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Dream Interpretation / End of the night journey
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:37:48 AM »
   I had gone to bed with the intent to have as my pre sleep thought this thought from a website called 5 Deep Integral-

[Ponder for a moment that science brings us the information on the patterns left behind after a universal emergent process has done its stuff through a state of endless becoming or complexifying. Wonder then for a moment about what might be going on at the apex of this emergent process - a place known as the 'Open Wave'.]

As I was settling into the back pressure behind such a statement and merging into it, it occurred to me that the undifferentiated area front of such a conceptual wave could also be simultaneously conceptualized and as the two vectors closed towards each other I found myself in a dream. Here it is as I recall it.

I have entered a hospital area with two others, I am forced to be apologetic for the loose behaviour of one of these, the other I am less  aware of.
I find myself laying down in reception dreaming of the above concept, and being awoken from that dream by a dog repeatedly kicking me with his hind leg, twice this occurred, twice I returned to it.
[A determination to return to sleep is present and I think a feeling of being warned off was apparent.]

Up next directly, I found myself (face only) thrust through a vertical wall off water with fairly poor resolution initially but with a fairly quick resolving of the scene into High Def  and what I saw there was a baby in utero with the song by Carly Simon, the 1977 James Bond theme" Nobody Does It Better" .
It quickly became me looking at myself as a baby in HD in an increasingly well lit watery environment with echoey music and a massive beaming smile breaking out on my face as I dreamed this realization. A mini sensation of one's life before one's eyes ensued, stopping with a scene of me as a youngish female getting some advice from a father figure.

This gave way to me leaving this scene and looking back to see a sort of purple tinted area that reminded me of our state governmental precinct and immediately seeing a curator type older female who seemed to project to my hand a purple sealed folder with words" Nobody Does It Better " on the front at which point I say to her" that she has no idea what just happened "to which she says "We know" and then moves away returning with a very large toy gun that she fires into the sky causing me to turn around and wonder what becomes of it .

At this point the scene changes to a sort of small town park whereby the first sensation is seeing a metal structure ball hit the ground to my left with a gladiatorial type male inside on one knee apparently with some sort of landing injury to which I thought "why do people do that sort of thing and I bet he does it again soon."

So this scene is in back now as we move toward a new situation and I am now back with my two from the hospital and it is now that some sort of gun play breaks out whereby my loose friend lets off the first shot out of her handgun putting a hole into a black car nearby. Everyone including myself seems to let off a round with some enjoyment after which I say " Ok we can all say that we had a shootout now, so its done".Hurriedly gathering up the firearms and putting them in the boot of the car with an urgent intent to remove the danger from peoples hands.

I jumped into the car taking off around the corner immediately sensing an unknown unseen passenger ( possibly from the hospital scene} grasping me from behind with black hands and arms to which I calmly comment that "you need to get out here" upon which the very poor braking in the old ford caused me to say " I have got to get better brakes in this thing" .
So the car pulls up with difficulty, the door opens for the exit of the passenger just as a large bus pulls in fast to where I would have been had the brakes not worked.

Dream Interpretation / I witnessed it but I wasn't there
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:19:27 AM »
A very short dream.

Suddenly, there appears an apparently vertical muddy pond.
Immediately from the centre[like a geyser blurting a some gas] thought words escape from it.
"What is mind best used for?"
The muddy blurt falls back creating concentric rings.
No part of me was there.

Greetings / Hello from Oz(tralia)- end of the night journey
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:07:15 AM »
What a great site you have created. Encouraging people to self interpret is awesome.

Getting it correct then detaching to allow the next  is a direct correlate to our inner growth process.[my opinion]

Persistence in this regard led to two dreams both of which I will submit for perusal.[interpretation not required]

I suppose to be honest, these words are being shaped to allow the reader to conceptualise the possibility of completion of, at the very least, certain stages of growth.

 For me at the age of 48, having been continuously at it since my childhood and whilst delving amongst the non rational always maintaining a sight of the rational and never forgetting why it all began, I can say that my long and delightful inner search has now given way to the more mundane work of reconnecting thought to action[something that fell by the wayside in order to allow the growth].

I know that some folks like to go with a concept that it's a never ending process but I found that to be a not very helpful conceptualisation and downright antithetical to the concept of growth,especially when you consider that while you are dealing with the non linear and non rational you might just as well make up your own rules that give you the best shot at wholeness[my two cents].

I hope I haven't offended any sensitivities, I have greatly benefited from the published words of others who have travelled a similar path and just wanted to add a little here from mine being mindful not to simply repeat what has already been said and to hopefully provide a tad of innovation that relates to completion, a subject that has very little written about it.


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