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Dream Interpretation / Crystal balls
« on: March 04, 2019, 03:40:14 PM »
Hi Tony,
I have recalled a dream after many weeks.
For the past few months I was dealing with dream-like situations in waking life.(e.g.) I developed a sudden interest for learning sailing and spent many hours on the water learning to sail a boat in all kinds of weather conditions.It was surreal as I was literally in the midst of the ocean,the vast unconscious, and felt I had to learn how to sail as fast as possible and put in tremendous effort and hard work towards it. I also faced  lots of turbulent emotions in the process.I met many sailors who were emotional triggers and I recognized they represent darker/unconscious aspects of my animus. I felt I was getting too emotionally entangled though.I felt disturbed after the initial high and have stepped away from that environment to rebalance and centre myself.
I found myself in a strange predicament where  I could learn to sail the smaller boats but the bigger,fancier yachts were accessible only if I joined as crew.I could not be the Captain,at least not for a long time till I become an experienced sailor or have plenty of money to buy a fancy yacht myself. I feel sad I can only learn to sail the small boats while the bigger,fancier boats will always belong only to the privileged.Aquiring a big,fancy yacht for myself was never my goal,I had never envisioned or aspired living in that kind of world and yet it makes me feel powerless that I cannot have a big,fancy boat of my own.It isn't enough anymore to just know how to sail a boat!

I take out two crystal balls,a little bigger than marbles, from my vagina.They are slightly wet with red blood but easily washable.I notice that what came out is so clean,nothing messy. I give them for examination to scientists,
A school-mate, a girl, has stamped pictures of dieties/gods on the first two pages of her note book.The note book/journal is to be used for making notes about the scientific experiments.The pictures are stamped on with a wooden block which we seem to have carved out earlier.One picture is stamped in a bright fuschia pink.
I like her idea.It makes the technical note book more colourful and sacred.Also they are stamped on the first two pages much before the pages where the notes are to be written and are separate from the work.
I specify that I want the top-most scientists from top places like MIT etc to check out the crystal balls.Then I realize I should have specified names of the scientists instead of institutions.

Thank you.

Healing Dreams / A letter
« on: October 30, 2018, 03:27:00 AM »
Hi Tony,
I had stopped recalling dreams regularly in the last couple of months.I was overcome with negative emotions that were surfacing from a deep place in the past and my body was tense and I was sleeping late and unable to relax.This may have affected dream recall.I was sorely missing the guidance in dreams during this tumultuous time.After many months I received this dream.
The dream has no direct connection with my waking life where old family issues have surfaced.I am noticing my emotions and doing my best to just observe and not get entangled in the drama thats always existed in my family history. I am focussing my attention on staying present and relaxed and I want to start recalling dreams regularly again..

A is my boss in the dream.(A is an aquaintance I met briefly who appeared in an earlier dream many months ago as a brilliant,intelligent man who partners with me in a game of Bridge).He has very beautiful,old,antique,tasteful,expensive,wooden furniture in a very tastefully furnished office.There is a beautiful cabinet with sliding doors from which he selects alcohol.
I am spending a lot of my time in his office with him.He is getting ready for a date.He is wearing formal,black trousers and a formal white shirt.He hasn't put on his suit's jacket yet.He is writing a letter.
I am also getting ready for a date.I am wearing only a white slip but he hasn't noticed as yet.I want him to notice me undressed.I have yet to put on my dress and I am loitering around in just a slip.While he is writing the letter I make little noises as I potter around the room but he doesn't seem to mind.He is comfortable with my presence.
I tell myself not to get too many ideas about him yet.I had shared many details about my life with him in the dream earlier,the tough times I've been through.Now he reads out his letter to me.His relationship with his wife was troubled and painful.He expresses his side of the story in the letter,the hurt he went through.He reads out one particularly hurtful experience he went through with a lot of feeling and looks up to see my reaction.
I don't want to show too much emotion,not wanting to encourage any drama but feel it's a situation where I could easily give him comfort and we could look for solace in each other.I could treat him well,take care of him,unlike his wife.I wonder if he is looking for the same thing from me.I wonder why he is sharing all this with me.
We are both hurting and I want to comfort him physically,intimately.I feel we both need each other.

