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Questions about dreams / Please help
« on: November 23, 2017, 03:57:58 PM »
Yesterday i saw a dream as i am married to someone else while in real m with someone else, the person married to in my dream is totally stranger to me, i think i was divorced n married to this guy in my dream as i often remembered my real hisband in my dream, so my dream goes like this, m living in house with this person seems to be my husband, a small party was there in th evening, when all guest left, the husband went to get fresh n up n i was waiting for him in our room, suddenly i felt some noises coming from the house so i asked my husband to check if someone is still in the house, while checkin we heared some noises from other bathroom n when opened it it was aome stranger aged 55 or 60years hidding the bathroom, he suddenly started rubbish which i dnt remember, i think he was some psycho, he then suddenly attched with some object as screw driver to the husband n fell on the bed beside me n he as about to attack me as well and thats the time i got up shouting from my dream.
I am unable to understand this how can i be married again to sumone else while i am happily married to my husband n truly in love with him, the house the person’s all were strangers to me

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