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This is one of my latest dreams which is troubling me.  I hope someone can help.

Dream flash as I awoke this am;

I seemed to have my iPad taking pics of what I was walking thru which seemed as a jungle Forest with the lush huge trees, sand, pools of water, lush foilage. One tree had a carving of the Virgin Mary in red I tried to take pictures then saw a fire break out in one of the pools, I pored water on it.  Then another over there, again poured what was left then saw a small Bonita/Dorado fish, it was silver with his head bitten off and part of back neck area cradling in and out of a pocket pool of water. I heard flopping from within, when I looked inside, the water was almost out and there were two small stripped bluegill type round fish flopping for water.... Both had two tiger stripes on each side of their little bodies.  As I looked at them, I wanted to reach in and carry them to a deeper pool though it seemed too deep for my arm to reach the bottom.  Each pool couldn't have been more than 1.5-2' in circumference.

Note about self:
I do take photos to document what I do and scenery I like.
The painting of the Sacred Heart was brought into my room last night, I am resting him on my bed, it is a family heirloom gifted in the 70's from a cathedral in Rome I just received.
Mother passed, very catholic.  I spent a month in her last town with some who knew her, church, prayer, rosary etc.
Starting a new venture. Oddly after many hears of struggle, I'm finally financed and she's not here.

Am I screwing up in the spirit?

Thank you in advance to all who might offer any insight.

Greetings / Checking in with a Hello
« on: December 17, 2014, 05:44:15 AM »
Not meaning to start a new Topic but simply to comment on this thread as an intro.  So Hello.

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