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Dream Interpretation / The Rat Became a Dog
« on: October 10, 2022, 04:38:37 PM »
Hi Tony, I had the following dream.  I had just arrived to visit my mum  at the house I used to live.  As I got out the car, I heard a noise and looked to see a huge rat making its way through grass.  I am usually afraid of rats but this was brown and cute, almost like a dog, i thought. It might be a pet.  So I turned to go insde and as I opened the door to the house, a huge rat came out.  But again, it was brown and like a dog.  I went inside to tell my mum.

Dream Interpretation / A desert with a saint in it.
« on: October 05, 2022, 12:04:10 PM »
Hello Tony!
My name is Ana, I have visited your website from time to time for many years trying to figure out my dreams but I've never registered or wrote a comment. I tried registering today but the website wouldn't let me for some reason. Anyway I wanted to share a dream a had last night if that's ok:

I remember being in the middle of a desert. Nothing but sand and rocks. I was thirty and seemed lost. I looked down at the ground and found a figurine of Saint Jude Thaddeus placed in between some small rocks. Kinda looked like a small pedestal or something. On it's right side almost behind him was another small figurine of the Virgin Mary. My attention went back to Saint Jude's figurine. In front of it I saw a hole. I dug into the hole with my hands and water started coming out of the ground and filling the hole. I drank from it enough to subside my thirst. I remember thinking of leaving the figurines where I found them just in case someone else found themselves lost in the desert like me. I looked towards the distance and saw a sandstorm. I wondered if it was coming my way. I wasn't scared, just wondering. Then I saw clouds above the sandstorm and what seemed like rain. I remember seeing the sandstorm change color as if it was wet. I realized that the rain helped calm the sandstorm to some degree. Then I looked to the left of the sandstorm and saw a rainbow. The rainbow seemed crooked on it's right side but curved perfectly on the other half. I wondered why the rainbow was formed that way then went on my way.

I don't really pray to any Saint so seeing the figurine of Saint Jude kinda got me thinking and wanting to know what this dream means. When I was a child I used to live with my grandmother and she had a figurine of Saint Jude as well as other saints and the virgin mary. She is very religious to this day but I'm not. I pray but in my own spiritual way.

Dream Interpretation / My Stomach Spoke to Me
« on: July 12, 2022, 01:24:19 PM »
I had an amazing dream. Well I call it a dream but I had woken up so was fully conscious though I was dreaming.

I had never experienced anything like this before, but I was aware that my stomach was talking to me and i heard it in my ears. I saw myself swallowing alcohol and my stomach cried out, except that my stomach couldn't speak so it just made anxious noises which I felt them too. I was very surprised by the dream, and decided never to drink it again.

Dream Interpretation / Strange \creatures On Me
« on: June 25, 2022, 11:12:28 AM »
I was walking alone near Shardloes - a footpath I walked a great deal in my twenties and some in my childhood. The place I was walking was off the footpath, to what was the horizon of what I could see from the path, up into the hills above the river valley. I came across an enclosure I hadn’t known was there. Maybe it was new. It was wire fenced, and the wire went right above the whole place, so even birds would be enclosed.

I went into the enclosure as it was open to the public - at least there didn’t seem any problem about my going in. The entrance was through a wire flap about three feet square that closed behind me. Inside, the land was allowed to remain natural without farming or spraying, so the creatures could live their normal life. The land rose slightly and was a little rugged.

As I looked around I found a small creature on a rock. It looked like cellophane, as one could see right through it. It was about three inches across, shaped slightly like a starfish, and was mobile. I found other creatures also, bigger and looking more solid, maybe nine inches across, also mobile, with a texture like thick seaweed, and with many ‘legs’ from a central body or nucleus. I hadn’t seen creatures like this before.

As I stood on the higher ground near the top end of the enclosure a man, who I felt was a keeper or warden of the place, came and talked to me. He was talking about some children being allowed in the place, and how destructive they could be. I mentioned the experience I had while on school holiday on the Isle of Wight, when I saw the children empty a window of goods by stealing them.

