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Dream Interpretation / crazy dream feeding bears
« on: April 24, 2015, 10:14:47 PM »
ok so I live in Oregon were there are a lot of bears but I have never seen one out in the wild yesterday was a pretty normal day for me it was late when  went to bed last night and i had to be up early for work this am so i fall asleep....
rite from the start iam running with my 4 yr old son then we are next to all this tall grass and i tell him to shhh so we can hide behind it just then the coast is clear and when we get up my boyfriend tony comes walking up in a cleared out wooded area and right after him fallows 2 brown bears at first i was startled then i remember seeing a pile of half eating strawberries when i was hiding out by the grass so i went and got them and started throwing them to the bears they were loving them then tony told me ok lets keep going so we started off again and just when we got to the road their were these robot looking humans with this helmets that had all of these lights all over them. i was so scared they had guns and and were pointing them right at us i grabbed my son and bam! woke up it was crazy  i just don't know what to think of it was so strange and all i can think about is how i was feeding the bears the strawberries and how i was in such amazement

Greetings / Hello Everyone
« on: April 24, 2015, 07:20:35 PM »
so I just found this site today, I hope their is still activity since I seen some post have been some time ago...
anyways what brought me here is I have very detailed dreams and sometime they are so crazy and don't make any since but I keep getting this feeling like their is a connection some how or a message my inner self is trying to tell me and I cant seem to understand... my dreams are so real and their is so much emotion even after I wake up I can still feel the emotion if it were real! with fear sadness amazement whatever its so strong and sometimes takes me the whole day to get over the feelings of whatever I was dreaming. its unreal and i think about it al day and when I tell my boyfriend he's like wow that's crazy or that doesn't make any since and feels that its weird that i have a dream every night since he hardly dreams at all.... after this post i will be posting my dream i had last night in the bear section since feel that part is the oddest part of the dream  thank you for reading and i hope you have a wonderful day take care god bless

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