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Greetings / Hello
« on: April 11, 2015, 09:24:30 AM »
Hi my name is George, but my friends call me Groock (pronounced Grok) I searched around for a site like this for a while, dreams fascinate me. I am currently studying Fine Art at university and dreams are a part of my practice as an artist. To me, dreams are an actual experience and they certainly influence us in everyday life. I look forward to discussion, these posts are really interesting that I had read so far.

Dream Interpretation / Fast travel, Voices without form.
« on: April 11, 2015, 09:12:27 AM »
Hi I am 21 and I am fascinated by dreams, I want you to know that this is not a joke and that my dreams are usually pretty erratic, but I had this dream about an hour ago so it is still really vivid in my mind, I also plan to make a video of it for my art project, but anyways here goes:
For the first part I was driving a truck (which i have never done) and then when a stopped for a break found that people were hiding underneath the trailer by clinging to the struts, there was three of them dressed as clowns, me and my truck driving partner got them arrested, then the partner started driving and i gave clinging to the bottom of the trailer a go. The truck was going really fast and i was loosing my grip i shouted to slow down but the partner didn't hear. The next part went in like 5x to 10x speed and a car keep pulling up close behind and the driver was beckoning to me to jump on, after a few attempts i got on then it drove for a bit, pulled over then the police turned up and arrested me, i was taken through court and all these procedures, all in a matter of seconds as this was all speeded up, then i was back home with friends smoking and having a party people came and went, i felt dizzy and wasted and then it was like there was a loud bang and there was a heroin needle in my arm and everything froze, the image of everyone faded out and i was left alone crying because of what i had done, i suddenly could hear a rattling in the next room, i started shouting f*ck you!  f*ck you! A few times, but when i stopped a voice in the next room kept saying f*ck you! Over and over, it was driving me insane, I also had a strong feeling it was a delusion, i ran around the house avoid the room because it terrified me, the sound was burning in my ears and got louder and louder and i just started screaming and woke up

I have never done heroin and I don't intend to, I can see its a clear theme in that part of the dream, but the most resonant bit with me is the 'voice' in the next room shouting as I know it is a voice without a body. Hope this was a good enough insight to work on.

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