The man had gone, and I suddenly felt one of the larger creatures moving up my leg, inside my trousers. It climbed to my left shoulder, and I was aware of others also on my body about - three or four. I was not frightened, but a little tense, wondering what to do. I realised I should have tucked my trousers in my socks so they would not have been able to crawl up my legs. I thought of taking my clothes off to remove the creatures, but thought others would then be able to jump on me easily. At this point the dream ended or I woke. Stan

Dream Interpretation / Playing With Wolves
« on: May 26, 2022, 11:13:37 AM »
So I had a dream I was playing with young wolves and also when the mother wolf was giving birth I was protecting it and it’s new born from other like if I was a wolf confused on the message.

Alicia Ochoa

Questions about dreams / Am I Healing or Lost?
« on: March 01, 2022, 12:29:46 PM »
I am a woman, early 40's, who breastfed all 3 of my children, the youngest being almost 19 years old now. The infant boy in the dream was not one of my sons- he was a baby I was breastfeeding for someone else- not known to me. More than 10 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost both of my breasts surgically, and then shortly after my uterus and ovaries to cancer, which put me in very early menopause.
In the dream I recognized the physical sensations as familiar- the same as those I experienced when I breastfed my children. But I had a sense of 'oh, how much I missed them' in regards to my breasts, so although I perceived I was physically feeling the sensations, I also knew these weren't my breasts, and the fullness I was feeling in my pelvis wasn't my uterus. But I wasn't disturbed by this - just aware and enjoying the sensations.

Also, recently I've been exploring and gaining a deeper awareness regarding my own schizoid wounding and childhood traumas, and have been working through relationship entanglements with my mother too. My energy healer has been focusing me on loving myself and 'grounding' into my body, and my therapist has been putting that same concept in more psychological terms- re-parenting myself. Although I initially, upon waking, had the impression the dream was about that- me nurturing myself, and letting go of some pent-up emotional energy around that, what Tony stated in the dream dictionary about breasts really resonated deeply with me: "Only in the fusion of infancy, or of sexual orgasm, or in religious ecstasy do we escape the psychic wound of division."

I'm open to what anyone might add to the insights of this peculiar dream. It's the first time I've consciously been aware of dreaming about breastfeeding, and the first time I had an orgasm in dream that wasn't prompted by a sexual encounter in the dream. I'm not sure if this dream was about me sorting out the issues with my mother, my own self-love and the intention I have regarding healing that part of me, the schizoid wounding stuff, or if it's all inter-related? Well, I know it's all related....I think what I'm trying to ask is, is there something more specific/precise this dream is speaking to me?

And Tony, if you're reading, I just want to say thank you for hosting this forum and for sharing, free of any monetary cost, your wisdom. I plan to spend some time reading through the material you have shared in the pages of your site.....

Dream Interpretation / Mother To My Children
« on: January 29, 2022, 11:42:53 AM »
Hello Tony....my name is Noelle. I am Corah Simone's mother. I was very close to my father, he was my best friend in life. When he passed I was sitting with him and then...and for the next 10 years my whole world/ worlds broke open. I am the parent to three children but youngest Lewin saw my dad's spirit and communicated with him on a few occasions...it's as if the sky split in my world but not the people in it.....Corah and I have had similar dreams (sleep dreams) since she was around 3 years old. I always knew my dad was speaking through us....to us. He was a very very good astrological teacher and also a writer and musician...he is no doubt giving gift of his teachings right through Corah now....it's pretty amazing. I am married for 21 years to a Catholic man, with a Catholic family who does not see or enjoy these things....my husband is kind but is not aware of another side...he isn't threatened but his family is and it's been very painful for me n confusing for my kids...mostly my boys.

I now KNOW IT WS A LIFE LESSON that I see and learn in experiencing this family....however how I deal with it is very very different then 10 years ago. it's causing conflict. .....raising and being my children's mother has been a life path and joy for me ...but now I'm being catapulted elsewhere....so many downloads....so many nightmares. I am sorry to bother you.... I am reaching out to you as a friend and I would appreciate and enjoy some dialogue at a certain point in time...if you may. Thank you for listening.

Dream Interpretation / I was dead yet still alive
« on: January 29, 2022, 10:34:37 AM »
Hello, reading your dream about being shot reminded me of a dream I had:  I was in an army and in my tent, presumably an officer as it was just for me, Jenny came in and shot me, I staggered (doing a Jimmy Cagney style effort), picked my rifle and shot her several times in the heart. The bullets going into the same hole. I can remember thinking, ‘That was good shooting’ and collapsed. I woke hearing sounds of the camp in the distance, stood up and looked around. There was a scrubby bush and two legs with boots on sticking out from underneath it. When I looked at them I realised it was my body and that I was dead. Then it switched to rolling green fields and I was walking along, hand in hand with Jenny.

