously but, I don't want to be always helping by cleaning.. the school is also a good place, not a disgust one and it's day time and a young woman my age is talking to me in the beginning and I'm glad to be able to tell her something. But I keep light cleaning floor after floor like endlessly; when I'm sweeping the glass I'm by myself.)

Well, thank you Tony, have a wonderful day!   

Dream Interpretation / Powerful black vulture.
« on: November 30, 2015, 01:15:43 AM »
Dear Tony, I was this time passing by, like if I were sustained by a vehicle or something, I was neither walking nor flying, I was just like traveling at a constant speed observing everything around; it was night time and then I passed by a huge black vulture-kind, which slowly opened its wings as I passed by; It was huge and very dark black like death, like dangerous. I was glad it didn't do anything to me. Then I passed by another one, but this time I was very close to its head and I knew it could and it was going to attack my eyes, for I was right in front of its strong peak and it was like death, mysterious or something; Sovereign. I wasn't scared, I was resigned, there was nothing to do, it was going to attack my face for sure. But it didn't. On the contrary, as I continued passing by, I could see how its peak was turning into a delicate feather with fine tiny hair-sort-of, that was dark black and shone some colors while moving softly with the wind.
I'll share some comments with you after I know what you think about this dream. Thank you Tony! 

Dream Interpretation / huge wave with eyes.
« on: November 12, 2015, 12:25:43 AM »
Hi dear Tony. I would like to know ur interpretation of this dreams. Many thanks to you.
Night time, I asked somebody if he kew where the wells fargo bank was, he gave me some direction, but I couldn't find it. There people walking, nice grass, stores; I asked somebody else but I couldn't find it, so I decided to follow a group of people who seemed to be good and nice; I thought that was safer than walking around myself. We ended up on a boat going somewhere. We were all standing up, calm and quiet, just waiting; they were about 25 years old. When I looked to the back, I saw this huge wave about to cover us and I panicked. They all continued to be quiet like if they didn't care or didn't notice it. I remembered that I had seen this giant brownish wave in another dream, so I deduced that I was dreaming. The wave decided to go towards one side of the boat, away from us, leaving us  alone, and while it was deviating, I saw its eyes and mouth. It had eyes and it was like an alive being. When I looked to the crowd again, they had some snow on their heads and bodies and the atmosphere was grey. I didn't like this. But then I thought if I am dreaming I can do anything I want to change this. I expressed all loud: "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I can do anything I want" And then they all turned their heads towards me and one young woman said: "look, she seems to have some power to help us; to transform our lives". Then we all fell like inside a small tunnel and kept falling down really fast. I didn't see them anymore, but I knew we were all together, and then I felt claustrophobic and before I could wait, I woke up. I am on the next scene, doing pirouettes happily in my room while playing with two kids, one was a girl who happened to be my daughter. (I don't have kids yet in reality)   

Dream Interpretation / Iguana
« on: February 28, 2015, 10:36:04 PM »
Hi Tony and every body else. I would like to share this dream and know what it means. I was inside a building with a lot more people, perhaps a school or something when I passed by a place where they had an iguana. The green iguana wanted to como to me, but I didn't want to. I kept walking but the iguana walked next to me, she needed to be with me, so I had to accept it, while thinking that I didn't what I was going to do with it. When I was in my place, meaning in my bed, the iguana jumped to me like if she desperately wanted to be part of me, so I felt it sticked in my torso and I felt that part of my skin really hot. I got her away from me and covered her with the blanket pushing her away from me while she continued pushing forward towards me. The friction of the blanket on its body got the green color away from its skin, so it became whitish or pinkish because of some blood came out, like if she was hurt but she didn't complain and then I decided to walk her back like that to where she was. In a different scene, I saw a two green still real bears lining up with men. And then in the next scene I felt that the sole of my foot hurt a lot. When I lifted it to see what was hurting me, I had a spider biting me, next to a snail maybe and a scarab. They were all biting me. So I got one by one and thew them away, but when I got the scarab, I saw how its cranial horn made of plastic came out my foot slowly and then I noticed that the scarab was a toy, but it could move. Thanks.

