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Hi Tony
I'm returning to post on the forum after what seems an age! I was prompted to do so not by a new dream but by one I had a couple of years ago that has resurfaced in my mind; somewhat prompted to do so by a book I have been reading which refers to collective memory, collective unconscious and big or significant dreams.

I knew this dream was significant at the time but was nevertheless uncertain about its meaning for me. The nature and imagery of the dream had SIGNIFCANT running all the way through it and I can still remember every detail from it without referring to my dream diary.

I was at an Eddie Izzard show somewhere in the UK. (This dream came at a time when I had seen a couple of his shows, so this was not out of the blue). After the show, he was holding a Q&A session in a small, dim, and not particularly salubrious room backstage. I sat with a small group of people and listened and joined in the dialogue. After a while, I decided to leave. On getting to the car park where I had left my car, I found that I needed money that I didn't have to get my car out. I returned to the room and said that I couldn't get my car as I didn't have the money. Eddie Izzard, who was still himself but now looked like Colin Farrell, handed me a large, ancient, silver coin with the word EIRE inscribed upon it. I took it very gratefully and realised it was of far more value to me than simply getting my car out of the car park.

It's worth saying that I have, over the years, had my fair share of dreams about transport and getting stuck or not being able to find a way to travel to where I need to be - and all at important times. However, this dream never heralded a move. What has happened recently, is a shift of thinking that has freed me up without the need to move geographically at this time - although that may come. The reminder of this dream has come to me at a time when my mindset and approach have changed and a new focus has entered my life in terms of study and training.

It's also significant to mention that I have Irish ancestory but through my father's paternal line (my father having been absent all my life and who died over 15 years ago). At the time of the dream, I searched for information about ancient Irish coins, only to discover that EIRE is not what is written on them but EIRANN. I have no access to this ancestry except through research, there being no relatives to contact.

Any pointers?
Thanks in anticipation.

Dream Interpretation / Blue room
« on: April 21, 2012, 10:33:22 PM »
Hi Tony

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was in my house (although it wasn't like my current house - similar but not this house) and I opened a door to a room I hadn't been in for a long time. It had been newly decorated and the workmen who had decorated the room (who are known to me in waking life) had spent time and care but I had left the door closed and the heating turned off and left it for a long time. The resulting condensation had made the painted lining paper peel from the walls and it was hanging off in large sheets. I felt sorry that I had neglected and not appreciated the room and had not visited it. I knew I needed to repair the damage and appreciate the room and use it.

This is from your dictionary page, Tony:
Light blues: Your sense of intuition, or achieving a wide awareness of life. Blue also links with religious feelings and experience of the holy – i.e. an awareness of those things that are universal – such as birth, caring relationship, parenthood – and so recognised as transcending ones own small life.

I was pondering about why I had let my meditation slip and had been less mindful of transcendence these last months..........looking back, I realised it began at the death of my friend. Grief is a hard thing and sometimes to preserve ourselves, we shut parts of ourselves down, I know. Time to turn back to the blue room.........

Do you have any other observations, Tony?

Dream Interpretation / Sitting by an empty grave
« on: March 25, 2012, 08:22:04 PM »
I dreamt I was sitting beside a freshly dug grave for the man I love but haven't seen for a long time, caused by him becoming severely depressed and backing away (true in waking life). I had things with me; pieces of work I was doing. I was alone beside this empty grave. His family and others were entering the little Church I could see across the Churchyard but I was excluded, invisible, alone. They were muttering things like 'how tragic, only 34!'
I realised that they would be coming to bury him and I didn't want them to find me there, beside the grave and so I gathered my things and moved them a short distance away but the ground was wet and boggy. I left the things there, thinking it'll do for now. Then I stood away from the grave.

I suppose this dream is telling me what is obvious; that I haven't been acknowledging the loss and grief of this situation and have been putting on a show and carrying on with life. It depicts the sense of isolation, too. The grave is empty because he's not dead - he's absent. I don't talk about it; I don't want to appear pathetic, so much time has passed and it feels as though I should have 'moved on' but the lack of resolution has been difficult to surmount.

But I wonder, Tony, whether you see anything else here? Also the number 34 is odd - he's not 34; I wonder whether the number means something?

Dream Interpretation / My dead friend
« on: February 21, 2012, 04:43:40 PM »
Hi Tony
I wonder whether you can help me with a dream I had a couple of nights ago which was about a very dear friend who died last August.

In my dream, we had all been told Chris was dead but, in fact, he was missing and had been in hospital after an accident in a vehicle. He came to my house and he had a prosthetic hand - which looked rather like a hand on a doll - it was joined to his arm in such a way that there was a join line above his wrist. He explained that he'd been in his car and there had been a crash.......as he explained the incident, it ran like a movie scene; some petrol had spilt on his arm and as the car engine caught fire, his arm was burnt - he quickly removed the petrol soaked clothes and got out of the car.
He then told me that he'd spent the months between last August and now in hospital but had returned to let people know he was still alive.
There was someone else in my living room with us and I as I brought cups of coffee into the room for us, this person (female but I'm not sure who) was sitting in my chair and I told her to move and sit in another chair. We all sat down and began to chat and drink our coffee.