Dream Interpretation / A WOW Dream
« on: January 15, 2022, 09:59:42 AM »
I have been having some very specific dreams since early last spring with several vague dreams and then manifested with the presence of two bald eagles that visited my property daily from May until September.  At first they only appeared early in the morning and then they were present anytime I walked outside.  It seemed that each time I walked the fence or the creek one or both eagles were always present circling directly over me and always flying just before me.  In late May as I walked with my granddaughter one eagle was flying very low around us, almost like it was trying to get us to stop walking.  We did stop to watch it and as soon as we stopped the eagle swooped down to the ground and a black bear walked across the path, stopping long enough to sniff the air and look at us.

Since then we continue to be graced by the presence of the eagle and the bear.  In the past several months I have been involved with trying to stop the proposed lithium mine and my attention has been focused with that.

However I have been continuing to have dreams that are consistently the same.  I am always walking near a creek or a forest, sometimes alone and sometimes with my granddaughter, but there is always an eagle flying overhead showing me which way to go, in my dreams the eagle speaks to me and tells me to follow it.  The eagle tells me that the bear is there to protect me but I must not get too close to it and I should never acknowledge where the bear is because it would be dangerous for me and the bear.  Always  in my dreams the eagle shows me the bear and I can never see the bear myself until the eagle shows me where to look.

This is also true in my awakened state.  I know the bear is here and I can see it’s tracks and teeth marks but I never see the bear unless the eagle is flying or the dogs bark at it or unless the bear crosses my path and chooses for me to see it.

In the most recent dreams there is a wolf that is stalking me.  In my dreams the eagle is urgently trying to get me to stop but the bear is calling for my help.  This is the first time that the eagle and the bear do not seem to be in perfect harmony.  But in my dreams I don’t really feel like the two are not still working together.  It’s more like the eagle’s main goal is protecting me but the bear desperately needs my help. The wolf injured her cub and she is calling for me to help her save her baby.  In these dreams I have a terrible time trying to walk through the forest and I loose sight of the eagle.  As I get closer to the bear (I can’t see her but I can hear her), I can feel that the wolf is closer to me.

In my last dream I found the bear cub and when I finally reached her she died but as she died she changed into an elderly Indian woman.  She told me I had done a brave and foolish thing by coming to help her because the wolf now would come for me.  But she said that I would never be alone because her family would always protect me and her friends would always guide me.  Then as she disappeared a wolf lunges at me but there is some kind of force around me that keeps it from being able to reach me.  But this only makes the wolf more angry and more determined to kill me.

Last night as I was pointing out stars to my granddaughter, the cows and dogs went into a panic.  When we looked at the forest line there was what I thought to be  a coyote standing at the tree line.  Several others appeared shortly, which I found a bit odd.  But then the largest one stepped forward and howled.  I must say that I have never heard a coyote make that howling sound in the 17 years I have lived here and been around coyotes.  I do believe that I saw wolves last night.

While this may not be relevant to my current dreams, I feel it may important to mention that this is not the first time that my dreams have crossed the sleep/wake cycles.  In 2014 I was terrorized by an evil spirit of unknown origins that attached to me and attempted to break my will and Spirit and visited me nightly threatening to “take” my family and my then unborn granddaughter.  Through my own spiritual journey I defeated the evil spirit and have banished it from my presence.  Though I am aware I did not destroy the spirit itself.  The day after I dreamed that God stood between me and the evil spirit with my granddaughter’s hand in His and my told me that I would forever be able to speak to my granddaughter with my thoughts no matter our distance, as I left my driveway for work I witnessed a small animal dead in the center of the road every few feet for half a mile from my house.  Feeling there was a clear message I turned my car around and drove back past my driveway in the opposite direction to find the same thing except that the animals were all torn apart so they were spilling their organs across the pavement and some were only missing their heads.  I live in a very rural area with very few human neighbors so finding dead animals is not uncommon.  However I have never experienced so many so close together nor have they been located in what seemed to be a very precise place.  This was when and why I am certain I was dealing with an evil spirit.  This display continued daily with new dead animals each morning for 3 days.  I also noticed that no other animals were feeding on the carcasses of these dead animals, not even the vultures or coyotes.  After that I only saw the occasional dead animal.

