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General Discussion / Getting near top of slope then being pulled down
« on: April 16, 2012, 12:44:24 PM »
Just woke up after having a dream. In the dream it felt at the start as if I was on a boat with many other people and we were approaching a dock or terminal. On approach to the terminal I could see that the way out was a steep uprising from where we would land. And as we got off the boat the slope had no steps, just ropes and was covered in an icy or slippery veneer. I grabbed a rope on the right hand side of the slope like the other people but there were only a couple of ropes so there were many people ahead of me on my rope, and during the climb every so often either someone further ahead would slip and start to pull anyone one behind them back down slightly or I would do the same in a two steps forward one step back fashion.  After what seemed a bit of a struggle and a few instances of the two steps forward one step back advance, I was near the top when an older woman who I felt I'd never met before and who my mind made me feel was in her mid-late fifties slipped and instead of what ussually happened where everyone would brace themselves and slip a few feet then start again, she simply started to slide down towards me and knock me down the hill with her, me still somehow upright, her flat on the slope. I vividly remember an apology and me as usual in real life saying somthing innocuos like its alright, although actually being rather annoyed. I then turned around to join the rope again but it seemed crowded so I looked to the left hand side of the hill for another rope, I cant remember vividly but I feel as if there was no rope, just people climbing on their own. Then I awoke

Not sure what this pertains too myself, it could be getting a girlfriend after not having one for a long time, then the relationship ending just at the start, or possibly the fact that a few months ago I finished an apprenticeship and I've now got a great job with lots of money but im still not satisfied, but I'm new to this so I'll leave it in the capable hands of the forum.

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