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Dream Interpretation / Dream about events in September 2015.
« on: August 20, 2015, 11:23:43 PM »
I often dream of future events; they don't usually have a date on, and sometimes it's hard to interpret the details, and only after the event has happened does it become clear what this or that meant.
I had an interesting dream last night. I don't need it interpreted, exactly, it wasn't about me, but I thought it would be worth discussing, and maybe we can decode some of the details!

Before going to sleep, I'd asked: 'What will be the state of the world at the end of September 2015?'
I'm not expecting an asteroid to hit the earth,  :) but I do anticipate some kind of economic woe, as there are just too many signs pointing to late Sept/early Oct. as a momentous period, and also I've had other recent dreams pointing to that.

(Eg, in one dream, a 'lesson' was being prepared for humanity, to begin in the early evening (which, in a 'day for a year' sense, would be September-October). The lesson involved folding paper being cut up into tiny pieces which had holes in, and were pale green. I felt this probably means a currency devaluation).

None of the content in last night's dream had anything to do with my life, and it felt like the answer to the question.

The dream began with a man, who had sallow skin, and dirty hair dyed a fake, brassy-looking blond. (Someone with fair hair would imply a light-filled person, but here it was fake, 'all that glitters is not gold', and the brassiness was reminiscent of money). He had some charisma, but looked a bit scary, not a person you'd want to cross. This man, a narrator said, went to bed with a lot of women, with the full permission of his wife. He seemed sleazy, and I wondered who'd put up with that.
(I had the feeling that this man represented China; and we say 'to be in bed with', of people who have deals together, are allies, don't we?)

I decided to go and see just what kind of woman would possibly be seduced by him, and saw a dark, half-caste girl, with black hair, and dark circles under her eyes. She looked nervous and shifty, her eyes darting around. (When I woke up, I recognised 'her' immediately as President Obama, albeit as a teenage girl!) I intuited that she was uneasy, and had slowly realised that sleeping with him wasn't a good idea, and she was having second thoughts about the relationship. She was calculating how to make a run for it and escape from Mr 'brassy' China, but she was worried.

The blmd man then opened his mouth wide, revealing a lot of teeth, broken, jagged, chipped, all with sharp points like sharks' teeth, and said something like: 'I'm your Tiger.' I never saw what happened with the girl, as the scene changed then.
(The teeth are puzzling! To bare one's teeth implies to threaten, doesn't it? Many of his teeth were broken, jagged, or pointed, and I'm not sure what that means.
There's also a Bible verse about God 'shattering the teeth' of liars in their mouths, so I wonder if it meant that a lie by China is exposed? It was a terrifying smile, like the 'Jaws' character in James Bond films!

The scene then changed, and I was watching a Japanese woman sitting at a small table and working on some small item, with what looked like an electrical engraving tool, She first 'drew' a circle around herself, and I thought, 'Ah, yes, clever, that protects her against invasion and contagion.'
 I stated that I was watching her to learn, and that I hoped she didn't mind. She said: "Not much", which seemed slightly rude.

She got up, and went off; I followed her, to a tiny shop; the glass frontage was only about 5 feet wide! She and another Japanese woman pointed to some nice decorated oilskin bags in the window, and I saw they'd been marked down in red ink, from eighty-something pounds to £44.. I comment, yes, that's a good bargain, if only I could afford it.
I go away, and come back again. The bags, & other items in the window, are now *really* cheap, £1, £5. I say to someone, how frustrating it is, to see things worth £100 going for £5, some people can mw buy incredible bargains, but I don't have enough money!
I go away, and come back a 3rd time. This time, the Japanese people are cooking at a stove-top filled with very shallow pans of food ..... what I assume is noodles, fish soup, etc, and a pan of oil. They look at me sympathetically as I walk past; they know that they have food, and I have none. I can't very well ask them for any, so I walk on.

End of dream.

Any thoughts? I notice how 'oil' pops up twice, re the bags and the stove; and I have no idea what Japan is doing in there!

Greetings / Hello, just found your site.
« on: August 20, 2015, 08:28:51 PM »
My name's Barbara and I'm in my early fifties, and live in the far West of Cornwall, England. I love discussing dreams, visions and the messages we get from the other dimensions; I've been writing my dreams down for 30 years, and have learned a lot from them.
Tony, I am pleased to find this great forum of yours, and I look forward to dreams-talk with you all!

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