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Dream Interpretation / Two Past Lives Lived of Being Affronted
« on: September 12, 2019, 12:04:35 PM »
Tony, My father sent me this again – “I started looking intuitively at my children and my attention firstly went to my daughter Sally.  I sensed that she was dealing with feelings of being affronted.  I feel that what she is facing arose from a very powerful influence coming to her from the past, from being a lady and having servants.  In that situation she had the space to be affronted.  She was in a cultural situation and an economic situation in which she could afford to be affronted by any number of things.

Behind that I sense there are many other influences waiting to come through, and the affrontedness needs to be dealt with before they can emerge.  I sense that the affronted personality encapsulated the other influences that have yet to emerge.  It captured them.  It held their essence. That personality wasn’t a small or limited one. Far from it. That is how it managed to incorporate these many others influences. Yet, strangely, it expressed them in this limiting, or limited way. So, it needs to be worked through to release the many other factors that all held within it.”

Yes,  it has been on my mind recently funnily enough. The first time you sent it I recognised that it was true - I remembered incidents when I had felt very affronted even as a child. Ha ha, I thought I had dealt with it over the years, but found myself feeling affronted by a number of small incidents recently.

I resolved to work on this once again, especially when I was given a random bible text which read: Great peace have they which love thy law; and nothing shall offend them. Psalm 119:165

I have had glimpses into two lifetimes where this character trait was very strong- one where I was a privileged and well-to-do youth (male) in Ancient Greece, and one in which I was a rich aristocratic lady in France. In the first life my outraged affontedness at being jilted by my bride to be led me to take my own life as an act of revenge. In the second one I was outraged as my world crumbled, my family was torn apart and I went to the guillotine - a catastrophic blow to my feeling of entitlement, yet still there was part of me thinking: how dare they - don’t they know who I am!

I like to think that I have got somewhere with it in this lifetime! I am fascinated to see what other things may come to the fore as the affrontedness is dissolved. Sally

Tetiana Cymbal

I really jive with the explanation of how one holds in enormous amounts of their own Energy…trusting oneself….allowing to express spontaneously without conscious intervention. I hold way too much self criticism which keeps me from embracing myself fully….
Any comments or thoughts on this most critical topic?
Thank you

 Hi Tony . . . I’ve been coming to your site for a long time now. Love the new revamp! I’ve been having such intense dreams lately. One is part of a set of a reoccurring dream – of a dream lover – but it’s not as mentioned in any of the examples above. In this reoccurring dream, it’s always pleasant, full of love and pleasure, as if he’s a beloved boyfriend, husband, and lover. In each separate dream, it’s a different man, but it’s always a positive often intense experience, both love and sex, much like when the honeymoon phase of a relationship is going on, or when it’s a stable very loving relationship. These dreams usually come during times of great sorrow or stress. And I haven’t been in a romantic relationship for years now. Anything that makes sense of this from your experience? Kate

Greetings / Hello There!
« on: September 05, 2019, 11:05:35 AM »
Hi - Obviously I am not new here, but I am letting you know a little about this site. First it is difficult for newcomers to post on the Forum pages. That is because I am spending time upgrading and adding pages - there are 6600 pages on the site. But there is a huge amount to explore.

So here is a massive amount of information - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/features-found-on-site-2/ - I have poured out the best I found in my  explorations. I offer it  freely because I never paid for any courses because so much was given to me from within. But if you would like to donate somthing for what you find here you are welcome see - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=JYTWAMC4LQLQ4&source=url

Some of the big ones are - https://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/big-bang-and-god-are-the-same/







