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Dream Interpretation / Robbing a Supermarket
« on: Yesterday at 08:50:02 AM »

Hello Tony,
I recently dreamt that I was in the middle of robbing a supermarket.
A female security guard appeared and I immediately started to run from her.
She pulled a black handgun out and started to run after me whilst firing the gun. I was hit by a bullet in the back of my head on the right side.
I managed to escape.

Whilst firmly pressing the bullet wound with my hand on my head to stop the bleeding, I was thinking, why did she have to hit the right side, now I am not going to be able to spiritually connect with source energy (Cosmic energy, God, The Devine… whatever you want to call it).

I felt stuck in my logical left brain, helpless.
How does one begin to interpret this kind of dream?
Thanks Tony, its amazing work you are doing

Dream Interpretation / Little Angels
« on: Yesterday at 08:47:14 AM »

I had a dream that someone who I didn’t know was taking me to an important place. I had looked down at my arms and noticed how extremely tan I was, like I use to get as a kid. Then as we made it to this little house I saw 3 little naked toddler boys walking to the house. They looked like old drawings of angels but they didn’t have wings & all 3 were identical with blond curly hair, light skin & blue eyes. Then I went into small house & this person brought me up a short stair case & to the room on the right. It was extremely bright in the room & there were mirrors everywhere. The walls & floors were white & there were bars of lights everywhere. I covered my eyes & ran out of the room to the steps & I got very upset with this person. I told them I wasn’t holy enough to be in the room & then they said that God wanted me to see this room & be in this room. Then I was sitting in the room & my co-worker Peter brought me a credit card to run.

Dream Interpretation / Levitate or Not
« on: April 10, 2018, 09:02:29 AM »

I have had constant and more reoccurring dreams that I am able to levitate. I am NEVER aware that I am in a dream, maybe because my mind has always been open to any possibility. My levitation always requires deep concentration and effort beyond any natural ability that I am capable of. Over the years, my (literal) heights in levitation have increased as well as the effort and concentration needed to reach them. I have notice that my ability to control my direction of movement is very obscure, and often leads me to lose the concentration needed to maintain a constant height. (I often zig zag across a room even though I know where I am and where I want to be, most recently holding/ carrying someone I love.) Livid dreams are not something I’m able to be aware of, but most often I am more happy in the dreams than reality. This also makes it hard to want to be awake. I would much rather explore my growth of consciousness than to be burdened by the sick reality that we must experience. I am begging for guidance and mentoring. I first experienced this over 20 years ago (33 now). And I am now realizing that I must learn if I am ever to grow from it. It is BY FAR the best experience I have ever felt in my entire life, and I truly wish to embrace it. I am here and waiting to further myself before “I pass into another realm”. All suggestions are welcome.

Dream Interpretation / Meeting Cancer
« on: April 08, 2018, 10:16:15 AM »
[email protected] – 2018-04.04

I would really appreciate it if you could help me understand my dream last night. It was fairly disturbing. I was in my bedroom and looked out my window and saw a little fox. Further on in the next window I saw a second fox. I called my kids over to see them. They started to quarrel. All of the sudden things quickly escalated and out come coyotes or wolves and they started attacking and killing the little foxes in front of us. They were ripping them apart and blood was everywhere. Then, I noticed part of the pack was eating a golden retriever. They were ripping off its’ fur, skinning it and eating it. It was covered in blood. I was in shock, it started to move as they were eating it. It was still alive, being tortured. What is this dream about? I have cancer, it is progressing and I am very hurt by friends and family who have not been there to support me at all. I assume it is related? Thank you for your time and insight.


Dream Interpretation / Effortless Being-Imported
« on: March 31, 2018, 04:46:03 AM »

I was floating on the very tender tips of a tree in a sort of effortless levitation. The tree was about 40 feet high and was standing in what looked like walkways near a shopping mall. One walkway was rising so it came to about halfway up the tree. A few people gathered to look at me and wonder how it was possible for me to maintain my position. At first they thought it must be a publicity stunt and were wondering where the cameras were. But as nothing happened in that way it led them to question further. Suddenly one of the people watching – I think it was a woman – suddenly realised it was not a trick or to do with publicity. She realised that this meant it was possible for a human being to do this, and was immediately floating beside me. Shortly after that another person was with us, floating effortlessly. Then there were several more, until there were about six of us in a circle at the tree tip. We reached out to each other and held hands, then we lifted upwards, climbing to an enormous height, leaving a trail of smoke behind us as a sign for people to see from miles away.