Dream Interpretation / Flying.
« on: October 30, 2014, 01:43:12 AM »
Hi Tony, thank you, I'm reading your articles. I just had another mystical dream. And I would love to know your comments about it. My body started to float in my bed and pretty soon I knew I was going to fly again or being taken... (I'll explain this better another time) Once I realized I was going to fly again, I thought I didn't want to fly again in my apt. I reached the window to go out. But I thought, if I opened the window the wind will wake me up. So I wondered if I could pass through the window without opening it. Then I saw a beautiful garden outside with nice motorhomes so I got distracted and I went out by looking at that with out opening the window. And as I am trespassing the glass I said to myself: remember I left my body here on bed. And then I also planned right away to fly to Robert's house to see him. (He is the man I love but I haven't seen him in about a year  :-[) Once I was outside my porch I started to ascend. I had to look up and think higher cause I had to pass through a lot of electric cables. Once I could ascend above them, I headed straight to his neighborhood. I flew over a park full of families and children playing around, they were probably in a national celebration or something. Some of them looked at me and I heard a woman saying, wow, we had never seen something like this before. I kept flying ahead, feeling like my body was covered with a sheet or a blanket. I wished they didn't stop me from flying or by calling the police or something; nobody was supposed to be out in the evening, I didn't expect to see so much people out in the dark. I was able to go ahead and then I started to fly over temples. I saw two Krishna followers coming out of one and one of them raised his arm and pinched my foot, he wanted to see if I was real. I kept flying ahead and they came in to the temple really quick. Then I saw a Buddhist temple and I thought if I see more devotes, I will bow to them as I pass by. Then I flew over a butcher and I could see everything inside like if it didn't have ceiling. There was one woman doing the bloody work, cutting all the animals in pieces. I saw a huge tongue of a cow maybe, and it was divided in two with a machete and I saw its inner parts, which was estrange. As I flew over, the woman looks up at me and I told her: I used to eat meat and I became vegetarian and look, now I can fly. She just stayed there quiet. I kept going ahead and then a bird flew to my legs and I thought, oh no, I will not be able to fly with weight on my body, so I reached back and got the dove in my hands and put it in the next spot I saw on top of the building and then I kept flying. I flew over a building where many black cows were kept. They hardly could move. As soon as they saw me they started to...mew.. They were expressing something to me, muuu muuu muuu all of them, and specially one of them seemed to be desperate and I could see its face, so tense, so dramatic, like wanting to tell me something badly, muuu, muuu, muuu and then I began to feel how I started to wake up or to come to my body little by little. When I woke up I had mixed feelings... I was very content to have been able to fly for the first time for too long and to control my thoughts or my mind to go ahead. However, I was sad cause I didn't make it to Robert's and because I could not know why I was awaken!!   Thanks Tony.         

Dream Interpretation / Huge ships
« on: October 19, 2014, 09:00:32 PM »
Hi Tony. I hadn't had a significant dream like this one in a long time. I was looking for a job and someone told me to go to a place, which was like a white mountain-company or something like that. I initiated my trip to that place. I went through a lot, had to talk to people, come in to places... but I didn't find it. Someone told me that the place was near a Ship, which name was... I forgot now. So I kept going through theaters and malls and finally I got to where all the ships were. I saw them all spread out in the Ocean, all huge, that I felt in panic. I had to look for that ship I was told to find that place where I would have a job. I couldn't. I turned my back to quit.... I knew then that I would never been able to go on a cruiser in my life, being in the Ocean on a boat made me feel panic. But then, there was a desk and a man behind signed a paper for me or something, that I just felt like I could try it, so I went ahead and initiated my walk among these enormous ships. I asked somebody else and he told me where the ship might be, so I kept walking looking for it. It happened that those ships were hotels. People book them and they looked like full of entertaining machines, like in Las Vegas. They were really expensive. I walked among them looking for that one and I was so surprised to see how much luxury they had and how much money this people invested in those hotels. Some where more extravagant than other and many families could afford to boo them. I kept walking towards the end of this area where the mountain could be and started to forget the name of that ship. I ended up talking to some Indian guys who were staying at one of them, their bed was outside and then I related with another woman my age who seemed to be working in the the ship next to it and I tried to climb it while I was coordinating something with her... and it's all I remember now. I would like to know the meaning of this dream Tony, thank you so much again. 

