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Dream Interpretation / Sleep Paralysis
« on: January 07, 2021, 09:14:00 AM »
I woke up around 1:30am with a strange form of sleep paralysis.  Instead of it feeling like someone was near my bed I was in the middle of surgery surrounded by nurses and doctors.  Of course as sleep paralysis goes I couldnt move or speak.  A couple of details I remember is something being inserted into my nether regions and also there was a sensation of fluid coming out of my ears.  They do bother me this time of year. 

I did accompany my son to a dentist appointment recently. He's only 5.  Before going to bed the show "botched" about plastic surgery was on.  Thought it was worth documenting. Been over 3 years since I last posted on the site. 

Dream Interpretation / Midmorning Dream on a Steamboat
« on: October 17, 2017, 05:13:58 AM »
I haven't been having vivid dreams for sometime.  This one seemed to come out of nowhere.  I'm in a tiny steamboat and I notice the coal is low.  The place for the coal looks like a sauna with wooden walls.  So, I fill it up and let the captain know.  Next thing I know we're at the docks.  The Sun is setting and there are hundreds of people fishing.  A storm is on the way and it's a prime time to fish (dreamlogic).  So, next thing is the captain and I are on a separate boat approaching the shore, like a canoe and I don't recall whether he was rowing or if it was motorized but he was driving nonetheless.  We were both standing fscing forward and I had my arms firmly around him and felt very secure, fullfilled, at ease...

Dream Interpretation / Planes
« on: September 26, 2016, 03:51:17 PM »
I had a dream a few nights ago that I've been meaning to share.  In my dream was a series of plane crashes.  The planes would come apart midair, actually very high in the atmosphere, and in one of the crashes, another planes wing shreds the fuselage.  I was an observer in this dream.  I wasn't in the planes.

Life's generally pretty good right now.  My fiance seems to be happy with me for the first time in a long time.  I've been doing more around the house lately.  I'm also looking in to going ahead and getting my CPA.  I just worry, because my heart's not in it.  It sounds good and I'm in a position where I have the time and resources to accomplish it.  Maybe I just need to do it, but I think I'm afraid I'll get lost in it or it will lead to bigger problems down the road.  Right now, life is simple for me and I kinda like it that way.  Maybe, it's also the idea of change that scares me.  I just now feel like we're getting in to a groove.  Then again, maybe getting back into Accounting is exactly what I need to do to keep the groove going.

But I'm also motivated to do it as a way of revenge.  I worked for 6 months with a local accounting firm and it didn't end well.  I was fired.  I didn't mesh well with the office manager.  She ran the day-to-day operations and was very authoritative, even with the partners.  I honestly believe she was intimidated by me.  In the same breathe she was firing me she was also telling me how stupid I am.  In the moment I was too worked up to think about what that meant.  To me that just shows that I make her feel insecure.  It's one thing to fire someone, but another to insult them in the process.  And, on top of that, she said they would give me a recommendation, but not as an accountant.  I took cuts on pay and hours for the opportunity to work there.  It was suppose to be a career builder.  And they sent me out the door in a worse position than when I started.  So yeah, a large part of me wants to obtain my CPA strictly to smear it in their faces. 


Dream Interpretation / Tower of Babel
« on: September 15, 2016, 02:39:07 AM »
A piece within a series of dreams from a few days back has stuck out in my mind.  A friend who I met about three years ago was in it.  He is in his 50's and he'll check in with me every couple months or so.  I met him when I was still working for my family at their auction barn.  He is an interesting person.  He is a Sicilian, drummer, former professional bull rider and trains cutting horses.  He was on the same circuit as Lane Frost as a bullrider.  His eagerness to maintain a friendship has perplexed me.  We're 20+ years apart and he's a surefire type A and I'm a surefire not that way.  He has expressed to me his frustration with me having a passive attitude.  I find he is often confrontational with people where I would find little reason for it.  He does seem to have a thoroughly charitable heart though.

In the dream is a round tower of sorts made of red brick (common in this area).  I see him on some scaffolding removing bricks from the top of the tower and I'm confused as to why he's removing them.  I'm thinking,"why are you wasting your time on this?  What's the point?" 

Edit: I should also note that this tower resembled a chimney at the power plant of the university I attended. 

Dream Interpretation / Cats and Kittens and dreams of snakes.
« on: August 27, 2016, 01:22:09 PM »
Last night I had a dream about having a cat with about 4 precious little kittens and the neighbor also had a cat with 1 kitten.