Dream Interpretation / Beckoning me to peer into a void-Imported
« on: March 30, 2018, 02:28:02 PM »
Peter L

So what I am wondering, as I mentioned in a general site comment that your resources have been profoundly helpful to me. I had a recent dream, as in I just woke up from it actually, which was extraordinarily powerful and stayed with me. In it there was some external entity, it might have been my subconscious speaking directly to me as I have often felt in my dreams a peculiar sameness between “actual” interactions with other people and my own subconscious, if that makes sense, where in I know I am talking to another voice which mirrors myself but in the same essence it feels like I am listening to someone talk to me. Though I usually don’t need to respond verbally to interact with this voice, I am often able to hear the words spoken to me aloud.

Anyway, this voice was beckoning me to peer into a hole, or void, which at first I began picturing as simply a hole on a wall but then I found myself in my room. Strangely not my apartment but rather my childhood bedroom, though with a massive glass window that I definitely know wasn’t there before. Outside of the window was top to bottom, in all directions a wide expanse of stars. Such that even when pressing my face to the glass and looking straight down I could only see stars, as though my room was floating in space. Then the “hole” I was being told to look through began to materialize much like a Black Hole at the center of a galaxy. I have personally been very fond of astronomy, so I was actually very intrigued and excited by what could potentially be a rather frightening symbol.

Soon I phased through the glass window as though it was never there, and found myself floating toward the epicenter of the spiraling stars. Not straight on like a dart approaching a dart-board, but more like an Airplane coming towards a runway, before I started to grow close enough that I was nearly able to put my eye up to the looking glass if-you-will, and see what I am being told to see. Than, if you could believe the timing, my alarm went off waking me up! Before I could see it! I am wondering if this particular scenario provides you with any contextual feelings or knowledge, particularly a few elements about it.

1. The fact that I was being beckoning, and told, not necessarily FORCED but more like, comfortingly almost as though my father was telling me,
“Hey Pete! Come take a look at this”

2. The fact that it was a hole that I was NOT necessarily inclined to, being told to, or seemingly in any way “supposed to” fall into, as with many descriptions of a hole in dreams. That is what seems to different from many situations described around what I’ve read. I was being instructed to look through this hole. I guess perhaps this could’ve been more a chance for reflection and observation than say, physical shifting or leaning towards physically doing something. Such that I could take that knowledge with me when I awake, atleast that is how I interpreted it.

So if anyone could share their thoughts I would really appreciate any and all input. This dream left me with goosebumps waking up, again not from fear or some sort of nightmare, but rather like the feeling you get leaving an amazing movie or live concert. It just hit me very powerfully and I am wondering if there are things in my life that I should look more closely into as it seemed I was being motioned towards some sort of self-reflection.

I have also looked into topics around Astral Projection with the hopes of finding more information related to the meaning and benefits culturally seen for these practices and forms of meditation, though as you can imagine the internet can be toxic and its hard to get genuine information on esotericism online.


I am a white woman. I have a black woman appearing in many dreams. She takes many different forms — sometimes American, sometimes African, sometimes old, sometimes young, beautiful/ugly, intellectual/uneducated, fat/thin. But she is always the same person, and she always has the same role in the dream, namely to reveal me to myself. She acts as a mirror which allows me to see myself as I am. And the particular quality she has which enables her to act as a mirror is that she herself is completely free of judgement. Interestingly, my grown son had a dream last night in which a black woman, different again in form from all those I have seen, revealed him to himself.


I recently had a weird dream about my deceased mother breastfeeding my youngest son who is 5 years old. After which she drove off in a white car. The dream abruptly ends after that. I’m not sure what it means or the significance. Any thoughts??

Dream Interpretation / Why Did the Guy I Was Dating Leave Me?
« on: March 14, 2018, 09:55:37 AM »

Hi there, I dreamt about this guy who I was dating but lately we’ve stopped contacting and meeting up as much as before. In my dream, he was dragged away by some bad guys. Any idea what this could mean? Thanks.

Dream Interpretation / I am you incarnate
« on: March 09, 2018, 11:14:15 AM »

I was on a bed in the large upstairs room in the house I lived in while in London. It was a big bed. Next to me was a girl baby - mine and my wife’s. It was still very small. Lying on the bed looking at it, with my head near it, I said, “Who are you?” I meant, what past soul reborn are you?