I feel the man in this dream represents my animus or a deeper place in my unconscious reaching out to me to express his hurt (in the past)
At the same time this dream suggests that I am getting ready for a date and my animus is also going on a date so perhaps  my unconscious and conscious self are ready for greater connection (in the future)?
The letter in the dream is a wonderful symbol of communication so perhaps my deeper self is communicating to me that the negative emotions that are surfacing are an expression of the unconscious?
My animus is communicating that his relationship with his wife was troubled -indicating my relationships in the past-but now I want to take care of him.Since my dream recall has slowed down I am still seeking answers on how to do this.

Questions about dreams / Balance
« on: October 22, 2018, 12:07:42 PM »
I had regular dream recall for the past 5 years years but not much was happening in waking life.
The last two months I have had very little recall of dreams but the drama in waking life has increased tenfold causing me to be hyperactive and I  tend to sleep very late.Lot of negative emotions are also surfacing and I am doing everything possible to keep my head above water.
 I would like to have a balanced life with regular dream recall as well as an active waking life...
Is it possible to have both- an active waking life as well as recall dreams ?
Or does the internal world come alive only when the external world is subdued?
Dreams used to be a wonderful guide and I miss not recalling dreams anymore :(
I felt life was too placid earlier but now it's tumultuous and I miss the guidance in dreams :(

Dream Interpretation / Manly
« on: July 23, 2018, 10:27:40 AM »

In the dream, it's a story of a man who is holding a baby in a cloth wrapped around his upper body like a cloth bag for the baby.It's a custom in the story for men to entwine their genitals before certain activities like combat.
This man's left testicle is missing.He has connected his right testicle with a goat's genitals.He is also holding a black gun/rifle.Another man asks him," Do you have courage? Do you have no fear?.That is the gift.You can always tell."

A man befriends another man who is the enemy.The enemy takes him straight to his hiding place.He opens a secret door in a rock and behind it is a river valley with a forest across it and a waterfall way down below. Ultimately the man kills the enemy as now he is exposed in his hiding place. 

My sister and I are trapped in a lift/elevator.The lift is not moving.Then I see a way out.( I have begun to establish boundaries in waking life).Even though I am wearing stilettos and a sexy dress I am able to climb to the top of the lift and I see there are steps going all the way down.We were lucky we were not on a high floor with no way down.We run away and my sisters friend sees us from the top of a hill but we tell her "we have to go now,we have lots to do".A young Maid wants to talk to me but I say 'there is no time now,we can talk another time'.

 The dream seems to be about an awareness of the masculine but there is one testicle missing....
The masculine is about taking action&being assertive yet the paradox in this dream is the feeling of "having lots to do" in life but I have no time for being a "servant of Life."  I am just beginning to get back to practical,daily living after spending years on "cleaning work"

Questions about dreams / Activity
« on: June 17, 2018, 10:50:26 AM »
I find that as my inner world has become more and more active ,I am meeting many unconscious aspects of myself so it feels like the inner world has become like my real world and my waking life is fairly quiet with very little happening.There is so much that is emerging in dreams that most of my waking time I am contemplating my dreams.There is very little going on in my waking life comparitively. I am learning a lot through my dreams about myself and feel I am undergoing an inner change in many ways.
In the past it was the opposite when I used to have a drama filled extrovert life but gradually over many years as I got more introspective this has changed completely.Somehow the energy of activity is alive in dreams while I have a relatively subdued waking life.I am physically energetic in waking life but I don't have the will to make things happen or lead an extremely active life like I used to.As a result there is very little extrovert activity and I live in my own world most of the time.I hope this is a natural occurance as I feel maybe I am isolating myself and I feel like a hermit sometimes..but I definitely enjoy the quietitude and am glad to be away from drama.

Dream Interpretation / Owl
« on: May 20, 2018, 06:34:14 AM »
I find a big worm in a roti,a round flatbread that I am eating and I chuck it on the floor.I am shocked at how long the worm is as it crawls out.Then it turns into a big shapeless brown thing/splotch/puddle.I tell my Father and show it to him as it creeps away,"See it's so big.Big as a crocodile." Then it turns into a beautiful brown owl.The owl looks like its carved out of dark wood but it's a real owl. There is no need now to feel scared or threatened,no need to kill it. My father looks at it kindly and he is going to gently pick it up from the floor and put it outside so it can fly away.

I am dressing up a girl for a shoot.She says it was fun doing the shoot(taking photos) to music even though it was for a magazine. I meet a girl working at a hip store for lunch,then realize I should have told her to get me a few things from the store to choose from to buy.Then I realize I am in the upmarket,hip store myself.I feel the items must be very expensive and I wonder if I actually want to buy something so expensive.There are enlarged,artistic photos like posters on the walls.All the photos are of the shop's exterior - the road, the bus stop all surrounded with fences made of plants.From the plants I can tell exactly which area the photos were taken.

