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Questions about dreams / Strange sign?
« on: December 05, 2016, 02:36:28 AM »
First of all I should mention I'm from oz and have never visited USA, and that I only just stumbled across this site attempting to make sense of this dream.

The dream took place outside (in the back field of my grandparents farm to be exact) I was lying face down across a shaymans/medicine mans lap ( hope I've spelt it right?) and he was giving me a healing massage and speaking in another language.

Anyways, that finishes and me and two other people are sitting in a semi circle across from this guy ( he is in a full get up, face pain feathers very traditional looking) and he starts reciting a spell (for lack of a better word) for the two people with me...  no hiccups, though every time he gets to me and starts chanting the fire would blow out, this happens twice, he looked confused almost concerned, when I asked why this kept happening to me, he started speaking to me though his mouth is moving i can't hear his voice.

Then I woke up, I won't lie felt pretty glum.

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