After that my granddaughter became known to me.  I saw her through a video before she was born.  The doctor who was filming the video dropped the camera in shock.  When I saw her on the screen I spoke her name and she turned her entire body around and smiled at the camera and looked like she waved to me.  We have not always lived in close proximity with each other until recently but we have always been exceptionally close.  She now chooses to live with us because she said she picked her parents before she was born because she already had lived a life with me and knew that I could help her and protect her.  We can indeed communicate without speaking though we don’t often even acknowledge that we are doing it.


General Discussion / Realising How Stupid We Can Be
« on: October 17, 2021, 10:21:13 AM »
The next dream shows bow a solution can be sought, and found in the dream itself. The woman, May, had suffered years of emotional misery and alienation from her family. She says; ‘Because of this, when I was down to absolutely rock bottom emotionally, I consulted a hypnotherapist who explained that hypnosis was used only as a last resort. I went to her for once a week for over a year. I was treated under psychotherapy, and I had to write down my dreams every day. Through this I recognised my areas of problems, and in time my problems lessened. However, with petrol becoming more expensive I had to travel seventy miles altogether for each visit I gave up the consultations. All the same, I felt I hadn’t really reached the real root of the trouble. I delved into my known past, but not my unknown past. Consequently, after about six months I drifted back into my old depression and aggressive dreams and nightmares. 
‘I always seemed to be searching for the lost years. My real mother died when I was nineteen months old and my sister was one month. In the same week my Dad was called up for the War. Unable to get anyone to look after two young children Dad paid a woman to look after me, while my sister was adopted by an aunt and uncle. My father re-married when I was seven, and I have two half brothers and one half sister. As I grew up none of my family would let me speak about the past, making it a taboo subject. Because of this I used to fall out with them on and of.) Then, when my father died five years ago, I am now forty three, I got in such a rage, telling my family I was never one of them, and now that Dad was dead I had no family. The guilt and depression I felt about this was what led me to go to the hypnotherapist. 

‘This year, in January, forty one years from the day my own mother died, my stepmother died. This sent me into such agonising emotions I had to give op my job, and was near to a nervous breakdown. However, on the nineteenth of March I had this dream. 

‘My son had a spray which made him very small. He was able to speak to and see various small characters and Walt Disney people. He sprayed me so I could see the characters too. He found a minute friend, a girl of his own age. He was so small - insect size that when he crossed a road with his friends he got trodden on. I had a terrible feeling of loss. Then my own son laughed and said, ‘We are all okay. We are too small for anyone to hurt us.’ 

‘My son sprayed other members of the family and I began to have the feeling I knew the answer to my years of depression and guilt.   
‘Then we were walking down a sunny promenade. I saw my father sitting on a bench. I hesitated, feeling I could not go to him. My son told me not to worry. He said, ‘If you can’t love your father I will love you both as son and Father. If you are too silly as grown ups to see it doesn’t matter about all the past, I’ll make up the love to you.’ The little girl with him went to my father and said the same thing. Then my father and I both laughed and went to each other, thinking how silly we had been all those years. We both got the feeling of forgiveness and saw how we had wasted all those years because we didn’t have the simple love of a child.

‘My father had then been sprayed and could see the characters, who all began to dance. On the beach nearby were my stepsister and stepbrother and wife, sun-bathing in the warmth. Instead of my usual Pit feeling I felt playful and kicked some sand over them. I had the wonderful feeling of happiness and floating. I told them the story, and said the answer was so simple forgive each other, love and forget the past and look to the future. I felt it was a miracle, and knew it was the answer to finding peace with my family. living and deceased. And as the dream ended there was a crescendo of moving music, all the Disney characters were there, with pairs of birds in nests all around in trees. They had little comic notices hung outside such as ‘Goodnight’, ‘God Bless’, ‘Don’t Snore.’ 

‘Since the dream, six months ago, I have become reconciled with most of my family though I doubt if they can understand the reasoning behind it. I now have this wonderful feeling of well being. 
‘Though life still has its difficulties.’


