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Dream Interpretation / Gilded cages
« on: October 02, 2016, 02:02:12 AM »
I'm sharing this mainly because it stood out from all the short dreams I had last night and because I enjoyed the imagery. It was really beautiful in a way that makes you wish there was some way to record such dreams  :P definitely would make up an interesting piece of concept art, but I don't think I can do justice to it.

There were gilded cages over high mountain peaks, those you can only see the sky and clouds around. The cages however were not like a traditional one would be, they had only edges of a slightly long vertical cube, made of solid bars of gold. In the first cage there was a man, I could hear him speaking in a foreign language that seemed to be Italian, still I could understand clearly despite not knowing truly the language. He was looking directly to the viewer or camera if it was a movie, even so I didn't notice his face or clothing. Behind his cage there was a second one, that had a woman inside facing the opposite direction. I was seeing everything in third view but somehow I was this woman in the second cage, face and clothing were also not noticed by me, even though I could see them inside the cages.

There was nothing visible that could prevent them from going out of the cage, it wasn't filled of bars, as I said just the edges. Then I noticed a big halo floating above the two cages, I'm not sure it was made of gold or bronze, I thought the color was most likely bronze, it was as if this halo had some invisible force and had somehow power over the cages, a magnetic field, I don't know. It was clear this halo kept the two of them imprisoned, together, close and apart at the same time in gilded cages. I could also see a woman wearing some long light colored dress to the left, watching them and felt that she was the one keeping them there.

The man was asking me to drag the other cages. I was then shown, as the "camera" moved to the right of the scene, more peaks and about 4 gilded cages with greco-roman statues inside and massive gray chains, made of silver perhaps, connecting them to our own cages. He said to me that if we could make those cages fall down the peaks that the chains would be pulled with intense force by the fall and free us.

I had no idea how could I possibly make these cages fall down or even move, being inside a cage just like him. Thinking of it in the literal sense, logic and physics would say that the chains instead of freeing us would drags us together to fall down the high peaks, probably he meant taking us out of the halo control, but still the fall seemed inevitable.

The dream ended and I concluded that I just had to be willingly to make these cages go down, I don't think he would ask me for something I had no power to do. He seemed to be anxious in a way, rooting for freedom, I didn't utter a word, I just watched and tried to understand. But inside the dream I could only think that he was asking for something I was incapable of doing just like himself, apparently was. Clearly he couldn't do it alone and was asking for help. While dreaming I was much less rational and not even lucid and I was way impressed about my surroundings because it looked so beautiful. Probably indicating how distracted I can become and not pay attention for the needs of those around (almost screaming for help) not exactly comfortable but somewhat numb inside a gilded cage.

I'd say the colors/materials being gold, silver and bronze means that the halo is the weakest thing keeping "us" in that situation, but that it requires something stronger to get away from it, the silver chains and the weight of the others gilded cages. Once the halo is gone, one can just walk out the cage and fall down, meaning abandoning the days of having the head in clouds and getting both feet in the ground.

I'd appreciate any other insight you all can offer, though I guess I understand plenty of the meaning of this already. Or am I still missing out something?

Dream Interpretation / 4 dreams, recurring character
« on: July 01, 2016, 08:22:35 AM »
The character is a deceased famous person that I'm not a fan of, merely knowing a few radio hits. I received the news of his death with some surprise but didn't feel it, even though there was quite a understandable reaction from his fans at the time. I had never dreamed of him before.

First dream there were people and talk about clothing and shoes. Then I saw him and it was a real dark place so I gave him my shirt as if he was going to get cold or something and he accepted it. I had no reaction. Then my dream literally rewound, same scene over again and this time I noticed that since I gave him my shirt I was exposed. I got embarrassed and he kissed my breasts.

Second dream, days or weeks after, he appeared and took me to a store to try and buy a black lace dress. Thing is I don't ever wear dresses, but I did as he said. Then we walked through some streets then he started trying to kiss me or make out and I got tremendously embarrassed. I remembered seeing a bunch of little kids standing next to us which made me even more embarrassed. Then I could see his face really close, all details as if it was a super high definition movie, all I could think was "But he's so old."  Immediately he started to feel sick and I tried to carry him, so I saw another man being treated by a doctor and I asked him to help him too. The doctor said he would see him next, he fainted or something like this and then the doctor said he was dead. And then I thought to myself, "omg the man has died, was up and fine and died again, what have I done"

Third dream, probably about a month after, he appeared again, but this time young as a 20s to 30s something and took me to a fountain where he showed me two ladies, one dressed in black with dark hair and one dressed in white with light hair. Then before the dream ended his youth started to vanish and he was becoming old again.