Dream Interpretation / I Played Dead to Avoid Getting Hurt
« on: August 30, 2019, 10:34:31 AM »
We all went into the foyer of Friends House to get married. Marie handed in tickets. We got to the door to the meeting room. Two powerful men acted as receptionists. They took the tickets but said that there was only a ticket for one person. Marie went to the left into the meeting. I asked the man to allow me to exit out of the revolving door to Euston Road. I did this and found a battle going on, a fierce battle was raging with bullets flying. I immediately fell down and ‘played dead’. It wasn’t that I was hurt in any way, but I didn’t want to be at any risk in the fight. As I lay there, I saw a tall well built man in soldiers uniform walk to me. He gave no sign of any fear concerning the bullets, and quietly knelt beside me. I felt he was Christ but was confused by him being a soldier. He placed a hand on my back and gradually worked his fingers under the shell of a large limpet type creature that I had never before known was parasitically attached to my back. I could feel him pull it away, but knew its tentacles still ran right into my chest. It seemed an alien had entered me. He then sat me up and told me how I could rid myself of the tentacles and so be healed. Peter.

Questions about dreams / What Is Our Personality?
« on: August 27, 2019, 11:41:50 AM »
The human personality – the You that you call yourself, with a name, is only a tiny thing. It is moved and tossed around by all manner of drives, ambitions, emotions, fears, temptations, worries, love and desire with its pains and hopes; it is something we take so seriously and get carried away into awful situations; we take many sorts of pain killers to deal with ourselves. Things such as alcohol, coffee, medical drugs and street drugs, and yet we are still prone to break down, as can be seen by the number of people who need antidepressants or are totally lost in themselves. See https://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/animal-children/#Program

And a lot of the pain and the mental misery is largely because we put so much trust in what we think and feel. Yet thoughts are simple photocopies of reality and are never the real things. They are just sounds we make into words to help us move around a strange and confusing world. And feelings too are simply a response to what we meet. See https://dreamhawk.com/news/avoiding-being-my-own-victim/

We are small because we know nothing about who we are and how we came to be – except of course in the words we have been taught are really the truth. We do not know anything about the mass of things that keep us alive – except what we have read, yet more words. We are largely unconscious of what makes our heart beat, and all the millions of things that life behind our existence does, so we are moved by whatever moves us – whatever that is – childhood fears and social programming, or haunted by the past.

Also most people have lost contact with the animal they are, and so the human person is made even smaller by that loss. Yet we know if we think about without words, that we have evolved through past ages, and in our womb life go through the stages as we develop our reptile brain, our mammal brain and then the human brain – and they are still in us and working. And it is what I have called the Life Will or Life that lies behind it all and needs some acknowledgement. See https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/brain-levels-and-dreams/

And behind it all it the Nothing that is Everything. If we can acknowledge that then we may find firm footing. “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter [the kingdom].” Quoted from The Gnostic Apostle Thomas: https://www.amazon.com/Gospel-Thomas-Sermons-Restored-Translation/dp/0999335324/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=The+Gnostic+Apostle+Thomas&qid=1566902193&s=books&sr=1-4

Also as we begin to meet the Hugeness that we are we often react to it with fear or panic. So we dream or being attacked by aliens or frightening creatures. If we realise that they are things we have created with fear we will pass on. If we refrain from the normal activities and diversions people enter into the conserved energy will flow into and enliven old traumas, and make alive the fears, pains and fantasies those traumas give rise to. So it could lead to neurosis or worse. It could also lead to fantasies of spiritual power or experience. It is, after all, the stuff of life, and is incredibly creative. It brings life to whatever it flows into, whether that is good or what we call evil. So we need to remember and keep in contact with our highest.

Example: "During meditation in Convent Chapel – had been repeating a mantra dreamt about Chiayusin and then gone onto the meditation I cannot always do, the empty quiet within waiting for the delicate touch. I began to feel the delicate touch. As usual with this my spine straightened slowly without my making any effort. I sat extremely upright without effort or strain. Then my heart began to pound as it had never pounded before, except during heavy exercise or running. I also began to perspire and breathe heavily and slightly raggedly. I felt I had opened-up to an enormous power. Yet I had only brushed its skirts.

No wonder meditation is dangerous. If you opened to this before your body was ready, it could damage the heart, and maybe other organs. When I looked at myself in the mirror afterwards, my eyes were red and face perspiring as if just finishing sexual intercourse.

