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Healing Dreams / Dream incubation
« on: April 08, 2020, 11:23:53 PM »
Hi Tony,
I have had been trying to incubate a dream for healing for a while  to heal a medical issue. With no change,  I went on antibiotics and continued to dream incubate . I worked with the dreams a lot, being, feeling.. but I felt non the wiser and just as ill as before. So I continued each night with dream healing requests and just ended up with a ton of dreams that are just rather overwhelming  in quantity, but I wrote them all out, worked them, then looked for patterns. It was a lot of work when ill ..  but I still feel none the wiser.

Any tips?

Many Thanks  :)

Edit: well one thing, The issue is related to the kidney bladder meridian, the main issue with this meridian is lack of confidence, fear and fear of intimacy - that fits well with the first dream.
The Worst Enemies of the Bladder meridian:
Emotional stress, Extended periods of fear, terror, or panic damage the autonomic nervous system.
Cycle of Fear and the Bladder meridian:
Few things disturb our spiritual well being more than feeling we have little or no energy at any level, accompanied with a sense of internal panic and raciness, and feel unable to meet life on its terms. We may freeze in fear or thrash about in fear, imagining ourselves alone, isolated, beyond help, and facing a terrifying future. Everything and everyone seems a threat. We  wish to hide, needing to rest, a longing for the hibernation that could restore our reserves. We become preoccupied with self-preservation and, as our resources diminish still further, our will to live diminishes as well.

Dream Interpretation / Bossy woman and crystals
« on: May 27, 2019, 10:09:25 AM »
The previous night I dreamt a woman died and left me loads of crystals from her crystal shop.  Initially I thought only other people were being given crystals, and I felt lonely and embarrassed, but then my turn came and I got more than everyone put together.  I was given a tray full of crystals of all sizes and colours and worth alot. I then put on a sort of ceremonial necklace I was given, this went around my head and down to my feet with crystals through  it. But I hung it back up, thinking I could never wear it anywhere.

Last night I am walking as part of a small group, we're in lowland and desert hills  in Egypt. A bossy woman, a man probably her husband, a young boy and me. Now we are crossing a hill with rich red soil. I ask the name of it. The woman gives it a name that doesn't belong to it. She names everything after herself and her husband. The whole landscape it seems she does the same. I trail behind as I keep finding large crystals lying on the ground. Quartz, rose quartz, citrine, a pale blue crystal. I pick some up,  but there are too many to carry. I observe the bright sunlight shining through and I'm just thrilled by their beauty.

Now we have arrived at a beach by the sea. Right next to the sea are five or six really large rectangular Egyptian tombs covered in brightly painted figures. We walk behind them. I feel the energy as dark and dense, not good. The sun disappears, its cold. I say I'm going round to the seafront leaving the group, it feels better there, energy is higher, sun is back. Then I look back and I see them opening one of the tombs. I decide to move away quickly. They seem like idiots and probably don't know what they are unleashing. I'm not sure if they are tourists or Egyptians themselves.
But the woman is arrogant anyway. If I was to describe the woman's energy I'd say merciless and competitive.

Now I'm on a small English type community hall stage, not far away. The little boy is there. He's bright red from embarrassment possibly to do with being on a stage/performance. I comfort him and I'm kind. I go out another exit, not planning to return to that group.

Dream Interpretation / Shopkeeper
« on: March 21, 2019, 09:31:38 AM »
An awful nightmare. I will preface this by saying I never watch horror movies and this is not a scene I've ever seen in a movie or heard about. I'm in a small corner shop with someone. The shopkeeper is behind the counter. He's tall, dark hair and beard. Suddenly I get a vision of what lies behind the shop walls. Women are hung upside down as if butchered, but they are all alive and have been carefully brought close to death, but kept alive. Many are mutilated and some have their eyes sewn shut, some their mouths. In my vision I'm standing next to them, their skin is almost blue, the light is dim. It's the most horrific scene I've ever seen. The agony, the pointless cruelty, the damage, their fate..it's beyond comprehension.

