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Dream Interpretation / Swimming and Orange Life Saver
« on: August 20, 2012, 09:18:17 PM »

I hope this post finds everyone happy and well. I have decided to journal my dreams and would appreciate your thoughts and feedbacks as to what the meanings might be:

In the beginning, I dreamt that I was jumping giant stone brick walls. I was running before they shifting again and I got stuck between them. I managed to escape to safety and I think my sister was behind me running too and she also managed to get out safely.  I remember swimming in a creek, out in the deep end with an orange life saver around my waist. I became aware of how far out I was and began to peddle with my hands towards the shore. A friend of mine (my sister's crush) was in the water with me, he was playing with me and chasing me back to the shore. I saw other people in the water as I touched the shore and walked away from the water into my parent's car. I was hungry and looking for food, I saw a life jacket in their bus and thought, they got one too, maybe the lifeguards are sharing them out. But I remembered thinking I was the only one wearing the life saver in the creek, my sister and the others were not. I took off my life saver and placed it into my parent's bus and went inside my Auntie's house (my mom's eldest sister) to look for food. But it looked more like other Auntie's kitchen (my mom's younger sister) and inside the fridge were neatly packed cookies, food and goodies. I took some food (I can't seem to remember what was on my plate) but I went back to get some pepper sauce. I think a piece of my food fell on the table because when I returned with my pepper sauce and plate of food in my hand, I saw a cockroach. I felt grossed out by it and did not bother to pick it up my food. I saw the roach walked up the table looked and smelled it. Then walked away, I remember I was disgust by it but I did not think to kill it. I just wanted it to crawl away and it did.

Lots of Love,

Greetings / Namaste, I am new to the forum...
« on: August 19, 2012, 09:35:09 PM »
...I hope this post finds you well. My name is Vasuki and I am a native of South America, Guyana. I was introduced to your dream website by a friend of mine. I am very interested in learning, sharing, and growing with your dream wisdom. For a long time, I knew I was an avid dreamer, sometimes they would wake me up in my deep-deep sleep and would vary in nature; from nightmares to very pure angelic dreams. I must confess, that I was partially afraid of diving deeper into myself, scared of what I might find. There was the most significant dream that began my journey into myself; the dream of snake. I fell asleep and dreamt,  beautiful long boa/python or hybrid came crawling up my bed, he came up all the way on my upper bunk and slithered his tongue out and touched my fingers at the end of my bed. I woke abruptly, sweating, scared, and unaware of what to make of it. I am a beginner on my journey, I have no past of deep spiritual awakening along my family line, for all intent and purpose, they would crack up, if they heard me saying all this. But I just feel a deep and divine connection to snake (minus the fact, that I had to get over my fear of snake first)....


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