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Dream Interpretation / Dreams of loved ones and a mean bear
« on: January 05, 2015, 08:00:54 AM »
Hello Tony,
I am new here and had to repost this as I've posted in the welcome forum. Anyways I had a dream that I am wondering about. What does it mean when a person dreams of loved ones whom have gone into the spiritual world? My grandmother passed away years ago, and my mom was nine months ago. The old red house that I dreamt about is a house that I grew up in and it has been demolished 15 years ago. The shack is still standing with my mom's belongings in it. My sister and I are basically living on our own and have our own families. Life as we've known is gone and we are left to face the world without the support and wisdom of my mom whom was the foundation of everything. Here is my dream....

I am at an old log cabin; now abandoned house for past 20 yrs. It is summer as there is green grass and it is warm outside. I am in the back of the house...on the South side. My mom is sitting there and cutting up meat and putting into something like a ziploc bag.
An Uncle comes loking for a sled and leaves.
I leave my mom sitting by herself and walk around to the front of the house. As I walk past the porch that used to be at the back end of the house, I can see the front door area. This is looking towards the North. No one is around, but I see something moving in front on the ground. It looks like there is some kind of a pit in the ground, like a dug out done by a dog, and in it was a light brown, skinny and shrivelled looking bear. It looked very unhealthy. It was laying in the pit like a person would when sitting on a bean bag. I back up slowly towards the back of the porch (back to where I came from) and run back around to tell mom.
I told her what I'd just seen. She puts the meat down, gets up and started walking away and towards an old house across the road; North east. I follow her, meanwhile looking around for the bear. I now see it sitting on the ground (it is now across the road from where it was laying), only further back, and it was looking towards the back door of the old red house. That would be the same direction, the North.
The next thing I know is that we were in the old red house that we used to live in. My mom was sitting at the kitchen table that was sitting against the wall. She's just sitting there, calm and relaxed, like there was nothing going on.
I tell my sister to find the phone so that I can call someone to come and scare away the bear. I am thinking why there is no one around when we need help. I should call my cousin, but he has no phone. I say in frustration, "It is hard to get a hold of them or anyone. We are always ready to help, but when we are in need, no one seems to care." My sister shrugs and points to the phone on the table beside mom. Then grandma is there and she asks what all the commotion was about. My sister tells her that there is a bear lurking outside. I ask where is the gun? I can probably shoot out the window and scare it away or if someone hears the gun shot, they will come to help. Mom is sitting at the table, looking amused and not saying anything. It was like she wanted us to deal with the bear on our own. Then I remembered and said that the guns were in my crawl space at my house and can't get them because the bear is outside, and my house is across the road on the south west.
My grandma says,"We didn't do anything to it, so why did it start bothering us? Why is it lurking around our house? It should just go away and bother someone else. We just live here quietly and don't bother anyone!"
I ask where my camera is so that I can take pictures of the bear. Maybe the flash from the camera will scare it away. I pick up the camera and go towards the window with my sister walking beside me. We go to the window on the south side, and there is the bear; looking into the window showing its' teeth and acting very aggressively. I try to take pictures of it, but it was hard to see through the window screen. The bear seems to be really mad....growling and snarling. Then realized the window screen was not at the old red house, but at the old shack that is sitting farthest from my mom's house...on the north side. I was thinking that we shouldn't be in there and maybe mom led me there because we have stored her stuff in there.
By now I am frantic and my sister is trying to find something to scare away the bear. Pots to bang together or something. The window is shut but we are yelling at the bear to go away. The more we yelled, the more it growled at us in the window.
My mom is still sitting at the table; looking amused and it was like she was looking at us to see what we would do next. She is not freaking out as she would have done.
I heard grandma open the door of the shack, and I got scared; thinking the bear was now going to come into the house. I look and grandma was stuck in between the door; kicking and trying to get back in. I got scared, thinking the bear got her and is trying to pull her out the door. I run to the door, push it open and tell grandma to come inside. The bear is just sitting there on the flat steps and looking at us. It didn't look mean now, only calmer and looking tired. I grab grandma by the arm and told her to get behind me...I can smell her scent and feel the warmth from her arm...I hold her behind me and look at the bear.
As scared as I felt, I am calming the bear like you would a dog, because I didn't want it to hurt grandma or me. "Nice bear, good bear, yes, just sit there and be nice, nice bear", and petting the side of its' face...I can feel the thick, matted hair on the Bears face...I am thinking, anything for grandma...I'll do anything to make the bear happy and for it to leave us alone...the bear seemed to like the attention and looked more calmer....and I am thinking how crazy I was to be petting a wild bear....all the while I am backing up slowly into the shack with grandma behind me..."Nice bear, good bear...." then I slam the door shut in its face. I can smell the staleness of the old shack, but it looked warm, lived in and comfortable. My sister is standing and looking out the window for the bear and asked what was the bear doing, acting all crazy. Grandma is standing there, looking happy and proud. I look at her and mom, thinking how I don't like the idea of a bear lurking outside and I am feeling helpless. I look for mom for answers and she is sitting there at the table, looking calm and relaxed. Then I wake up!

I have had other dreams of my late grandmother, in the past but never with her and my mom together, or any animal, especially one as aggressive as a bear. This has been bothering me all morning and I am trying to figure out what it all means. I would really appreciate it if you would help interpret what all this means. Thank you

Greetings / Hello from Canada
« on: January 04, 2015, 10:09:40 PM »
Hello, I am new here :)

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