The shopkeeper is trying to delay us leaving, I immediately act on what I've seen and call 911 which really annoys him, but he doesn't know I know what he's doing. I'm purely ringing to get them to save me and my friend at this point. If we're dead, there's no hope for anyone.  He keeps interfering prevents me calling, but also leans back and enjoys the helplessness he sees playing out before him,  no matter what I do I can't dial the number correctly, I try multiple phones. I'm deeply scared for both my friend and myself. I run onto the street to try find a passerby but it's raining. Im standing on the pavement in the rain on my own, I lean down and seem to have  new white converse trainers I take tissue paper out of them and put them on, I run to a local pub but someone is using the phone.  I run around frantically looking for another one. I hear the word 'island' I don't know what it's referring to. It makes me think of 'no man is an island'. I think well that's a pointless phrase - because you're an island whether you like it or not, when no one will help you, even when you beg, and that's a very common situation. On leaving the pub I think I meet my favourite singer, that I've met in some previous nice dreams. Here though the dream ends. He's shaking off the rain I'm running out to try find help, I don't recognise him. Nor he me.

 I wake. I felt so so sick by the images I'd seen, even some time after waking I was still very nauseous, I had to throw out my breakfast.

Dream Interpretation / Integration
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:05:45 PM »
I am walking on the street, someone is on my left, talking, he leans against me, then leans his arm and hand against mine, then tries to grab my hand, smiling.. He is trying to make out we are a couple. We are not. I look up and see it's an ex-boyfriend.  I push his hand away and say  No! No! Stop it! Leave me alone! But he acts like I've said nothing. (A highly manipulative person, with a finely developed sneaky style of control..always joking, smiling..but absolute in getting what he wanted, over-riding all refusals with calm persistence. A stalker and quite a dangerous narcisstic person.)

Now we are in a wine shop, he must have brought me in as I say 'but I don't want to buy anything' a seriously evil looking woman with black hair and a white face glares at me, the shops and her fashion and hair is in a very old fashioned style, 1800s. I don't feel afraid, though I can feel every ounce of her evilness. I'm not sure if I've gotten rid of the guy yet. I turn to leave and I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror on my way out and I do a double take -  I look really beautiful, natural, it's definitely me but younger, glowing with beauty and health and pure goodness. I gasp and am really happy, I feel love for myself. I look back at the shop and her assistant a younger woman maybe a daughter, also black haired, is sweeping the rug/carpet as if I was dirty and had brought dirt into their shop. I think to myself, they are doing that for effect, because they can't get at me any other way and ha! to them cause I don't care anyway!

Being the thing with the evil woman,  brings me to a hate energy  She says I hate beauty, I hate love, I hate anyone else getting anything they want. I want to be the boss of everything. It brings back to key childhood relationships and that woman is my mother; her jealousy, hate and control, but also it's every relationship where the other person used my youth or innocence to exert negative control over me. To humiliate or inflict pain on me, so they could feel powerful.

I think that an important part of the path of integrating what is ours, we must also figure our what is not ours..
Which end of the energy dynamic is active in us..
Doing being the thing with the evil woman, it's a very very dark energy and she just wants me dead.

So if we are to say she is my energy then she is the ultimate self-hate. But I was not born with that self hate.
So I will take ownership of it in the sense of an invading energy. I feel the dream is showing me the truth of that young girl who wished harm on no one and had a very loving nature but was surrounded by powerful opposing forces.

Questions about dreams / Autonomy
« on: March 04, 2019, 10:55:36 PM »
Hi Tony!

I'm not sure how to formulate the question but I'm just wondering about 'intent' in dreams?

My intent, versus the independent intent of others..maybe you could direct me to some links to your work? I couldn't think what terms to use to search this.

For several years the same guy has been popping up in my dreams, usually flirtatious and funny, sometimes present in the background as I confront something. Recently he appeared yet again and was most direct this time by asking me for my number and he wanted it now.. like he's getting impatient chasing me through my dreams. Could this all be me and my desire (one I don't consciously have) towards this public figure?

