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Dream Interpretation / Can't see or go lucid
« on: July 11, 2012, 02:34:11 AM »
I have never been able to have a real lucid dream.  But I feel as though I am getting closer to LDE1 (lucid dream event 1).  I had read somewhere that if you notice that you are driving a car while dreaming, that this is a good time to realize that you are dreaming and that if you can do that, then you can potentially go anywhere you want to in the dream.

I keep having two or three dreams a year in which I almost realize that I am dreaming.  But I never quite make that leap.  What happens is that I find myself driving a car but I discover that I can not see where I am going.  This has taken on several manifestations.  Once it was too dark for me to see and I had no headlights apparently.  I could only barely see dim tail lights on the car some distance in front of me.  Another time I dreamt that I was driving and I could not open my eyes.  I was either asleep (well.. yeah..duh) or just too tired to open them.  I knew the road I was on and had to remember when the curves in the road occurred to avoid crashing.  And the last time this happened I was somehow driving from the back seat of the car and could not see over the seat and out the front windscreen.  In every case I simply do not realize that I am dreaming.  Perhaps if I could, then I would be able to see.

The reason for this post is that the other night I had a new type of dream where I could not see.  This time I was trying to get out through a sliding glass door but could not 'see' in order to get out.  And, I kept moving along the wall to the next sliding door but still I could not see and I could not get out.  It then came to me that (no, I did not realize that I was dreaming) if I moved my eyes back and forth from left to right underneath my eyelids, like during REM sleep, that I would somehow be able to see.  How frustrating!  My mind is hell bent on finding solutions instead of just realizing or accepting that I am dreaming and just let it happen. 

I wonder now if I will ever achieve a lucid state in a dream.  I am not the type of person who can close their eyes and see vivid images of things.  I have a good memory and can remember much of what I have seen, but it is not like I am looking at an image when I do recall such details.  So, I wonder if my brain simply is not wired to produce images with my eyes open?

So, my question about these dreams is twofold really.  Does it sound like I am making any strides towards lucidity?  A breakthrough if you will.  And, any suggestions as to what I might do to nudge my subconscious along the path?


Dream Interpretation / Meeting self
« on: April 04, 2012, 09:32:17 PM »
I had an interesting dream last night.  I was out for a walk near my home.  I was just a few houses away from making it back when I encountered a kid who was about 5 or 6 years old.  The kid said, "Hi... my name is (and the kid said my name) John."  I replied, "Hi.... my name is John too."  He said "No way!" and I said "Yep" and we high-fived each other.  I started to say that I live right there, pointing to where my house should have been but it was not visible.  Some other house that I did not recognize was in the way.  This is where the dream ended as I struggled to understand why I couldn't see my house.

Did I just meet my inner child? I cannot say 100% that it was me as a kid.  Is meeting yourself in a dream significant?


Dream Interpretation / Red bird
« on: August 04, 2011, 01:07:34 AM »
I had a very vivid dream last night.  I was suddenly looking at my left palm and a red bird was trying to land on it.  I would say that it was fluttering about above my palm at first, but it was more like it was a digital image that was flickering in and out of existence.  It finally landed on my hand and I was very excited about it.  I tried to get a friends attention (and did) to show them that a bird had trusted me enough to land in my hand.  I was worried that this would scare the bird away, but the opposite occurred.  The bird turned around about 270 degrees (left to right) and curled up and nestled down in my palm.  I then brought my right hand up to make a bigger platform and to protect the bird more.  I don't know how long I held it there but my next sense was that I had let it go.  It was then that I saw it was a much larger bird than would fit in my hand.  As it spread out its wing and moved away I saw that it had long flowing feathers underneath its wings that had white in them.  And the tail was longer and more flowing and also had some white in it. It was not a cardinal and not a scarlet tanager. Like nothing I have seen before.

This was the most vivid thing I have ever seen in a dream.  That red color of the bird was truly shocking and its affect on me lingers still.  I have had a very good feeling about it all day and my impression is that it is a good omen or sign indicative of some level of accomplishment on my part or something new that is about to bless me.  My only regret is that I did not go lucid during this dream encounter.  I have never had a lucid dream but have been trying to for quite some time.  Primarily in trying to realize when I am driving a car in my dream that I am dreaming (and try to go somewhere of my choosing).  No luck so far.  But, if this red bird returns I hope I can go lucid and ask it questions or something.

I have spent all day searching for answers.  Any thoughts?

Greetings / Hi All
« on: August 04, 2011, 12:49:48 AM »
Just wanted to say hello before I run over and post a dream I had last night.  I have been working with my dreams since early spring and began keeping a journal.  A lot of changes going on in my life and dreams are a big part of that.  I hope to learn some things about dream interpretation here.  I think I am right in saying that it is really up to me to interpret my dreams, but I am new at this and am stumbling so far.  I say that because I feel that some of the dreams I have had recently are more important than I have given them credit for.  So, I will give them the attention they deserve.  I hope this site can help.


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