Dream Interpretation / inside a small room
« on: August 30, 2014, 03:09:15 AM »
Hi Tony, please tell me what this means. I was walking in nature with family, the path was somehow dark. They went through a little square to pass to the other side, but I didn't fit. My cousin Aurora came back to help me, but she passes and left me there. I couldn't. Then I was in her neighborhood going to her house but she went ahead and left me there at nigh and I couldn't find her house. I was in a street alone in a car and there were only a few men wearing black and head covered blocking me so I change my direction a few times but they didn't let me go ahead, so I had to stop by a store that was on the second floor of a house. the man was teaching something to kids, when I saw Aurora's son I felt better for he could take me to Aurora's house when the class was over, so I stepped out and sat down by the door waiting for the class to end. When I came in after a while, nobody was there, they were gone. I closed the door, the room was very small. I was inside a very small room in the highs, nothing else. I looked through the window and something happened in the corner at the end of the block. it was day time now. there was like a hill with images of saints and religious characters all together who melted and then nature grew all over but it died. So I felt sad cause I knew that this nature represented my fertility. But then as everything was disappearing, more nature grew taller and stronger and covered everything, so I felt better.  Then some men came in. They were like doctors and I was on the floor and they had a surgery on me. They use nails and things to get fat out of my right side of the belly. I was surprised I wasn't scared. I asked them to please take more from the left side of the belly and they accepted it, and I just let everything happen with out fear, like I was observing it all peacefully. They left and I looked throughout the window and it was dark and I thought that Aurora was mean for forgetting about me. Then a war starts outside and I see and hear everything around going crazy. But I am safe in there. Somebody nocked on another door on the back of the small room. I opened and it was an old man indigent and dirty, who needed a place to sleep. Before I said yes, he came in and laid down next to the bed and I just let him do it. Like I wasn't afraid. He got really small and slept. Then soldiers knock on the door and I tried to keep silence cause I felt scared, they were carrying guns. But they were willing to destroy the door so I better opened it. It happens that one of them started to give me a report of the war, like if I was their boss or something. They came to explain to me how everything was doing and I just listened to them and thanked them for their report. It was like being inside a very small room in the highs in the middle of so many things going on but I was safe and peaceful. That's it. Thank you for reading my new dream.

Dream Interpretation / Brad Pitt
« on: August 27, 2014, 01:52:03 AM »
Hi dear Tony. I thought about commenting these dreams here to know what they mean. I have dreamed about talking to the celebrity Brad pitt a lot of times over the last 3 years. I don't personally know him and I truly admire him, but I don't fantasize about him cause I admire his marriage and his wife as much as I admire him. I don't think about him and I don't follow the news about him and I haven't watched all his movies, but I like him. In my dreams we talk a lot and we do things together or with others and I feel fraternal love for him like if we were brother and sister or old friends. I don't dream about him often but when this happens to me, I wake up feeling content. What intrigues me is how we spend time talking like we both trust each other a lot. Does this have a meaning? I wonder if I should contact him.... or something else or how do i use this in my life or should I continue ignoring this? Thanks a lot.

Dream Interpretation / Me trying to die
« on: June 04, 2014, 06:13:10 PM »
 Hi Tony, I would like to know your observations on this dream. You had suggested on a previous interpretation to let myself die in my dreams to be able to access the heaven garden or to re-birth. Then my question was how to know that I'm dreaming so I can let myself die? It is hard to die when we don't know we're dreaming. Then the other night I had sort of an answer to that question. I dreamed about a woman sleeping next to me in my bed, two times. The second time I realized that I if I saw somebody in my bed while sleeping, it was because I was dreaming, because I sleep by myself. So once I knew I was dreaming, once in my dream, I remembered the importance of letting myself die, rather than to be scared of death. I appear walking in an open space and I saw a street full of traffic, so I thought I could walk to the cars and let them hit me so I could die. As I walked, my ex-boyfriend appears walking next to me, I tell him, if you see an accident, don't be scared. And I continued approaching the cars knowing that I will not suffer the impact cause I'm dreaming. He didn't let me do it once we were close to the traffic. On another scene, I am on a roller coaster with my sister. I think, well, this could be a good death too, if this falls down. So pretty soon I don't see my sister and nobody else with me, so I am alone and I prepare myself to fall off and feel the impact and die. But when I am about to touch the ground, my body, which is falling, slows down, so there is no impact. I start walking. It is huge place, like a park, but people are far away and there is sand on the ground, like a desert. I find a lonely place and fell backwards, so I could die by hitting my head against the ground. This time I almost made it. After the impact, I start to die, my legs and body start to get hard and I thought my soul was going to come out, so I relax... and I experience that a little bit, but then a young guy found me and he immediately called for help on me, so I had to get up and go to other place. I observe very dark clouds coming over quickly covering the sky, so it will be dark and then it starts to rain, so instead of running to the other day side, i stayed under the clouds thinking that the hard rain will make it easy for me to die, as there is some lightening too. I walked under a tree, but then I changed my direction cause I will be all wet. I ended up looking for a lonely place between some buildings where there are families and more people. But I can't find the way to die, so I come into a bar and as I know I'm dreaming, I hit a man, thinking that he won't feel it or that my hands will pass his body like if he were invisible for I'm dreaming, but for my surprise, my hands feel his body and don't go through. I walked in the bar and the bar tender prepares a drink for me and I didn't want it cause I think I don't want to be drink when I die, but he forced me drink it, so I have to and then I start to throw up in purpose so the people in the bar will feel disgust. I came out the bar with vomit running out my mouth. I didn't care, I was dreaming. Then I appear in an academy and I stretch my legs, as I train as a dancer, I open my legs in a way that I can when awake, but since I am dreaming, I do it and don't feel pain. I would love to know your comments on this dream. I guess I'm trying to do the exercises you have suggested me. However, when I woke up, I remembered that beyond the exercise to die in my dreams, I struggle for a long time, while growing up, with a desire or necessity of committing suicide. I tried it when I was 15 and I struggle at being alive after my 30s, so I thought about commenting suicide again for a long time. Thinking about jumping in the traffic was a thought I had when young and after my 30s. Thank you.     