Example 2: I send a message to someone saying how much I loved their show, I don't get a reply, but in my dream I'm walking along a beach and they call my name and come and give me a huge huge hug. For the next few days I feel their presence around me. So I experiment and I look towards the presence and it's like we actually make eye contact and share a smile, I tried this at least twice more at different times and I have the same experience. The only other time I had this, was at a Buddhist monastery in the woods, I felt suddenly that I was being watched and I could 'see'/'sense' the presence of the head monk near me, it was definitely him and I never doubted the certainty of what I felt that day.

Example 3: A guy I have not been thinking about, but who approached me and I made an escape from, now appears quite regularly. Waving, saying hi. Recently I'm holding a baby belonged to him and maybe me.

If I am the creator of my dreams, does any of the content have any autonomy, or am I for some reason creating all these scenarios?

Healing Dreams / Healing
« on: February 19, 2019, 12:56:17 PM »
Dream: Someone gives me a grey blue cluster crystal for my left hand and a white for my right. As I hold them..
suddenly the left side of my body begins to spasm violently in different areas but mostly my left hand and arm. It's really really scary. But I don't let go of the crystals, I think well this is coming from inside not outside, if it's deep inside me, it needs to come out.. and it continues.

Dream Interpretation / Serenade
« on: December 03, 2018, 11:19:16 AM »
As it's about the male figure again. I'll add last nights dream.

I am homeless, lying in a sleeping bag on the street. I don't feel ashamed, just glad the weather is good and I've a nice spot. A happy dynamic girl (like an acquaintance of mine) comes bounding by and holds out an ice cream to me, then whips it away. She laughs but not cruelly, only in a 'hey there are ice creams for sale' kind of way. I don't move, I don't want to lose my spot, they are hard to find. Then a young handsome guy comes and when he sees me his face just lights up. I recognise him, we seem to have spoken before, he takes out a stringed instrument and starts to serenade me, singing and playing expertly. He's French. I think, ah, wealthy background, no one plays like that without years of tuition.. then I see he's looking straight into my eyes like he's completely in love. He's kind, pure, humble, talented not a liar or conman.  It's really an  amazing feeling to receive that affection.

I try to look back, but it's difficult, I do, but I can't help feeling he doesn't know me and maybe he's just infatuated with an idea of me. When he finishes I hug him, now he is small, his head resting on my chest. Now a tall guy arrives who is paying me interest too, and the first guy starts to get jealous, it's stressful and I don't know where I stand within it all, or what to do. Also it's weird they don't reject me for being homeless..Now I'm in a large stylish empty meeting space with the tall guy. He is someone from real life who has the potential to give me work. I turn a chair around from being audience to facing the audience, I can do this, I tell myself, trying to convince myself my confidence won't fail me

Now I'm being questioned by women over some work I've done, their energy is scarey, I try to appear confident so they don't see me as an easy target, but I've had so many bullying experiences by women, I'm sure they are going to make my life miserable somehow. I don't know how to outwit them or stop it happening.. Now there's about 15 women all dressed in expensive clothes, talking talking, I'm quietly present in the background, overwhelmed by their intensity and alert to their competetive edges.

I'm with a girl high up in hills, she's showing me a neat small backpack she has, we chat about how helpful it is to have the perfect bag when you are travelling around. The bag is black, with pretty detail, maybe some gemstones sewn in.

Later I'm on a bus returning from a film shoot with some girls and Robert De Niro, the girls are all complaining about having to get a bus, Robert De Niro despite being the big star, doesn't seem to care about being sent on budget travel. I can see he's seen it all and done it all before. Though I wonder has he actually fallen on hard times, because in that case, he has no choice either..

