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Questions about dreams / Dreams involving dead horses
« on: February 04, 2016, 09:43:42 PM »
Hello I posted this dream to the website:

Need serious help with a horse dream. In the dream I was underwater, like I was in the ocean, but I was there in spirit so I was not drowning. A dead woman was swimming in front of me asking over and over “where is my child?” Her dead child was swimming behind me and try as I might to tell her, she could not hear me. I looked above and saw 6 dead horses. All missing their legs from the knee down. These horses tried to climb out of the water using odd wooden ladders, but could not get above water due to the missing parts of their legs. This dream happened over a month ago and is haunting me terribly.

Anna replied asking me to join the forum.  In the meantime, I had a second horse dream.

 In this one, a beautiful horse, a sable brown mare I have seen in my mind's eye sometimes when I think about horses, was in the dream.   I was walking by a field toward a stable.  My husband was with me.  We turned to see the horse but she had been butchered.  Her insides were visible, I saw loops of intestines sticking out.  It was highly graphic and upsetting.  I told my husband to look away and he did not do so in time and began to vomit at what he saw.  His feet sunk into the mud of this field we were walking by as he tried to get away from me and the horses' body.   I kept walking to the stable and saw the mare had been skinned.  Her whole skin, as if her body were somehow just removed from the inside, was laying in the stall and the tongue was still attached and visibly sticking out.  A tan horse was to the left of her in a diff stall.   This horse was very agitated and turned to face away from me as I entered.  I was heartbroken to see the horse skin, it slid down a bit as I walked by it, and I just started saying "oh no" over and over.  I felt guilty like something I did caused this though I had done nothing.  I woke here.  I'm so upset by all this.  Any help would be so appreciated.   I mentioned in the web post that I'm having health issues, and these are persisting.  By coincidence or not, they are affecting my legs and my abdomen.  I have had 2 abdominal surgeries in my life.  I don't know if this is somehow connected.  Thanks for your help!!

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