Fourth dream it was like a cameo, he wasn't part of the dream until the last few moments of it. I was in a distorted version of my home and then I got inside of it and locked afraid of people outside. When I got to my living room there were people wearing Venice masks, but they were like fantasy beings instead of real people so I ran and cursed my decision of locking the door. My legs went high while I ran like in an unnatural animation motion and then I got to the other side of the house and there was a little unknown girl and she told me there was nothing to do about it, we would be fine if we stuck together. I crouched and merged to this girl and we waited, a third girl came and merged with us then a man came and started abusing and torturing the first girl. I couldn't see it but I knew it was happening and we were all crying like little children. Then a "flower contour" came floating of her and got fixed into the marble of my porch. Then it was my turn and I saw myself surrounded by some weird black torture objects and I could see a face of an actor appearing and disappearing, flashing in a way (I have no idea why, I wondered if it's because he plays villains somewhat frequently) and I was also being abused. After it ended another "flower contour" came of it, different shape this time and fixed itself into the marble as well. Then it started to happen to the third girl. Some older woman appeared and rudely complained "What's taking so long?!" and the third girl was interrupted in the process of remembering, she didn't finish it. At this point I realized the first girl was now an elder lady, I was myself in my real age and the third girl was still a little girl. And so we realized in the dream that the three of us had been kidnapped but when people rescued us the third girl had already died. The two of us tried to comfort the little one and then the recurring character/famous guy appeared staring at me, young again, seemingly angry, went inside the living room and broke the glass of a crystal cabinet. I don't know who's the rude lady.

One thing I can tell is that anytime I see pictures of this famous deceased guy I say in a jokingly manner to friends(I've always said this), "He's so hot" "I'd do him" or something similar to it, but I never truly considered having anything with him or even had any fantasies about it, he was almost in his 70s when he passed. I find strange to have dreams about him just after his death and because I was never that into his career or him.  I could understand having dreams with somebody else I had fantasies but him...it feels off. Though I'm sure he's a sexy symbol to some.

Anyways I thought it may have to do with not being into older men? I'm 26. I feel it's odd that the first 3 dreams seem to connect each other despite not happening in the same period. In the second it is as if he was buying me something because I gave him something, there was the age issue and so in the third dream he was young. There was the fountain so maybe it relates to the fountain of youth? I thought the two women could relate to Yin Yang. Now the fourth dream was really disturbing and downright sad and I don't know how he fits in it. Or the other actor, I'm not sure if there is any pun to their names.

I saw this here in dreamhawk:
Breaking something made of glass: Breaking a relationship; shattering an illusion; broken hearted.

But I don't think it fits, unless I'm missing something. Because of another dream that had nothing to do with him(one about astrology, I even posted about it in "questions about dreams") I checked my natal chart and I happen to share the same astrological sign and ascendant of him, so considering this detail previously unknown to me what aspect of myself can he be representing?

Questions about dreams / Astrology in dreams
« on: July 01, 2016, 05:35:06 AM »
I'm wondering how likely or unusual it is to receive astrological information in a dream when you know hardly anything about it other than your own sign. I had posted about this in a different forum but then I found your website, Tony and I really like your interpretations so I thought I should share and ask you about it.

I had a dream today that I was exchanging messages with someone I haven't seen in years and have no real reason to be in contact anymore. I was reading messages sent by him. (I'm paraphrasing a bit 'cause I don't recall the conversation in its entirety, specially the first line is missing a lot):
He: That flower, Juno, I'm Scorpio.
Me: Are you a Scorpio? Excuse me, but I don't even know when is your birthday. What's Juno? What flower? I just know I'm Capricorn.
He: I was going to print it but then that stupid woman messed everything up.
(Funny thing is that as I was reading and typing I reworded my answer to not sound rude to his concerns as he acted like he was very angry)
Me: And what do I have to do with this? What do I care? (So I erased this bit and changed to:) Why is that bad that she got the flower wrong? I don't know anything about flowers, they don't even grow properly when I try to do it.
(the end, it was a very brief dream right before I woke up)

So I decided to google that Juno flower I have never heard about and turns out there is a flower called Juno, a "scorpiris", a type of Iris.

And then I googled "Juno Scorpio" and turns out Juno is an asteroid and I found pages about "Juno in Scorpio". The thing is prior to this dream I had no knowledge about any of it. I just know the very basic of astrology, I'm Capricorn and that's about it.  In one of the websites I found out about the "Juno in Scorpio" I was able to check my natal chart and to my surprise, I do have Juno in Scorpio  :P.

Then people suggested me to google also Iris, both flower and goddess and turns out goddess Iris was the handmaiden to Hera(Juno), being some sort of messenger. So basically people said that it was some form of guidance I just didn't understand why use the name of that person after so many years but the most important thing was that the dream lead me to a lot of information regarding my natal chart. Also by some odd synchronicity some days after my dream I stumbled upon a Jupiter article mentioning that "Juno"(spacecraft) will be arriving this month to orbit and research the planet, so it's in a way, Hera is going to see Zeus.

 ;D Lol, I literally had a laugh here, 'cause I just discovered why that person's name was there in the dream, his name starts somewhat like "Hermes", perhaps I misread it.  :P So maybe the message was from "Hermes" complaining about "Iris". Not that I believe in Greek Mythology but it suddenly dawned at me the similarity of names. I'm also not that knowledgeable about Mythology but the idea of him being a patron for "literature and poetry" pleases me. Probably the right message was, "That flower(Iris)...Juno in Scorpio" instead of I'm scorpio, I probably misread that message too.

Has anyone ever got/ mentioned astrology advice in dreams?

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