I am outside with a man(unknown man) who is a young,smart guy but from a lower social class,from the labour class and he manages garbage collection.He is completely committed to me but I look at him to get a long,last look at him.He is young ( much younger than me) and handsome but has darker skin like a labourer and wearing his garbage man's uniform and I know I have to tell him it will never work.I cannot marry him.It will break his heart but do I have the willingness to go through with it? to face the world with having him as my partner? To marry a labour class guy who collects garbage? Even though he is completely dedicated to me.
I see a view that would make a great artistic photo composition and I show it to him and he says "yes I thought so too,I'll grab my camera".We both shoot the photo, a juxtaposition of a modern and antique vehicle.It's great that he is artistic too.
Later he says," I was going to tell you...(something)",referring to something I would relate to.He is very familiar with me, knows me well and expects me to be his girl for keeps, like I am already a part of his life and he treats me that way.It's a nice feeling but I'm not comfortable that I can commit to him and face the world with a labour class partner who is a garbage man. I appreciate that he is doing his job well,manages the other workers and garbage collectors very well and is dedicated to his work too.
A school friend tells me I should have waited before breaking up.What was the hurry?I tell her "It's made no difference"."That's precisely why you should have waited",she says.

The second part of the dream refers to a man which I feel is referring to my relationship with inner work (cleaning garbage). I don't seem to want to continue this work but is that wise ?(Even though the wise owl has appeared in the dream). Perhaps my creativity and desire for artistic expression is shadowed by my focus on the garbage management.I don't seem to want to make a life long commitment to the garbage man as unconsciously I seem to feel the inner work(garbage management) is "lower" and "labour"(as revealed in the dream). This is not a decision that was made by my conscious choice/will. So the dream maybe revealing my unconscious decision,a decision that maybe too presumptuous and hasty or is it higher will? This might be the time to question what the best route to a creative life is and what is the way ahead after cleaning out the garbage? This dream seems to be pointedly marking the end of the "cleaning garbage" stage.It was necessary and it has got me this far but now it seems time to let go old approaches and let in something new ( I am beginning to appreciate the importance of "waiting" and "listening" and "doing nothing" ) .Your insights are much appreciated.
Thank you.

Dream Interpretation / Recipe
« on: May 13, 2018, 10:16:36 AM »
Hi Tony,
I had a very encouraging dream which I feel is pointing to a new found awareness/consciousness (although I don't understand what the towel represents) :

I am getting ready and a guy (unknown man) is waiting for me.Then he sees how late it is.It's also summer and it's hot.I still need another ten minutes.He wonders whether to skip work as its so late to go to work now and instead to spend time with me.I tell him to wait another ten minutes.He realizes he likes me and wants to spend time with me and he is willing to wait.
I am in a garden and my hair is freshly washed and wet.I let it dry i the sun while I walk around the garden.The garden is full of foreigners basking in the sun with their faces pointing upwards towards the sun to take in the sun rays.I too walk with my face pointing up towards the sun.I am holding the hair towel in my hands and wanting to leave it somewhere so I don't have to carry it around.I realize the towel is torn into two  pieces though which look the same as they are of the same towel.
I run my hair hands through my hair to style my hair so it dries nicely and then leave it to dry naturally in the sun.
I meet an old man ( unknown man ) and we make love.Later he asks me,"What is it you do that you did this and will you be able to sleep (after the stimulation) ?"

The following day though I had this dream.I would greatly appreciate your insights.Many thanks.

A salesman is ringing my door bell,I am asleep.I put on my night gown and open the door.He waits till I open the door.
He gives me a sample of a chip (a square) to put into a Heart meter to check my heart beat. I feel that I am never going to use it as I don't take medical tests, I believe in natural health.Since it's a free sample to keep for a month he tells me to try it out. He chose my door from all the other houses he could have gone to.He was a smart salesman.He expected a sale from me.
Then its a mountain full of snow and the salesman has turned into a big bear getting into a river.When he emerges from the water he has turned into his human self again with a beard making him look similar to the bear.The salesman and his friends who were also animals turn into humans when he finds something he was looking for in the water,something for his child.
It turns out that all this is part of a fantasy film that I am watching.I am glad I stumbled upon it as I did not know about it so could not have called for it from the DVD library.Luckily it was on TV and I saw it.
I discuss A's child with a school friend D.I tell her A is crazy. I am told that A's husband has to look after the child but no-one is giving the kid too much time.D's sister also does not give much time to the child even though she is single.
I am to give an exam.I hope they don't ask a particular question which I have not read up.I only know what was taught in class.
I tell a friend that the salesman sold me a Recipe written on a huge poster for more than 500 bucks that any Dad could have told me.I laughed as the recipe was to mix Honey and Whisky (and some cinnamon).There is a mixer type of machine to put it all into.The machine runs a little too fast and I have to check the mixer manual and the recipe instructions.It's not that simple after all.The instructions are required to be followed after all.