The heart pain – a pain right through my chest from front to back, or a general ache and pain in the chest – I have been suffering for some months now, I feel is tied up with this business of ‘opening up’. It started with my efforts at the head-stand and uddiyana. The head-stand had reached 30 minutes, and uddiyana had progressed to 1000 repetition daily. Then suddenly I began to suffer badly with what appear to be pains in the heart and chest. These pains do not occur during heavy exercise, but often during meditation.

However it is not as clear cut as that, as they also occur at odd times during the day, once as quite bad palpitation – this was while meeting S. during lunch break.

There appears to be some link with the sex act, as I have not had any sexual intercourse for a long time now. Neither have wet-dreams occurred. When any loss of sexual fluid threatens, even as I dream, I find myself doing the aswini mudra – tensing the rectum – and thus controlling it.

This control of the natural (?) loss of sexual fluid may have caused this build-up of heart tension.

The experience in the Chapel this morning shows a definite link with heart action and deep meditation. Remember that Jim Droust had the same experience when beginning a projection – OBE – i.e. terrific heart beats, so intense they frightened me.

I feel somehow that it may be a result of unconscious fears of being controlled by the unconscious forces. On the one hand we have the unknown – unknown by consciousness – force, and on the other the conscious self seeking, without really any clear conception of what it is looking for."

When one finds something real within oneself – something previously unconscious – one tries to block by various unconscious physical tensions, thus topping the normal flow of the life energy in the body. When we find the real thing we are frightened. Like a young inexperienced boy seeking sexual experience – when confronted by a full grown woman he may be scared silly, as it is an experience he has never met before, and cannot cope with his present psychological equipment. See https://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/

A Quote from The Gospel of Thomas - 2)  Jesus said:
“One should not be deterred, once one begins to search. One searches until one finds. Upon finding,
there are questions, and with questions, will come answers. with answers, one can come to embrace the world."

“The sky and the earth will be spread before you. Those who will live in accord with the Living One will see beyond any narrowness of life.”

“If you become my disciples, abiding by my words, the very stones beneath your feet  will act upon your bidding.”

Eltzroth, Daniel. The Gospel of Thomas: Lost Sermons of Jesus Restored: A New Translation for Today's World . Antiq Publications. Kindle Edition.

Dream Interpretation / Why Do We Resist Or Repress Ourselves?
« on: August 26, 2019, 11:58:43 AM »
Your wife’s dream of resisting waves of great pleasure was very interesting. I wonder why we resist and block pleasure. I’ve also noticed doing it in other things. The other day I was going for a run and got stitch and tired quite a long way from home. I was running under some huge oaks and I practiced “communicating” with them and their strong energy to exchange energy. And I felt the boost which kept me going. I was so high on this feeling that I cut it off. I think the reasons were a) that I was frightened it would be taken away from me for some reason by an external agency and then I wouldn’t know whether I could access it again, whereas if I cut it off, there was always the possibility in my head that I could access it; and b) gosh, if I can do this what can/should I do with this ability – where does it lead – it doesn’t seem to fit in with my life. Dave

Dream Interpretation / Dead Mother Saw her Spirit Leave Her Body
« on: August 25, 2019, 10:10:40 AM »

I dreamed about my mother, who passed away on the 31st of December 2015. She spoke to me about what was happening when she was passing on. She said her spirit left her flesh body. She said she saw how tense I was but she experienced so much peace and that she floated up until she reached heaven. She was smiling and said she was completely healed.


Dream Interpretation / A Great Clear Up
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:31:50 AM »
"I was, I think, trying to clear up in the house of my childhood. 'Clear up' what, I am not sure. There was a sense that something had come to an end and the house must be prepared for a new phase. To this purpose, I was gingerly setting about taking down the curtains that hung in the bow window of the front room. The curtains, I was aware, had been left there by my mother. She was gone now. Perhaps she was dead, or perhaps - I seem to remember seeing this out of the corner of my dreaming eye - she had recently been rejuvenated to a state of girlhood in a kind of reincarnation. The curtains seemed to be made of bubble wrap. They were perforated horizontally with 'dotted lines' at two levels - midway and just below the curtain-rail. I was tearing down the right-hand curtain along the lower of the two dotted lines, at the mid-point. I was unsure, however, that I was doing the right thing.

