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Dream Interpretation / Ages ago?
« on: March 17, 2019, 11:20:40 AM »
Hi Tony (and others feel welcome as well).

Yesterday i had the following dream, as well as 3 others but this one makes me very curious. The 'picture' seems simple, but how much is really in it?

In the dream i'm sitting at a table with 4 other women. At first we're just talking about nothing but then we start remembering. First the woman next to me and i start talking about remembering each other. I say her name and tell her we were in the same class for one year; she remembers it too. Then i talk to the woman sitting at her right. I ask her what she does in every day life. She starts talking but i don't hear all she's saying. In order to hear better, it is then like my face is above the table just in front of hers. She tells she cuts chalk. I hear her now, but don't understand it. What is cutting chalk, what does it mean? I say that i don't believe that she literally cuts chalk in half. She then tries to explain. While she explains i see a metal plate and then a metal thing with plants starts moving unto the metal plate. Then another metal thing starts moving unto the plate. I then understand that she does this with magnets behind the metal plate. But still her profession is not really clear. I try to understand and ask her if she maybe organizes events. She doesn't say much. Then i think i know what she does and ask her if the chalk cutting means that she has to take important decisions. But still i get no clear answer.

Then I talk to the woman sitting at my left side. Beside her is another woman, but she keeps quiet. This woman on my left side then tells that long ago she played in a movie. I see a piece of the movie. In this piece she is in bikini walking into the sea. She is looking beautiful. The movie is about a large wind organ. While she's telling about her life i then am suddenly on a strange kind of boat on a water, which feels like the sea she just walked into. The strange looking boat is made of 4 pieces of wood that are bound together at the top just like a tent/tepee, only without the fabric. I am standing on one of them and on each piece of wood someone is standing. We're making certain movements which make the strange boat move over the water. We're heading somewhere....to the wind organ mountain. We're getting closer to the mountain and when i look up i see huge organ pipes against the mountain...really huge. It feels magical, mysterious. Then the boy on my right sight screams: "A stingray!!" I look in the water and see something. At first i think he's right, but then i see it is a body in foetal position lying in a canoe. The dream stops...

I have been thinking and searching google already...Did some funny finds: cutting chalk leads to a town in Idaho (Chalk Cut), but also to cutting chalk. Cutting chalk is what people did in (if i remember well) England (?). Land was being cut away till the chalk layer showed and they cut figures in the landscape this way.

The wind organ mountain. In New Mexico there are the Organ Mountains. (in these mountains there's even a place that has my initials...funny). Further digging brought me to organ pipes on mountains...formed during the ages...they are made of granite.

Chalk period...Granite period...millions of years ago.

I think the 'movie'...is about earlier life(s)...

The class i was in with that woman...we call it (translated)...bridge-class...is this about a transition?

Have a nice Sunday!

Dream Interpretation / (Omnis cellula) e cellula?
« on: November 22, 2018, 02:05:41 PM »
Hi Tony,

it has been a very long time that i've been on this forum....i simply wasn't remembering such inspiring dreams. Since weeks this changed. My body started to let me down a few years ago. This year also my brain started complaining. So, finally i choose to take a step back. It seems 'something important wants to be remembered', because a few months ago i asked a therapist something i had read about, something still not seriously investigated. While asking the therapist this question the answer seemed to emerge from deep inside...like a massive fountain heavy emotions suddenly came out. Finally lots of pieces of a puzzle seemed to fall in place. It even felt like the life i'd lived till then suddenly seemed 'finished'...like i solved a quest.

But it still is hard, because the only evidence possible is what comes to my mind in therapy and in dreams.
Years ago i tried meditating a few times...this resulted in having many and very special dreams, visions, poems...though i'd never been/done something in this direction. I explained this to myself as a spiritual awakening, but often kept asking myself why this had happened to me. After this fountain of emotions this year while asking a certain question i am asking (myself) if it would be possible that all this happened to me maybe because i once had very special connection to someone...still in the womb...a (i think) little brother that died in there...without anyone ever having known about his (little) existence...except me...I discovered a few books about womb-twin-survivor and recognized so much...But still...no real evidence then what my dreams show...

Until a few days ago, when i had the next dream:

With a young boy (my age, though i am older now) i am standing in a field in the middle of the night. Clear black sky….fresh ploughed black soil...we are looking at the furrows. At a distance there's is a man standing...older...like he keeps an eye on us...sort of guide.

Then the boy and i turn around and walk into a tent...a tepee. There's a few others in there...most girls. In the top of the tepee hangs a large round light bulb spreading white light. Someone hands me a little yellow piece of paper...like a memo-note. I know i have to write something on it for our parents...something that feels like sort of reassuring them of where we are going. I also write for the boy...he clearly belongs to me but isn't in a state to write. I write with a grey pencil and still remember the last word...it was "cellula"...It felt like this meant the place/city we were heading for. Then i woke up.

While awake i still saw this last word and suddenly was surprised because i had been writing in another language. Cellula...I searched in Google and the first thing i found was: 'Omnis cellula e cellula...'All cells come from cells'...The dividing of cells...It felt so special.

