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Dream Interpretation / Flying Dream
« on: March 03, 2013, 12:01:58 AM »
I dreamt this dream the night before a very important court case. In my dream I was flying. I wasn't just flying I was soaring through the sky. When I looked down below there was a sea of feathers in different shades of brown, the feathers were a living patchwork of different living creatures, birds mainly, but also smaller creatures like mice.  The sea breathed.

My journey then took me to a snowy landscape. I was looking down on what appeared to be a class of school children who were lined up as if to start a race. The start line was a snowy street, icy. In the opposite direction, my ex-husband was racing towards the crowd on children on a snowboard. It seems inevitable that the children would be hurt. Then suddenly the snow and ice melted and the children moved with the wave of water. My ex-husband  'ski-jumped' over the children and the danger passed.

From above I saw myself with my sister. We were in a car. The weather was now summer. We were checking into a boarding house. My sister wanted to get flowers from an orchard like garden nearby, but I recall that all the white flowers were tinged with brown on the rims. When we aborted the task, we tried to park the car, but we had missed our spot, and all the places were occupied and we could not check in to the event we had travelled to.

I then moved to a winter landscape again, and moved from one small shop to the next. At one point I meet a man and then a woman and engage with each of them in sensual embraces.

When I woke up I felt very empowered and assured that I was on the right path. The dream gave me strength for a very difficult day. I wasn't surprised that the outcome was favourable for me.

Greetings / Hi
« on: June 15, 2012, 01:23:31 PM »
Just joined up yesterday and posted a dream which I wish I knew what it meant.
Maybe some of you can help me?


Dream Interpretation / Vivid Dream - Bird - Feathers - Fish
« on: June 14, 2012, 01:00:35 PM »
Can you help me interpret this dream. It has two distinct parts.
The first is I am in a bathroom sitting on a toilet. A stream of water flows from the outside window. In the stream is a large koi fish. I am a passive observer as it passes by. Then a bird is carried into the room in the stream. It has flamingo pink feathers, but is more like a smaller version of a swan. I don't see legs. I become active and the bird talks to me. It tells me to lift its feathers. I do. They detach like a cloak and I cover myself and the bird. The bird talks to me. She and I kiss and exchange intimacies. Then I return the feathers to the bird.

The second part is easier for me. I leave the bathroom. I have come to a hotel to confront a lover who wronged me. My efforts to get to him before he leaves are impeded. I am dressed apart from a pair of white lace tights which refuse to go on. I give up and run barefooted with the tights and high shoes in my hands. I push through crowds to get to him outside before he leaves. The reunion is unpleasant. He is drunk and angry to see me. The meeting goes nowhere.

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