Apart from expressing a wish that Chris weren't dead; there seem to be some strong images in there and I'd value your thoughts and insights.

The day before, I dreamt I had a little, sick lizard and I had entrusted some people to its care and they told me it was dead but when I looked in its box, it was alive and I became angry with them and took it away and nurtured it. The little lizard licked my face (like a little dog) gratefully and affectionately. It felt as though this was something to do with a part of myself needing nurture and I wonder whether I then dreamt about Chris because of his significance and loss...

Thanks in anticipation!!

Hi Tony,
I haven't been around for a while - hope you're well. I haven't had any dreams that were exciting or puzzling enough to post for a while but I had a bizarre one last night and another the previous night that I thought you might find interesting and be able to shed some light on:

I was in a procession for some important occasion or other and my job was to be at the front and behind me was the big important car with whoever the bigwigs were in it. I had an elaborate costume on and someone asked me about it and I explained, 'You know how in the early days of the motor car someone had to walk in front with a flag? Well I'm the flag!' and I opened out the costume which sort of draped from my shoulder to reveal the flag and then I and everyone else could see it was the royal standard!

The previous night I dreamt I was driving someone else's car (borrowed) and wasn't paying enough attention to the fact that I didn't know the car and managed to scrape it. I just thought 'I'll have to get it fixed.' Then I drove across the road in preparation for a three point turn and found myself at the edge of a canal. I put the gear in what I thought was reverse and pressed the accelerator but I hadn't checked where the reverse was and  put it into 4th instead - I flew over the edge and into the canal. As the car sank I(as in waking me) was rehearsing how I had to open the windows and get out but me in the dream had the thought, 'Maybe I'm going to die now!' I wasn't doing anything to get out and woke up with a bit of a start.
I don't think I've ever dreamt about dying before, so that struck me as significant.

Dream Interpretation / Following on...
« on: September 30, 2011, 02:15:13 PM »
Hi Tony
This clearly follows on from recent dreams, although it wasn't a dream in the sense that I wasn't asleep. I was relaxing/meditating (find it hard to distinguish states these days - suffice it that I was in a state of stilling the conscious mind) when suddenly, in the shadows of my mind's images, a door opened with great power - with the sense and sound of a pressure-sealed door. In the open door stood a tall, slim, young man with dark hair and black rimmed glasses, he was standing side on (I don't think he could see me but I could recognise him if we met) and holding a small, pale dog. The view through the door was bright and light.
The experience was so powerful that my conscious mind kicked in and I came back to this reality/dimension.

Any thoughts?

Dream Interpretation / White hen
« on: September 22, 2011, 05:45:58 PM »
I had just shut my hens into their pen for the evening and was standing in my living room looking out at the garden when I saw a white hen standing beside the pen on her own and looking anxious to be in the pen with the others. I went into the garden and opened the pen and she went in. As I walked back to the house, a thought briefly crossed my mind as to whether she'd be ok with the others - one new hen introduced on her own - but I knew it would be ok to leave them to sort themselves out and she would settle in ok.

(In this thought, I know I was reflecting my knowledge of hens as it's always best to introduce them to each other in larger numbers - but this was my reflection, rather than her reality; she wanted to be in the pen with the others).

Dream Interpretation / Was it a dream? Weird experience!
« on: August 04, 2011, 11:19:00 AM »
Last night, in dream state (of some sort) I was watching a woman. It was a calm, peaceful observation. She was overweight and wearing a nurse's uniform, I think. She was working on a laptop; she couldn't see me. She was seated at a small table, the lights were dimmed, it was night time. As I watched, suddenly I felt all the power go out - not just in the dream room but completely. It was as though I was having an avatar, inception or matrix type of experience and someone had pulled the plug out. I had the sense of being in danger and needing to get out fast. I woke up.

I am left with the profundity of the experience. My first feeling on waking was that someone may have died but that was superceded with the sense of having a nemesis.  Now I'm not so sure about the meaning of this experience.

Any ideas, Tony?

Eta that I meditated to deal with the residual feelings and when I reached stillness, experienced the view of running through corridors and then up long, long flights of stairs until I reached an opening - like a cloud or flesh of some sort and exited. Then I found myself back in the realm of eyes looking at me as I frequently do in meditation.


Dream Interpretation / Back to elevators
« on: July 28, 2011, 11:07:45 AM »
Ah more like it:
I was in a lift/elevator on my way to see The Most Important Person. I didn't look like me but I knew it was me. (I was observing this dream, within the dream).