"My sister was standing a little way to my left, looking on.

"'Will we have to put this back up?' I asked her.

"There was something confused about the question. I wanted to know whether I should be tearing at the mid-point or the higher point, but it was not really clear that only tearing half of the curtains down was an effective compromise if they needed to be put back up again.

"'No,' she replied, 'the whole lot can come down.'

"With this confirmation I then proceeded without reservation to tear the curtains down along the higher dotted line." Anon

Dream Interpretation / Among the crap he found inside me was a flower
« on: August 07, 2019, 09:44:21 AM »
Dear Tony, greetings from Chile.

I have been reading your generous blog for many years now. Sometimes I have very intense dreams, and I always find useful ideas and a deeper understanding in your posts, and I thank you very much for this generosity of sharing your knowledge but also sharing the way to access to this knowledge withing ourselves.

I never interacted in the blog, and I know you are not interpreting dreams anymore, but I had a very strange dream, and I will be very happy if you can give me any clue to start interpreting.

In the dream I drank juice and I realized that it had a little piece of glass that I took out from my mouth. But my tounge was hurt, there was a lot of blood on and I was so scared that I couldn't say anything.

Later, a lot of very ugly injuries and cuts appear in my chest and throat, I realized the glasses are going through my body, but nobody in my family believes and they think I did it to myself.

Next, same injuries but now in my belly, and I start throwing up blood, again and again, throwing up even my entrails. Now everybody believes I have glass splinters inside my body, and something has to be done.

Finally, when glasses are in the last stage of my intestines, a doctor comes and  something like a surgery is conducted. I can "see" the interior. With a pair of tongs the doctor is helping the glasses to "get out" without hurting anything in my body, and among the dirt (crap) he found a flower and in the interior of the flower he found a piece of glass, but then he realizes, that it was not glass, it was a diamond.

Thank you, even if just for reading this.

With my best wishes,


Dream Interpretation / Is It a Gift I Have To Stop Shooters
« on: August 05, 2019, 01:01:16 PM »

Tony, I have so many dreams where I have power. A few examples are: A car going out of control, I stick my hand out the window towards it and it straightens up, A shooter is shooting trying to kill people and when he points his gun at me I speak some words and the gun turns on him killing him, and I think things (in my awaken life too) and they become reality. I have been told several times that this is a gift I have. What say you? Thanks and have a great day. - Barbara

Dream Interpretation / I Dreamt Lucidly
« on: July 30, 2019, 10:29:34 AM »
I dreamt lucidly of being a teenager about eighteen and at the same time I was the mature me watching and feeling what was happening. For I as the young man was living in the countryside, as I knew it years ago while horses where the major energy, and a young woman, about my own age as the youthful me was my close friend. I felt growing love in me for her and as I watched and I realised that this was how love should grow in you, at first like a flower developing a bud, and then slowly opening in all its beauty.

It was totally different to the ‘love’ depicted so often today, of a fast grabbing in order to attain sex. Watching the two youths finding this rare wonder I realised that I, as an older male, was learning to love too, because the tender child and youth I had been was too often hurt and had built walls as deterrents to being so close to another.  Des

Dream Interpretation / Trying to open my eye lids to see
« on: July 26, 2019, 12:03:24 PM »
Dear Tony,

Hope you are well. You helped me 5 years ago with some intense dreams. Thank you again.

I have had 3 very epic dreams where I cannot open my eyes. I am either out shopping, buying something or out in local shops or local area.

I'm trying to open my eye lids to see, but just getting glimpses of my surroundings. The last dream was very upsetting as I was trying to get someone in a restaurant help me to call someone to help me. It went on for some time. I was vulnerable and ended up floating above the ground to avoid danger.

I'd be truly grateful if you have any thoughts on these dreams of fighting to open my eyes.