Dream Interpretation / brides and mom and I on clouds
« on: May 17, 2014, 03:46:25 AM »
Hi dear Tony, thank you so much for the last interpretation to my dream. I worked on your suggestions and a very interesting revelation about my deep hard feelings came up when I allowed my self to imagine that I was that creature in my dream. I haven't had another dream where I have to die, you suggested me to let myself die to enter into a new path; however, it is really hard to die when I don't know that I'm dreaming... While I figure that out, I would like to share another dream because it's been quiet repetitive. It is about marriage. I am on clouds talking to mom who already passed away. The clouds are going in some direction, they are taking us somewhere. While we are there, there is another group of clouds passing by in the other direction. There are brides sitting on what it looks a bus or a train. Many of them. When they are passing by I told mom that I wouldn't like to wear white wedding dresses like all of them because it is too boring. But them I start to observe many of them wearing a black ribbon on their necks while the rest of the dress in white. I told mom that I would like my dress to be... light pink, etc and that I would like her to do it for me, as she was a tailor and always made our clothes; but when I wanted to tell her that I looked at her and she is laying down and her face is white like the rest of the cloud and I asked her if she fell asleep but she can't answer. The cloud drops me off at a store where I met my brothers and other things happened... such as I ended up pleasantly flying instead of walking while knowing that I'm dreaming. I would like to know your interpretation. I know that I would love to have a partner and a family, but I get sad sometimes when I see I am 42 and I'm still without the man I love. I wasn't sad in the dream, in fact I enjoying talking to mom again. Thanks again.

Dream Interpretation / being attacked by creatures-crocodiles
« on: April 25, 2014, 06:56:09 PM »
Hi dear Tony. I would like to know what this dream means. I am in a dark garden with another woman, showing her where we can continue gardening. The soil is black and wet. I stepped on it and fell down twice on bushes covered by sheets so falling was soft. I got up and showed her the other part of the garden which was across a path of clean water. Before we went ahead on that path I observe some black things inside the clear water and all over the pond. I said to the woman that that looked like crocodiles, but that they could also be plants. I said that me and my siblings have crossed that path safely before, but now I didn't know if we should. She decides to go ahead and start walking that path and my mother (who passed away already) followed her. But I decided to wait. Then I saw how the huge black crocodile (which a short mouth) immediately runs behind them to attack them, but I couldn't see if it did, because I appear laying down and being attacked by the small ones which jumped out of the water. The first one jumped on my shoulders and bit me, I see its face and body clearly. Then another one bit me on my arm and then another one in my feet and another one in my hand. They were like very short alligators, black but no long mouth. I couldn't move anymore and I just called my sister for help but I couldn't move while they bit me and then I woke up feeling the pain in my body, specially in my hand which continued hurting me for a few seconds after I woke up like if the biting had been real. I knew that was my end, there was nothing I could do, they possibly killed me but I woke up before I died. My sister could've done nothing. Please tell me what his horrible nightmare means. Thanks a lot. 

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