An invisible entity that seemed to be part of the lift, got me 'sorted out' as the lift went up. Cleaned up my dissheveled appearance and got me in the right condition/state to be ready for the meeting.

 8) What a dream, eh?!

Dream Interpretation / Murder
« on: July 25, 2011, 10:50:00 PM »
Hi Tony!
After a period of fruitful and positive dreams, last night brought a disturbing one! I was being attacked by a man who was set on killing me. He had a knife and cut along my jawline and then stabbed me in the neck. I woke at that point.
(I'm not sure whether I associated the man in the dream with someone who has been giving unwanted attention - a bit of cyberstalking - of late or that's something I associated it with afterwards).

It felt 'out of the blue' but is unlikely to be so, I know!


Dream Interpretation / Ears and eyes!
« on: May 12, 2011, 12:03:34 PM »
Part of a series of dreams last night - I thought the imagery was really interesting!

My left ear was detached at the lobe and a bit messy and useless, so I took it off (surprisingly painless). Then I realised that I would have to have a false ear to hold my spectacles on. The false ear proved to be too thick and uncomfortable and I regretted removing my real ear - then reflected that it was damaged and not serviceable and that I'd done the right thing.

It reminded me of a passage in a book I read recently where the comment about 'listening with the eyes' was made - ie attentive listening : looking at someone while listening. It's usually the 'nose' we cut off 'to spite the face' but here it's the ear - and it's the sight it most affects and not the hearing!

It feels as though it's about choices and hasty choices. Also about convincing myself that an action has been for the best when it might not have been. I mean; how stupid is it to take your own ear off?! Is there some creative reference - eg Van Gogh? - maybe? Of course, it's the left ear and maybe related to the unconscious, the left brain, the sinister? It appears to be very self-destructive!

Dream Interpretation / Demon cat!
« on: April 01, 2011, 09:45:07 PM »
 :o :o well, having worked on what was 'moving' and why I had lost balance and was 'in the wrong elevator a bit(from last set of dreams), I promptly had a dream about a black 'demon' cat! It looked like an anamatronic cat and was determined to wreak havoc. It planted some devices that had explosives attached to them but I used magical powers to disarm them, leaving it confused as to why they hadn't exploded. My magical energy zapped the cat across the street and left it stunned. As I left, it came to and looked at me and called my name but I left.

 :o :o :o
The inner battle seems to have moved to a whole different level then! Perhaps the cat is the Jungian 'deep psychological secret but I have discovered 'magical' powers to defeat it..... ???

Dream Interpretation / Dreams in threes? Elevators and cutlery?
« on: March 28, 2011, 11:45:01 AM »
Tony, I've noticed that, when I 'ask' for dream help, I get 3 dreams and I wonder whether this is a pattern for others, too.

Also, there are repeats in slightly different contexts that seem to show me that I didn't fully get it the last time.
Last night I had my second lift/elevator dream when asking for guidance. Both of them were about getting in the wrong elevator because it wasn't going where I wanted to go.

In the first dream it was one lift shaft and this amazing system where different elevators going to different places used the same shaft. I got into the lift but it only went to floors above a certain number. I got out and then got back in to check and then had to squeeze out through closing doors, hurting myself, before waiting in the lobby for the right lift, marvelling at the beautiful system.
Last night, I managed to get into a goods lift and as I passed a floor, could see the passenger lift I wanted to be in but my lift didn't stop at that floor.

And cutlery??!! I dreamt that my man had ordered some cutlery which arrived through the post and when I opened it, none of it matched and I thought he'd ordered a cheap batch. On closer inspection, all of the cutlery was sets for two people - ie two complete sets in each pattern.  ???

Dream Interpretation / In hiding and under protection
« on: March 07, 2011, 07:27:16 PM »
Well that was a weird one last night!

I was in a house with a small group of people when some militia of some sort were about to storm the building and take everyone captive. I was smuggled out quickly through an opening and secreted in an outhouse for my safety. I appeared to be of some significance to the militia. A little later, while I was hiding in the outhouse, reading a book,  one of the people, who turned out to be John Cleese (?), came and fitted big security locks to the door and said 'That will keep you safe!'

I didn't feel scared in the dream but I did feel protected.

Dream Interpretation / Massacre and money
« on: February 16, 2011, 11:43:56 PM »
Last night I dreamt that I was in a clearing in the midst of woodland with a large group of people on our way to somewhere. We were ambushed by two or three violent people who set about killing the people by hitting them over the heads with large rocks. The people didn't run; they just stood, distressed but accepting their fate. In amongst all the mayhem, I saw the opportunity to slip away from the crowd, to pick up a brief case which I knew was full of money that the attackers had stolen and make off into the woods. I paused by the first track out of the woods but decided it was too close to the attackers and made my way further into the woods.


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