Dream Interpretation / creation
« on: May 06, 2018, 10:46:27 AM »
Hi Tony,

I am in the process of attempting to let go control and allow life ...
Thank you

M, an ex-colleague and me feel like we went through an experience of birthing a baby together but the baby is not mine. The actual mother does not want us and the baby watching so much television.
In the dream M is also a neighbour who is living in the building next to mine (in the dream) and he considers me a close friend now after this experience.

(I worked with M fifteen years ago in waking life.I have not met him since)

Dream Interpretation / Two dimensions
« on: April 20, 2018, 07:22:06 AM »
Hello Tony,
You have mentioned that we live in two dimensions.The following dream makes me wonder about the interplay between these two dimensions... do they co-exist or is the outer simply a reflection of the inner ? Thank you for your valuable time.

At the workplace of a television company.Initially N (my boss,a woman, from 15 years ago)is there but she leaves and doesn't come to the workplace anymore.The office looks like my school classroom.Many people including J ( a schoolmate who is an artist) stay at home the whole week as there is no work happening. I've been going but there is no work happening at the office.
I meet R and his wife ( neighbours who are yoga teachers) outdoors in a garden.They are tending to some plants.He tells me, "Of course you should leave the television company.You'll be happier."
He is tending/growing rose plants and binding the rose plants to the garden fences. His wife is also doing gardening work in the dream.She also says I should leave the company (which by the way I had already left 15 years ago in waking life and have not been to work at all since then).
I tell all this to my sister who says "Why leave just because they said so?" but I was pretty sure it made sense to leave.It was very dull,no work,few people came to office.Most were at home.I feel in the dream that maybe I too should have done that.I should have stayed at home.I should try that instead of leaving till it's necessary.Keep it going a little longer.
J (the artist) tells someone on the phone that I have a car so they can go with me.J tells them she would handle the arrangements of them travelling with me in my car and talk to me about it. 
I observe that even A (another ex-boss,a man,from 15 years ago) seems to have left.I wonder in the dream-Without the two bosses who is in charge?

A cow comes and sits next to me.

Dream Interpretation / Initiation
« on: April 10, 2018, 09:17:04 AM »
There is a huge garden.I am laying down yoga mats on the grass along with some school friends.

I am a part of a selective group of people dressed in robes and hoods performing some kind of ritual/ceremony.Soon we are to be initiated by the elders of the group.We are all Japanese in the dream ( my only connection to Japan is a recent curiousity about Zen practices ).
I come down to the ground floor to meet one of the elders of the group.It's raining a lot outside.I get into a panic when I can't find my house-keys as I feel I would be stranded outside my house without my keys so late at night and its raining so much but luckily I find I have my house-keys after all. 
There are huge books/tomes that I carry out to study and I have to put them back carefully inside the exclusive room for this group.
I am the youngest in this group.I tell them they should consider taking in younger members to pass on the tradition to.I wonder who they would ask, maybe X (an aquaintance who is a smart,successful entrepreneur and all-rounder who I admire)

Dream Interpretation / disappearing cats
« on: March 27, 2018, 01:54:35 PM »
Hi Tony,

I am very thankful for your website and insights into dreams.Thank you for your time.

A group of us notices that all the cats are disappearing during the day.Where do they go? The group heads out to look.One man realizes he has been carrying around with him a big black bag of garbage that he forgot to deposit.The others feel we have walked a lot and are sleepy. I want to sleep too and tell everyone it's time to head back.
We are all going to a nice rented cottage that we would all share as a holiday home. I figure that I could easily spend 85000 on a holiday home every now and then by myself also.The others are wondering about the cottage as the ageing yellow paint on the external walls is wearing off, but I tell them it's quite nice and tastefully done up. I seem to have seen it or lived in it before.I notice some some empty picture frames artistically hung up on a wall.
The next time I see the house it's been painted a brick red colour and looks neater with nicely arranged pots and plants on the terrace which are visible from outside the house.It looks different with changed construction,like a part of it is missing/removed or the buildings around it are missing/removed.

