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Greetings / The Dual Horizons
« on: July 16, 2016, 02:14:58 PM »
Hi Anthony, I think you may be an old friend.  i found you by random coincidence.  My son Georden has asked me to post his camera to Michael in Ireland.  I am at present living in Shetland.  i think I dreamt of you in 1983 Probably about 22nd of May three months after I'd had a near death experience.  I may be wrong.  We quoted phrases to each other i was wearing a yellow and white gingham shirt and Bib and brace in my dream haha. You were teaching the class with my son Joseph in it who wasn't born till another 8 years.  You said you hadn't seen me for fifty years.  I am standing you healing my friend and I hope to see you some time if you are willing.  Butternut Squash melon and all the Squash family as you probably know, L'Citruline. All my very Best wishes, Marie Williamson, Shetland

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