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Hi,I am a 24 year old male.
I suffer from extreme fatigue and a constant Brain Fog. This has been ongoing for over one year.
I am at the end of my tether, and am frustrated by GP's. I have had numerous blood tests which have been clear and Doctors have suggested it may be Depression which I know is not the Case 
I have achieved academic excellence & graduated with 1st class honours' in July 2014.
I began my first job as a computer software developer August 2014. 
 My problem is I wake up each day and feel I have not slept.  A sleep APP, i used on Thursday showed I had 6hrs 50mins of sleep with 45% Deep sleep.
I have already taken seven intermmitant days off work and am afraid I am going to loose my Job. 
This "Condition" ( If only I knew what it was) has made my life very difficult. From 17 to 24 I was Gaming through the night and sleeping through part of the day when not at college or Uni. 
Since July I have changed my Sleep pattern to more normal Cycles.  I do less gaming but nothing I do seems to ease the  extreme fatigue and a constant Brain Fog.  Please!!!! - Any suggestions to help me.

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