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Questions about dreams / what do they mean?
« on: March 21, 2012, 04:35:37 PM »
Do dreams just express you or your emotions and what you feel and do in real life and recall past memory? for example, Like if you die in a dream of if your told your going to die in a dream is that always a symbolic meaning or could it be warning for you to be careful in real life? just wondering

Dream Interpretation / Bad dream a little freaked out!!!!!!!!!!
« on: March 14, 2012, 01:45:07 AM »
I had this really weird short dream and I'm just wondering what is the meaning." I dreamed that someone had told me my sister was sick and I was looking through papers, and there was a person standing across a table from me, telling me I was going to die in a hit and run with a smeark on there face smiling, I asked the person when? They asked me to raise my palm in the air so I did, they replied 2012 smiling and giggling as they looked at something on a wall, I then said to the person are you serious, the person all of a sudden  became my roomate and said no, I was just playing." I then woke up freaked  out I told my fiance my dream and she told me not to worry about that and just pray and it was only a dream.I called my sister and she told me she actually called off of work due to a hang over and that freaked me out I mean it was not that serious but she was sick in a sense right? the little bit  of research I did death in dreams are positive most of the time in dreams, but does it mean the same thing when some body tells you your going to die in the dream? I don't worry about my dream alot, But I just would like to know what this could mean or is it just a bad dream.The hit and run part freaks me out. Car accidents and hit and runs are one of my biggest fears, I always pray to be safe before I drive, Please help, I'm just freaked out a little,Thanks!!!!!!!!!!    :-[

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