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Questions about dreams / Leg cancer and priorities of saying goodbye
« on: August 09, 2016, 12:58:14 AM »
I recently had a dream that has me feeling alittle stressed and confused. Although lve always been a deep dreamer this one has stayed with me.
I dreamed that l found out l had cancer in my left leg and l needed to say goodbye to everyone. However in my dream l had to choose the importance of people in three groups, choosing my least closest people in grouping them from three being less important to group one being the closest. I was quite stressed as l thought not only l didn't have long to live but l was confused about a certain friend where she should be put.. She has recently done some things to one of my closest friends that have been hurtful..
Is this a warning for a future health problem l might have or is it about the importance of friendships..
I've recently started a relationship of three mths and we take everyday as they come with no future plans ( after marriage and kids l thought this is the best way to see things as lve been very disappointed in the past)
Has anyone dreamed anything similar or can someone enlighten me to an understanding as lm struggling to let it go,
Regards Butterfly. Girl

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