Dream Interpretation / Warning of Death
« on: September 16, 2021, 02:05:49 PM »

Hi tony,
I had a strange dream..well dreams. The first was a warning, I can’t remember it all but it was a stretch of road and an intersection coming up on the left. I am looking forward. There is a warning that I will die here. A week later I am dreaming I am in the car with my parents (I do not live in the same country as them in real life). We are arguing over money spent, I say it wasn’t me..there is a wallet and mum says, look there is a blonde hair in here..I have blonde hair, it’s like its my fault then the car suddenly speeds up, it’s out if control, there is panic we will crash, then out if the window us that intersection I recognise from the previous dream and it hits me, we are going to die, it’s the warning coming to fruition, we are losing gravity and suddenly there is only me and mum, she is in the drivers seat and looks at me and the last words are from mum, she says, I told you they were calling jxxxxx (uses my name). There is acceptance and fear and I wake up suddenly before actually crashing quite shaken. What can it mean?? Jules

Dream Interpretation / A psychic came to visit
« on: August 06, 2021, 10:26:46 PM »
I dreamt I was at work at the hospital and a psychic came to visit. The psychic came right up to me and whispered to me that I worry to much about my health. I was relieved with what he said but I felt a sudden urge to ask him a question. He was in a hurry to go so I stopped him in the doorway. I asked if I could just ask him one question and as he turned around I could tell he was annoyed. I said that I have always felt like I should be able to see spirits so why can’t I. He responded by coming up to me and taping my eyes closed and in that moment I began to see gold outlines. I was so happy when I awoke. Deb

Dream Interpretation / Death
« on: July 30, 2021, 11:37:38 AM »
Hello Tony,

How are you?

I would love your input on my recurring (well twice now since may) dream theme:
First one: May 23rd
- Im in a helicopter when suddenly the helicopter turns down towards the trees 🌲 & the ground & the engine comes to a stop & i can feel How the helicopter starts to descend. My friend yells: ”We are Going to die now”, i realize it as well first With an amazing shocking fear but then suddenly i become calm & aware in the situation as if; i dont want to miss this, i want to be aware as i die. As i descends i wake up.

Second one july 26th:
- i am back at Uni, With my old golfcoach & the assistant coach We are told to run up & down this ”Ladder” 15metres up as a workout, i love workouts so Im doing it. After a couple of times Im at the top & i can feel How the ladder Will fall to the ground! Im going to die & i feel super scared & then; suddenly i become aware (not lucid) & calm wanting to be aware as i die.. somehow i manage to take a small jump right before i hit the ground! I was fine..

Lots of love💗💗💗💗💗,

Dream Interpretation / Missed Shot - Frustration
« on: May 14, 2021, 02:06:32 PM »
Hello Tony, How are you? I Have noticed a recurring dream since 2018 i Have had 6 dreams of below theme. Any insight on I can come to insight would be wonderful Thank you: My dream: I cannot tee off (golf). I am standing on tee number 9 at a particular hole i am familiar with, my guy opponent hits his drive perfectly, even makes a bounce on a hill & pushes the ball another 100yds almost into the green! When its my turn there is always someone in my way which makes it impossible for me to hit. I move my ball & tee it up, but then my practice swing feels like an amateur as if i wont hit the ball? Again people who don't know about golf is in my way. By now I'm so frustrated!!! I'm aware that I'm taking too long!! (Fear of penalty?) I never got to hit the ball. Carina

Questions about dreams / Why Am I Stuck In Life
« on: April 19, 2021, 09:57:03 AM »
How do we get stuck in life – unable to move or grow?

Many of us get stuck in life situations from which we may never emerge. The situation might be one of never establishing a full and satisfying sexual relationship; constantly feeling hurt by the actions of others; existing in a state of depression or anxiety; forever having to seek activity or company to deal with ones own inner emptiness; experiencing enormous jealousy or anxiety in a relationship – the list could be endless.

Orthodox medicine, recognising how difficult it is to help people move from such mental emotional prisons has turned to chemical attempts to shift the person’s inner state. Overall this sometimes seems to aid, but is not a universal answer to the human condition. There is however a self help path we can take that can radically change such situations. The first step is to recognise how we personally hold such inner conditions in place. Maybe we might even ask the question as to why we maintain such an awful relationship with life. The answer to that question might very well reveal the most powerful process that freezes us in our difficulty.