Well, wish you nice dreaming! :)


Dream Interpretation / Miniature
« on: December 15, 2012, 10:59:23 PM »
A dream i had during a daytime nap:

The dream starts with me being in a known environment somewhere close to home. I seem to be just walking around for a bit, without aim or thoughts.
Then it is like some time has past, like i've been away for a short while and i'm back. I want to go to that know environment to get to my hometown from there. I look around to see which direction i need to take and think it must be very easy to head home. When looking around i notice that all of this is like a miniature of the land/country/livingspace i live in. Once taken, what i thought was the right direction, i was riding a beautiful shiny brown horse (like this was mine). I held the reins in my hands and was riding it like i had been riding a horse for ages. I followed a small path which led me over small hills, passing people left and right. The whole picture somehow felt serene. Every once in a while in the back of my mind there was the thought: "I hope i will stay able to master the horse without the horse running away with me." After a while i looked at the environment again and found out i didn't recognize it any longer and realized i must have taken the wrong direction. I looked at the canal a little further away. The canal had been there also in the beginning of the dream; and seeing the canal now i just didn't understand that this wasn't the direction. I looked behind me over my shoulder, being sure that i just had taken the exact opposite direction...thinking that behind me i definitely would see things (like a bridge, churchtower) i would recognize, but no...Still i decided to take the path back; just take that path, having the feeling i will end up there where i wanted to go.
After some riding i start feeling a little better, being a bit more sure that this is the right direction. But then i end up at a very large 'building', which i recognize from daily life, being the football-arena in our capital city. I just don't understand it: how could i have end up here?! I try to see 'the whole picture' of the land...it feels like all directions just have changed?! I decide to go on and enter the building on my horse. I see people walking around, kind of music halls and other large rooms. I ride to huge hallways. I'm getting confused: should i really continu?! I get of the horse and then walk into a large room. I see that i'm walking on a wall of boxes. I decide i shouldn't be in this (storage?) room. I'm surely not allowed here. But, like something has changed, i then find myself looking down from the high wall of boxes and jumping of of them.

I then am suddenly on a hill with my best friend. We've just been looking around in some shops. It feels like the shops were placed in that football-arena. My best friend wants to head home, but i tell her i first like to drink a cup of tea with my mother (who seemed to have been shopping with us), wishing my best friend is polite enough to come with us. And yes...a little later the 3 of us are sitting on a terrace on the hilltop, having tea.
The last thing i remember from the dream is me thinking that my friend wanted to leave the tea-drinking a little to soon according to me.

Hmm, when writing the dream down the picture seemed to make itself pretty clear....direction, direction, direction...But, maybe some of you have other ideas? I'd love to read them!


Dream Interpretation / Low Tide
« on: August 28, 2012, 09:09:12 AM »
In a dream from last night i'm walking on a muddy, not very wide beach. I'm all alone there. Daylight. The sea is quiet. Every 20 metres or so there's a tunnel. While walking through the first tunnel at my left i see a bowl and i know this bowl is the place for baby-turtles. It appeared that every tunnel i walked through there was an identical bowl. I then remembered the existence of beaches where parts of it were protected, the turtle beaches...in order to let them breed.
Walking there was kind of peaceful. It somehow felt special, seeing these bowl and knowing about the turtles-to-be. I tried to take a closer look at a bowl, wanting to know what the turtles-to-be would look like. I saw that the bowl was full of clear, fresh water and in it were little 'parts' that reminded me of frog-spawn. When then looking at the muddy sand under my feet, while walking through yet another tunnel i suddenly saw something that looked like a little yellyfish. I looked around and saw more of them. There were all pretty small, though different sizes and all coloured white or light-blue. Knowing these jellyfish could sting, but also because i just didn't want to step on them i decided to go back.
I didn't turn around but starting walking back backwards. At one point i saw the water on my left and the shore on my right. The shore was pretty high up. I then understood that it was low tide. When i came out of the tunnel i looked up the shore. A f. collegue of mine was standing there. She moved her hand out to grab mine to pull me up. I knew the part of the shore where she was standing was also muddy and yes...she sank in the mud and ended up on the beach. I then tried it myself, trying to climb up the shore and succeeded.

I'm pretty curious about the meaning of these turtles-to-be. It felt like i had seen something here, that one normally wouldn't see..


Greetings / Saying hi..
« on: August 28, 2012, 08:48:53 AM »
...and here's another newbie.. :)

It's been about 8 years ago now that i found out that there's a lot more about dreaming. And besides that...i then got to know a whole other, untill then, unknown part of myself. I suddenly found myself writing poetry, stories. Fears and shyness suddenly weren't part of me anymore. But...i got scared. I think because of the unknown. Because...what could come next?
Now, there still is fear, holding me back from that other part of me. But, luckily, i still am having my dreams. Not remembering them from every night, but once in a while...

...still wishing to have the guts to just let go and go with the flow...


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