I've been a cat person for some time.  I had been with the same women for four years and we had a not-so-lovely breakup.  I believe it was within a matter of weeks that I came across this stray kitten.  It was malnourished and alone.  I spent almost an hour trying to corner her.  I finally captured her and put her in the floorboard of my truck and took her home.  She still lives with my parents.  To me she was a godsend to help me get through the harsh reality of loss.  I think the image of the four kittens and their mother is fairly straightforward.  I see myself as the mother and the kittens are my twins and two stepchildren. (This really hit me once I read about cat/kittens in your dream dictionary)  Wasn't positive on what to make of the neighboring cat and kitten. 

A few months back I had a dream about a black snake crawling horizontally up along the outer wall of my house.  Recently my 3 year old stepdaughter told me she has been dreaming about snakes particularly a red snake.  I thought that was a strange coincidence as dreamhawk.com is about the only place I share my dreams.

Dream Interpretation / Whispers In My Ear
« on: May 20, 2016, 09:30:59 AM »
Yesterday morning I was fading in and out of sleep.  At one point as I was beginning to fall back to sleep I heard someone whisper my name, "Bobby" right in my ear.  Also the tone of the voice seemed to have a slight sense of urgency.  It wasn't sleep paralysis.  I was on my side and quickly came back to full consciousness.  Anyways, is there any meaning to this?  Has this happened to anyone else?  My brother said it's happened to him before.  He was rather spooked bye it. This wasn't meant to be a poll but my phone makes it difficult to copy and paste....

Dream Interpretation / Old Job & Pregnant Friend In Need
« on: May 18, 2016, 04:47:52 AM »
OK, so I'm at my old job in a restaurant and I notice that all the walls have been painted white.  It looked as though only one coat had been applied.  I ask a manager about something job related and he gives a sarcastic and condescending response.  This angers me but I notice an old aquaintance, a bank teller, sitting by herself and I go over to say hi.  Sitting with her back to her at the next table is a childhood friend I met at church camp.  She is sitting with one of her friends and is very pregnant.  She lets me know she is having complications and next thing I know all four of us are kneeled down with hands on her praying and I am overwhelmed with feelings of love and connectedness toward this woman. 

In waking life she has recently delivered her son which i believe she had some difficulty conceiving and he is having some minor issues the last I checked. I was a little baffled by this intense emotional connection because, though we are friends, we arent particularly close.

Dream Interpretation / Black Dog
« on: May 05, 2016, 08:19:35 PM »
This dream was like an Astral projection.  I was sleeping on one end of the house and I immediately woke up and headed toward the opposite end where all the kids were sleeping.  I went through the den and turned the corner into a hallway where a big black dog was running aggressively toward me. He took a few quick steps and leapt toward my chest.  Before he made contact I woke up.  The dream was quite spooky to me at the time. I moved rooms from where I was sleeping.  I was in a state where I could've so easily began to lucid dream but I kept myself up for a few minutes to shake myself out of it.  Kinda regret not seeing where it would've taken me.  Though the dream was a bit of a shock initially it seemed in the following hours and days to stabilize me as well as make me more vigilant.  This has been a little confusing to me since the black dog, from what I've seen and heard, is customarily  considered a bad omen.

Dream Interpretation / Litte Brother
« on: April 25, 2016, 06:43:29 AM »
So, I had an extra vivid dream about my little brother the other morning.  I'll get on with the dream and go from there. 

It starts in a sort of a place for recovering addicts or victims of past traumas.  It's night and inside the building is dim as well.  My brother and I are there as counselors.  Suddenly we are standing outside speaking to one another.  I openly question our intentions there.  As to suggest that what we're doing, though nice enough on the outside looking in, is really more in our interest than the people we're there to help.  Anyways, he seems angered by this and begins to run away.  I chase after him.  I am confident in my ability to catch up to him, but after what seemed to be minutes of sprinting and not gaining any ground he begins to pull away.  Reluctantly, I cease the chase and head up a hill as to be able to see where he may be headed.  It seems he is aware that I am no longer trailing him and he does a 180 and heads toward the base of the hill where he crosses paths with a farmer and a corpse-like boy. I remember the boy being gray/zombie like. I head inside after them.  It seems the farmer and boy have transformed.  One into a black man and the other into the horseman of war  (from a t.v. series I've watched recently "Sleepy Hollow").  A broad axe is thrown at toward my head and I wake up just before impact.  I do not recall my brother's whereabouts while in the barn.  The axe  was thrown by the horseman. 

Much has happened in our respective lives in the past four years and even more so in recent months. He became a father to a little girl in October of last year, a month after I became father to twin boys. Her mother died due to complication from the delivery, a severe blood infection. 

Also, I've been gone from this site for some time.  My fiance, the mother of our boys, is a black woman.  I thought that might have something to do with the black man in the dream.  A month before she delivered I took a new job at a local accounting firm.  I was fired in early February.  I felt it was unjust, but I've been able to move on rather quickly from that.  Now, she is back to working nights at the factory and I take care of the twins and her two other children during the day.  A daughter, 3 and son, 7. 