Dream Interpretation / Massacre
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:08:32 PM »
I can't remember all the dream. I only remember this bit. I am in a huge auditorium not too far from the entrance, mostly empty but several people milling around, maybe concert goers in their 20s/30s. Suddenly I notice a tall young man beside me on my right, literally inches away, in a long coat, longish hair and he starts shooting people. At first I'm frozen in shock/awe at what is unfolding right in front of me. He shoots a guy several times in the head, it's so vivid and shocking, the guy is lying on the ground right in front of me. The man keeps shooting, on it goes 4,5,6 people down, it's so fast. I can sense his enjoyment, how happy he feels doing this. Finally I pull myself together and make a run for the exit, I'm sure it will be locked, my hands are shaking, but it opens easily. As I exit a couple enter, they seem super relaxed and romantic, the girl is pretty, Asian, long shiney hair.  I hear the killer shout out a welcome to them, something like 'you're here at last'. I don't know if they are about to be murdered or if they are accomplices. I guess the former. I wake up with with the feelings of horror and fear.

I fall back asleep, I'm in a city, the streets are empty nearly everyone has been killed. I brush past rails of hundreds of coats belonging to the deceased. There's very little food. By the coats, maybe as a shop assistant, an Asian woman stands, older, a dark closed off expression. Beside her a dog or cat is roasting on a spit over a fire.. it's all there is to eat. I wake again.

So if he's my animus, we'll..he's pretty angry..

Dream Interpretation / Movie
« on: October 28, 2018, 09:27:13 AM »
I'm watching a movie in a large concert hall. I'd come to see live music. When I arrived I was disappointed to see a guy I know to be very competetive with me, no matter how uncompetitive I am. I feel my body shiver from his horrible energy, I walk past with my head down hoping he doesn't try talk to me.  I'm annoyed they are putting on a movie, I was looking forward to the music, I didn't want to see a movie. It's a horrible one too. It's about a serial attacker who goes around cutting people's tongues out.

There are lots of close ups of tongues being dropped onto tables etc, but there is no blood and they look very healthy and clean and I think one at least is covered in fine grains of sugar. Now I'm a part of the movie, I'm outside in the late evening, it's cold, getting dark. I'm sitting at a small table and a young sinister man in his early twenties is standing nearby. He's the attacker. I do my usual 'kind person' thing, worry he is cold and try to get him to sit with me, where there is shade from the wind and where it is warmer.. of course I feel good about myself as I do this..

When I wake I'm scared and angry, here I go again, being oblivious to danger, inviting connection where other people would run a mile. 'Give what you wish to receive'  those simplistic philosophies are hard to shake, and cause a lot of trouble. My instincts, my compass around danger, broken. And all those tongues, so disturbing.

Tongue..I'm just a piece of meat. Eat me. I'm a childhood sweet. Nothing to see or hear here. Now I'm free out in the light and fresh air.
Man.. I hate, I hate, I hate. Everyone just shut uuuup. I'm the king around here. Shut your mouths.
Me the woman.. I'm afraid. Afraid afraid. The only way I can keep safe is not to anger this man, try pconnect with him somehow, otherwise he'll kill me next.

Ok now I feel differently about the dream behaviour, in fact it was probably the best approach. If someone very dangerous is near, better not show your fear, better try make things normal, nice etc.. offer them a cup of tea. Try neutralise their aggression.

Healing Dreams / Physical impact of dreams
« on: October 27, 2018, 01:20:25 PM »
Over the course of several years, I've suffered a series of relentless intense nightmares/flashbacks. In the last year of the dreams I would have stronger and stronger physical symptoms on waking. First it was my heart, racing like it would jump out of my chest or break.

Then I started to experience other powerful sensations on waking, often down my left side, as if I'd been electrocuted during the course of the dream. I would always wake with a shock out of some nightmare. Then this developed to waking to a feeling that my heart had experienced a type of electrocution via the dream and I'd wake just in time for my body to recover from it.

