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Questions about dreams / Dream of Lord Shiva and Vishnu
« on: May 19, 2015, 10:54:53 AM »
Hi All,

I'm a newbie here. I had a strange dream last night and I'm trying to figure out the meaning of my dream as it has been bugging me for the whole day .
I had a dream where its like I'm inside a house with someone by my side. Its just after sunset as the sky getting darker, from the window I saw a huge Lord Shiva appear in the sky. It's  like he is standing from the ground and I can see his face up in sky but he is more like a sky shaded figure. I pray to him and he bend over to my house door( which is not looked like my house) and he like putting his face over the door and drop something from his mouth. I quickly go and have a look and its a Rudraksha in gold and triangle shaped. Which I googled and found out its the Eka mukhi rudraksha (For my surprise i never knew this shape exist). I quickly picked up and looked at him over the sky and prayed and he gave me a smile.

And at another venue I saw something like a big crowd of people walking by something like during some auspicious day and I saw Lord Vishnu with his appearance with the snakes over his heads walking pass too.. And as I looked at him and bow down and he blessed my head and walk off.

I'm just looking for the answer for my dreams. I'm a female at the age of 32 still single with relationship.

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