There is a secretary in an office who is very efficient but she gets thrown out by another girl who has recently joined there. I can't believe I did not know when all this happened just a few days ago and that already four years have passed since I joined this place. The boss has no idea how much he is going to miss the secretary as she managed a lot of his work.

I am trying on pants that are the colour of a police inspectors pants.I find one pair that kind of fits but after wearing them I feel it wouldn't have made a difference as it looks like an ordinary outfit.There is a gay man with me who is trying on clothes and trying out scarves around his neck to look fashionable/attractive.

I am standing in front of an open door of a refrigerator for the coolness.I keep closing it after a few minutes as I can't leave the fridge door open for so long but another girl puts a stool in front of the door to keep it open saying it's fine.

Dream Interpretation / The Bare Christmas Tree
« on: March 10, 2018, 04:54:58 AM »
Hello Tony,
Thank you for your wonderful work.I really appreciate your understanding of dreams.
I am a bit angry at myself for my ignorence in the past and my inability to manage a difficult relationship or myself better.I have a lot of difficult emotions emerging like in the past and want to make better choices and manage myself better this time yet I don't know if the choices I am making now are the right ones either. I feel sad that lack of understanding led to a difficult,pain filled relationship and it continues being difficult even after a decade of effort and inner work..

The dream:
I am inside the house of a famous actor. There is a party going on.The house is well designed but pieces of stones from the edges of the ceiling are breaking and falling off and there is rubble and stones along the edges of the floor below it.Some workmen have been collecting the rubble and cleaning up all day and taking out bags full of the stones.
The workmen bring out a sad Christmas tree made of sticks/ dry twigs.Its just a skeleton shape of a tree without any leaves.There is a fairy light bulb put on the top lighting it up to make it look like a Christmas tree by the workmen.I feel it's sad but pretty and I think in the dream that the village children would be able to see the light from the bulb even from a distance from the house.The house is near a forest beyond which there seems to be a village.

Dream Interpretation / murderer
« on: March 09, 2018, 04:48:08 AM »
Hi Tony,
I have been trying to manage my emotions that surface when dealing with my sister.My body was in a hyper state for few weeks where I wasn't getting sleep till late every night.I started settling down after meditation and relaxation practices.Then I got this dream.Your suggestions are an immense help.Thank you.
I meet A (who I met very briefly as team mates in a game of Bridge) and we talk.I mention something and he says let's study Christian Attitudes ( or a word similar to Attitudes which suggested the name of some Christian cult).I am surprised.I tell this to a friend who informs me that he murdered his wife and is available if I am interested.I begin to wonder if I see him that way and would I want to marry this man especially since he is a murderer? a wife murderer!
        I feel/observe in the dream that his offer to study Christian Attitudes would require spending a lot of time together on a spiritual path.

Dream Interpretation / Witch
« on: February 19, 2018, 06:49:26 AM »

I dreamed that I give my male cousin the TV remote as I can't find anything interesting to watch on Tv.
Then I see an eerie,scary looking woman like a supernatural witch. I ensure the front door is shut but she suddenly appears inside my house.I open the front door for her to let her out but she has no intention of leaving so I catch her head and tear it off and throw her body from a great height down oto a garbage dump.
But she comes back with a long spear to kill me.I am wondering how on earth I am caught in this unreal situation with a supernatural creature.I fear I might die since she refuses to die.I lock the door.
I am shaking now as I had not expected her to return.I try to dial the numbers on the phone to call a family member for help but am not sure if I will get through in time.
I woke up from the dream.

I sensed after the dream that I should have just let her come at me with the spear.It was after all just a dream.

Thank you.

Greetings / Grateful
« on: November 16, 2017, 05:43:30 AM »
Hi Tony,
I am new to this forum but I discovered your dictionary on your website three years ago.I have used it daily since then to decipher what my dreams are conveying and it has been a tremendous resource.I am so thankful for the knowledge and experience you have shared.

Thank you for your time and effort given to reading my dreams and replying to my  questions.Dreams are so precious and I am so grateful for the in-depth responses that have helped me see beyond my own mind.

If you have any dream courses available I would be very interested in joining them. 

With much appreciation,

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