Last night I had a dream where I was actually happy. I can't remember the last time I felt like this in a dream, it must be years. I was at some launch party. I saw two girls who had been friends years ago, but it took me a long time to realise they were very selfish and never cared about me. In the dream I mentally reminded myself to be careful and not let them suck me in. I avoided eye contact and walked quickly by them. Then someone offers me plates of cheese, then I go into the main room and there's gorgeous cheese everywhere.  Now some famous film actor is joking with me, he points to a piece of cheese on my plate and says 'I love that one', then steals some of it, we laugh a lot about it, there's just a feeling of mirth and being in equal and safe  company. I walked on and had the awareness within the dream of how truly happy I felt.

 As soon as I had this thought, I woke up and felt very disturbed. I couldn't remember the dream initially, I had intense feelings in my body, I could feel 'electricity' running through my heart - this time it wasn't terror, but it still made me feel very vulnerable. It was still an intense physical sensation of movement/electricity in the heart that I had no control over and was 'happening to me'

Dream Interpretation / Castle
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:19:40 PM »
I am standing inside a handmade greenhouse looking up. Im admiring the effort and intricacy of the painted white wood and small glass panes. There is a slightly abandoned, wild feel to the area. It's a bright sunny summers day. I exit and see a huge stone wall, clearly I'm on the grounds of some big estate. I turn left to go through a break in the wall, when I look up and see a huge boulder hurtling through the sky. It could have hit me or the glass house 'hey that could have hit me' I shout assuming someone had thrown it. But it's too big to be 'thrown'. It landed very precisely on the ground near me and I knew then it was never in danger of hitting anything. There's a certain magical quality to it. It has writing carved on its surface, I can't remember and couldn't read it, but assumed it was the name of the estate. Now I go through the gap and before me is a huge sprawling castle. It's evening now and the castle casts some shade. I'm talking to the owner and he wants to show me the grounds, I say I'd love to see inside but he says it would take over an hour there are so many rooms, I agree to wait til we have more time. Now two children run excitedly towards me a young red haired boy and a blond girl. They are delighted to see me and keep saying how they love holding my hands. Oddly the boy has a full beard which I find disconcerting. I feel quite taken aback with their affection but try to conceal it so they don't feel embarrassed. A posh blond woman who I assume is their mother appears and then along with the owner we all stroll through the castle grounds together.

I felt most happy on my own in the glasshouse and feel quite vulnerable and stressed around the people. What will they want from me?

Dream Interpretation / Mountain stream
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:52:02 PM »
I am in a third level institution, someone tells me I'm late for something to do with my job, I just turn around and walk out the door, being in an institution makes me ill, teaching makes me ill. Outside their is a soft rain, I notice geometric clear shapes on the ground, I believe they fell from the sky as exceptionally unusual hail, they look like crystals and I photo them as much as I can before they disappear as I assume they will.

Now I'm walking up a mountain, barefoot, carefree, through a white gushing stream. The stream is flowing along a raised rock platform, as if the mountain created it to elevate this very precious stream, cupping it's waters with perfect precision in its form. The water is pure, fresh and it has created lots and lots of white foam from its cascade, the foam covers a lot of the surrounding area, after a sharp turn upwards I come across 10-15 mountaineers, it's not foam now, but snow and these people have clearly been here a long time stuck in their decent down the mountain, they are scattered about, with most close to death. I am bare legged and hot from my climb, though the climb is very easy. I can't help but laugh and tell them, but just around the corner below there is no snow, it only looks like snow. Don't die here!

The most beautiful part of the dream is the stream. A wonderful joyful feeling and I have the sense that it springs from the very top of the mountain, which is where I am heading for.

Dream Interpretation / Photo colours
« on: May 16, 2018, 09:52:47 AM »
Within other more nondescript dreams I had this one. I'm walking near a mountain I know, on a winding country lane, I notice a bright purple-magenta  light and assume it's the sun and dawn arriving. It's a line across the horizon perhaps due to cloud. It's compelling to see such a different coloured light. I take out my phone to take photos, then it gets brighter and starts to emerge in a sun shape. I look at my phone and it's only captured very poor shots with light speckled all over the shot. Perhaps it was too strong a light for the camera to process. Then the same scene is repeated more or less, but this time the light is a strong pink. What was striking in each case was the intense colour of the light, not pale but very rich and intense.