Many thanks and best wishes, Sally


I have what I call awake dreams almost 3x a week. I know I am sleeping and in a dream state, but I feel “free” as if I was awake. I get to do anything I want, but with no repercussions what so ever. Mostly, the state I enter is either hovering or flying, and outrageous sexual promiscuity — no guilt and with both sexes. So far, I celebrate this state I enter often. Is there anything I should do to encourage or discourage? Please let me know.


Questions about dreams / Expanding Your Awareness
« on: July 18, 2019, 11:00:03 AM »
What we can say with some certainty is that we are capable of extending our awareness far beyond the limitations that are generally accepted.

Chris: Under what circumstances or conditions can we do those things?
Tony: Looking back at the information that past cultures left us, it seems likely that early human beings at first accidentally stumbled on the possibilities of extending their awareness. For instance we still have thousands of records of near death experiences occurring to people in the past, and still happening today. One of the common features of such experiences is the person witnessing verifiable events occurring at a distance from them, or at a time when they appeared to be in a coma with their eyes closed.

There are also many records collected by anthropologists and also verified, of tribal people dreaming of particular herbal remedies to cure ills. Some of these dreamt remedies have been taken into the modern pharmacopoeia. Namely such things as quinine. Also, in the past and in today’s world, sometimes dreams present information that the dreamer does not have, has not learned, has not heard, and has in no way taken into themselves from outside.

From such experiences older cultures gradually developed the concept of having a soul that could dissociates from or be independent of the body. Some cultures, especially those in India and the Far East, explored ways of purposefully bringing about such extended awareness. It seems as if at a certain period the human body and mind became a laboratory in which those cultures tried out all manner of things to see what the results would be.

Of course, some of the techniques used were quite crazy. This probably arose because the underlying principles were not really understood. For instance, fasting gradually reduces the physical and emotional energy to a point where the mind and emotions become very quiet. But the active principle, so to speak, is not the fasting, but the quietness of the mind and emotions.

It was also noticed that to really explore these further reaches of consciousness certain qualities were necessary. A certain amount of confidence and fearlessness were needed to meet the further reaches of mind. Some cultures, such as the native American Indians, also realised that if one could not meet a reasonable amount of pain, then you could not really dive very deeply into that wider awareness; if for no other reason than the wider awareness breaking through the narrow and limiting boundaries of the ego of personality of our limited sensory awareness, can be felt as emotional and sometimes physical pain.

As with many skills the basics of Inner Inquiry are easily learned, but the adept phases take more discipline to acquire. Your own body, your emotions and mind are the instruments being used. Therefore the ability to amplify, to create or focus on certain states of mind and body are necessary for expertise. Your own wishes and fantasies can easily shift or shape what emerges in your awareness. Doubts about your ability to reach into the unlimited dimension of mind can shut the door completely to any result. So being able to reasonably quieten your mind is essential for the more refined and extended intuitive perception. But a quiet mind does not mean one held so tight and immobile no impressions can arise in it.

Similarly the emotions and body need to be held in a receptive state - what has already been called the ‘piano key‘ condition. Both these are fundamental to the practice of inner-directed movement anyway, but they need to be worked with even more consciously for extended perception. You need to develop the attitude of an observer without fixed opinions - both on allowing a response to the question, and also in connection with whatever may be received. This freedom from opinion needs to be something you can take on when you choose to, and as with quietness of mind, does not need to be something rigid.

The state of mind or consciousness that we call normal is simply the one we experience most. In terms of evolution and education it is the one which has arisen because it offers the most survival value, or is culturally created - that is, it enables us to survive in or fit society. None of these factors make normal awareness anything more than one of many possibilities. There is no reason we should maintain this habitual state simply because circumstances have induced it. See Programmed

It’s value is in preventing you from taking the information received and accepting it as infallible - to see the information received as infallible would be to have an opinion in regard to it. By considering what emerges in a non opinionated way, you can more readily assess its usefulness and relatedness in connection with the original question.

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