Dream Interpretation / Twin Brother
« on: April 16, 2016, 01:07:57 PM »
My brother is driving down the driveway and I am desperately trying to flag him down to give him something he forgot.  He pulls in to the road and is immediately hit head on and flung on to the lawn bloody and broken . He looks up at me, smiles slightly, and says,"Say something to cheer me up, brother."

The setting is at the house we grew up in.

He was recently married to a Mexican citizen and is waiting on her to obtain a visa. He also speaks of just moving there which I fear could be detrimental for him.  He now has a steady job teaching here in the states.  I feel he needs to sit tight and save his money.  He can be a little shortsighted where love is involved....

Dream Interpretation / Nightmares in the Wee Hours of Sleep
« on: August 27, 2013, 01:32:43 AM »
Last night I had a series of scary dreams within the first couple hours of sleep.  When I awoke I had a sense that something must've gone wrong.  I can't remember the last time I felt such desperation. In the dream I am around strange people with no idea of how or why I got there.  At one point I go into panic mode demanding to know what's happened to me.  In my mind I sense I've been kept in an insane asylum and drugged or possibly I've been in an induced coma or something or other.  The part of the dream that left the biggest stamp on my memory (probably because it was the point at which I woke) was lying, incapacitated, in a field.  There were dogs seemingly in position to protect me from a pride of lions.  I felt certain that the lions would easily overpower the dogs and devour me, but in fact, it was the dogs that turned and began to attack me. 

Current life situation:  My little brother who is in the throws of bipolar disorder made his way home the Saturday before last and it's been a wild ride.  He's made life much more interesting but at times he can be overwhelming.  He's had this way of encroaching on my life and space whether it be coaching my soccer team or wooing a girl(we're only 2 years apart) or constantly being on my laptop and having to go where I go.....  I'm just doing my best not to aggravate his condition so I haven't confronted him about any of this.  We did have a little feud a couple days ago about him keeping all his shit in the bed of my truck but he got over it relatively quickly.

What's troubling me is that I envy him.  He has almost zero inhibitions where I am much more reserved/cautious about how I approach things.  At times I think to myself that maybe I need to learn from him.  Maybe I need to be more bold, more assertive, but then I also think maybe the person I am right now is exactly what he needs.  Whether it's related to my dreams or not I feel it's definitely something I need to meditate on.

I'm always ecstatic to hear other people's dreams especially when they're from someone so close. 

In her dream I am in her room naked and she panics because someone is there.  She is frantically trying to find my boxers.  In the living room she finds her children's grandmother sitting on the couch also naked and very comfortable in her nakedness. 

The real life situation:  The man who fathered her two girls is serving time for drug-related crimes involving meth.  He knew he was going to spending time and before he had to leave he proposed to her.  He wanted to marry her before he had to go away but she wasn't ready.  Anyways, she is living with his mom and stepfather and her two girls.  We've been seeing each other for a couple of months now.  Understandably, his mother is upset about us being in a relationship.  Her son seems to want to work things out, still.  It seems that she (my gf) is the main thing keeping him motivated while in prison.  Problem is that he was lousy to her for the majority of the time they were together (6 years).  It wasn't until the last few months before he had to leave for prison that he started to straighten up.  I realize that I may look boneheaded for getting myself into this, but my life has become so much richer since she came into it.

I had two dreams of my ex last night.  In the first I am in a large, dimly-lit room.  There are 4 or 5 couches.  Reminds me of a psychiatrist's office.  A strange man gives me a little vile of liquid for me to take.  I take it and soon become disoriented.  I wake up and see my ex on the couch.  Of course I am happy to see her though not in such a strange setting with such strange company.  In the next dream I see my ex and her and notice teeth are rotting out.  I am saddened to see her this way.  It doesn't change how I feel about her. 

Dream Interpretation / Assault by Apparition
« on: April 25, 2013, 02:06:33 AM »
I am pulled out of my bed by the collar of my shirt.  To an observer I would appear to be floating mid-air.  Whatever is holding me is invisible.  I am then shoved against the wall and pulled out into the hallway.  I have to duck to miss the door frame.  All-in-all a very frightening dream.

Dream Interpretation / Dream Of A Son
« on: February 25, 2013, 01:56:16 PM »
This morning I dreamed I held my son for the first time.  He had beautiful light green eyes and an unusual nose.  While holding him I thought about his future.  I felt he was destined for good things.  The bad part is that the mother is my ex.  I'm in Florida visiting.  I missed the pregnancy, the birth, the bed rest.  I missed a lot and it breaks my heart.  I'm not angry at his mother, I understand her reasons for keeping him from me.  I was such a monster to her.  

In reality, in the waking world I have no son and I have no connection to her.

Edit: The boy was an infant, around 3 months. 

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