Example: I had an insight that I had got into a negative feedback loop. Because I had got stuck in this place, then I feared I was stuck there in reality, which produced the certainty I was stuck, which produced the inability to move out. We feed back to ourselves images of failure and feelings of unattractiveness, and all the other negative feelings we all meet during the week. Instead of looking at them and seeing them as passing feelings, we take them as impressions of reality and drown in them. We accept them as true and start to live them. When that happens we see conformation for the negatives, and so it goes on.

I tried to find the way out of the loop. The only way out I could find was the realisation that the loop has no end, like the figure eight. There is only one thing to do, stop it playing. Grab it and stop the crazy record or habit carrying on.

To help with this, to help grab the thing and kill it, we obviously have to realise it is untrue. If we still believe the loop to be playing a truth, then we only strengthen the action. So for its cessation we need to realise that our sense of self is a constantly moving fragile thing that has no stable reality. We aren’t ANYTHING – stable, so how can we be a failure, or a success, or great, or of no account, or any thought or feeling? No thought or feeling represents our reality. No feeling, or sense of ourselves, is anything more than a sense, a feeling, it is not us. So how could this feeling represent some sort of permanent personal reality?

You are building a hell for yourself by your beliefs, and thoughts. You need to recognise the power of these thoughts and in recognising them, say to your self, “I have taken this path of thoughts so many times and it always leads to the same place – emotional pain and turmoil – so why do I keep pushing this crazy button over and over”?

Example: I suffered torment for years, messing up my life, until a dream showed me what I had been doing. I had thought the pain and misery was from some earlier trauma but could not find one. And the dream showed me that it wasn’t a trauma but cultural programming that said that I was a bad father and also a bad husband, both true from a certain viewpoint.

The view that I was shown by the dream was that my pain was from habits created by the culture I grew up in. I realised that I could create a new life by changing the habits of a lifetime. But every time I left the house and my children the old habits started tearing me apart again. I stopped just outside the door and looked at the awful feelings. I had tried positive thinking and that didn’t work. What I saw and reminded myself was that I had gone down that road a thousand times and it always led to self-destruction. So by seeing that I decided to change the habit and reminding myself, not that I was a wonderful person, but that I was a human man, who did not want to make his wife suffer from my awful moods, and also I saw from the dream that we are always free to go in any direction, and that sense of freedom enabled me to start a new life.

It didn’t happen suddenly, but each day it got easier because I knew the attitudes and feeling that led to my misery and so tried another life direction. The direction was the recognition that my state of mind led me to self-destruction every time it took that road and that resolved me to change outside the door.

The tremendous meaning and possibilities of that are amazing. Through the manipulation or observance of our own images, we can discover, trace, change our own innermost processes. See https://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/#Opening

See Conditioned Reflexes or Responses

A Great Power is Self Justification.
I recently asked a man who had experienced enormous pain through, as he felt, being misused by a woman friend. When I pointed out that this was the woman’s normal behaviour that he himself had described to me, so why was he hurt by it, he said that she should have been more caring for his feelings.

I then asked him if perhaps he was asking her to act like an adult while he maintained the emotional level of response normal in childhood – namely blaming someone else for his hurt. In response he again justified himself by saying that it was normal to feel hurt from such an action.

Such justifications, and the statement that it is normal to feel pain in love, at the death of someone close, at the twisting and turning of life events, or because of the unthinking remarks of someone, are the chains that bind us to that misery.

Carl Jung wrote, “If we could fully meet our shadow, we would be immune to any moral or verbal insinuations. We would already have seen this for ourselves.”

To meet our shadow – to acknowledge our own follies – to see our own childish behaviour – we need to be self aware. Of course that path is not for the weak hearted. It means to stop the continual justification of why we feel and respond in the way we do, and instead, to pull back what we hide from ourselves to reveal the underlying causes of our responses and behaviour. It lies in taking ourselves by the scruff of the neck and perhaps saying, “I am still responding to this as if I am a three year old. Come on, time to grow up, and stop justifying myself for feeling angry, jealous, afraid, and ill.”

Growth is an innate urge in us. If we stop holding it back we will emerge from childhood and our countless justifications. See Avoid Being Victims – Martial Art of the Mind – Water Wonderland – A Way Through – Meeting yourself see them by pasting each heading in the search box in Dreamhawk.

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