I then bump into some associates at a cafe, I tell them 'there's intrigue in the Catholic church' as if I'm involved in uncovering it. But I don't think I am. (In real life I know the Church is so corrupt even a conversation about it would bore me)

Then the next night among other bits of dreams I dreamt I was looking at the sun, in a rich red sky, the whole sky completely red.. I can't explain the emotion maybe a bit sad. It was fairly low key. The colours had the same intensity as the night before. I was singing along with some other voice and it sounded nice, then I took a note and just held it singing it long and sustained and this sun in a red sky appears, almost as if I'd conjured it,

After that, someone was marking with a pen, the note I'd sang translated into French words. They were interviewing me for a job it seemed, it surprised me as I hadn't applied for anything. They do criticise the grammar, but it's tiny mistakes. They both seemed a bit disorganised, a male boss who was lazy and a female staff member running around. In the dream I was flattered they seemed to want me and surprised at how good my French was, but I wasn't that bothered about working for them.

Dream Interpretation / Ice-covered bridge
« on: May 13, 2018, 11:03:02 AM »
Very scary. On an incredibly high dark green iron suspension bridge. I'm not sure what part of it I'm on, I seem to be quite high above the part vehicles would use, on some flat part among the upper structure. Proportions are huge and the drop seems to be miles. It's fairly dark, maybe twilight. The bridge is covered in thick ice and it's almost impossible to find secure footing.

A young girl about 7 or 8, is trying to get me to follow her, I refuse. I'm not sure but I think she's pale and  also covered in ice.  Then she falls (I think deliberately) and is clinging to a bar over the edge. I sigh because I think she's trying to trick me to get me to go with her, I go to reach her but she's way out of reach and I refuse to put myself in danger I know I'll fall and I don't trust her, so I pull back and leave her there..I think it also crosses my mind that it's a dream, so she won't die. But at the same time, I see no good reason to let myself fall over the edge.

 I go to the other side of the bridge, a white hand comes up from underneath and grabs my foot, it's a middle age woman like cruella de ville. There's a deeply venomous quality to her, pure hate. She jumps up and is very powerful I struggle and struggle with all my strength against her, the drop below is miles. . It's terrifying. I'm slipping around on this freezing ice and trying to keep this woman off me. I wake with my heart pounding and feeling ill with fear

Reflecting on this I see two energies.
 The frozen child who has a death wish, or wants to lead me somewhere that isn't clear..
The bullying killer that for me associates with 'mother' that also wants me to die
And I am between the two, trying my best to stay alive.

Being the witch - I hate your hope, I hate you are still trying, it's embarrassing, you are an embarrassment, you fool,  just die!
Being the child - I want to float, I want to fly, I don't want to feel any more pain, come with me.

Dream Interpretation / Screaming
« on: March 27, 2018, 07:16:30 PM »
I am walking a road in the daytime, countryside. Suddenly a convoy of military vehicles pursue me, it's very overwhelming and frightening, but then they pass on. They rise loads and loads of dust. Then I see a large owl in the trees and notice it has a distinctive green tint to its white feathers. I also see it has an orange emergency light on top of its head, the kind that would have a siren, but it's not lit.

Then the wind picks up dramatically and starts attacking me, it feels like it's carrying on the job the military didn't finish. It's so powerful and it's very frightening - especially because in the dream I have the knowledge that it has picked me personally. To be an individual singled out for attack, by such a force, is so overwhelming.

I start screaming at the wind to leave me alone, to F off.. I'm scared and exasperated at being constantly pursued. I wake with my heart pounding and full of a deep deep fear. (I wake weekly with my heart racing in fear, but often can't remember the dream or can't bear to cast my mind to try remember)

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