The baby replied in a mature male (I think) voice, which astounded me. It seemed to have trouble in issuing the words, but managed, saying, “I am you incarnate.”

Surprised, I said, “What do you mean?”

The baby spoke again, saying, “Even if I explained you would not understand.”

I was then downstairs in the shop. Somehow I knew that the baby had undergone a small surgical operation. This had released male sexual organs from within, which had been there all-time. It now had male and female organs. And I now understood how it was me. My male sexuality had been released through it.

Dream Interpretation / My five year old daughter gave birth to boy
« on: March 08, 2018, 09:50:50 AM »

I hope that this message finds you well. I would really appreciate your insight into this dream. You interpreted one of my dreams in the past, and it was very helpful.

I dreamed that I was walking through the grocery store with my young daughter when, all of a sudden, a baby boy came out of her. On the one hand, it was odd because she was her five-year-old self (not a pregnant woman), and when it happened, we were walking together holding hands as if it was a normal day in our current life. On the other hand, in the dream, I and the other people who were present were not entirely surprised that this happened. We were sort of expecting this baby to arrive any day, and when the baby came out of my daughter, everyone sprang into action (cutting the umbilical cord, bringing a carrier for the baby, calling my husband to let him know that the baby had arrived, etc.). My husband came to get us, and the understanding was that this was our son (even though our daughter had birthed him). I saw myself nursing the baby. Then my husband and I were talking in the car, and there were feelings of joy and perhaps some anxiety/protectiveness, similar to what new parents feel. Thank you so much!

Dream Interpretation / Meeting Lucifer Imported from Comments
« on: March 05, 2018, 10:19:19 AM »

I had a dream of Lucifer slowly taking away ones I care about and when he was done, he slowly turned towards me, walked my way and went to touch my head and that’s when I woke up. I’ve searched so many websites and asked so many people and they’re all different and I don’t know who to believe! It spooked me really bad, please help me!

Dream Interpretation / An Old Folly
« on: March 04, 2018, 11:55:16 AM »

I was in a large, old house. It was pleasant, and interesting, being like an old “folly”. It had passages leading off all over the place that one could explore. I was being led up the stairs by a very wilful child. It wanted to explore the house, and was dragging me with it. As we went up the stairs, a man came out of a door and walked down past us. He looked at me as if to say, “Don’t go up”; or, “if you go up, be prepared.” He looked like a caretaker, but was very indistinct and shadowy.

The child led me on up however into what was like a loft where I had never been before. it was attached to, yet somehow distinct from the rest of the house. Also it was very light and filled with ancient books and objects. I looked at them and felt that there was something oriental and mysterious about them. Somehow they seemed like a treasure, all dusty, but full of wisdom about life.

Then the child went to a door that was split in two halves, a higher and lower. It could not get through the lower, but went out the top half.’

Dream Interpretation / Sea Tiger Destiny
« on: March 01, 2018, 11:00:32 AM »

Sea tiger dream

I have had this dream since I was a very little girl, about three or four I should think. The thing was, I still have the same dream, even now I am much older.

In the dream, I was in Dunoon in Scotland by the sea, and I was holding the hand of either my father or my grandpa, I can't be sure which. There was a sunset, and the waves were rolling up the beach quite calmly. But suddenly the sky went grey and the sea went wild, and the barrier that went along the promenade disappeared and some sort of suction was pulling me in. I lost my grip on my grandpa/father's hand, and a huge storm erupted. In the sea bobbed three tiger heads, and I was insistent that I took them home to be fixed. I'm not sure how my dream self managed, but I was suddenly in my mother's garden in the summer, and there was a garden shed. Ever since I was little I have wanted a garden shed, but we never had one. But any way, my mum opened the garden shed and there was the tiger's bodies. She sewed the heads back on, and I ran back down to the sea with my tigers. They launched into the sea and swam away, and then I suppose I must have woken up.

I would really like to know what this dream means, as I keep having it. It means a lot to me, but I'm not quite sure why.
Thank you,

Dream Interpretation / A Door Into Wonder - Imported from Comments
« on: February 27, 2018, 12:19:10 PM »

We moved into our house three and a half years ago when I was heavily pregnant with twins. Since moving in, I have had the same dream on a handful of occasions. In the first dream, my husband and I were viewing houses. There was one very old & grand house, which hadn’t been lived in for many years. We looked around but knew it was well out of our budget. The entrance we went in was in the middle of woods, with a long road leading to it & big pillars and gates to go through. I don’t remember feeling scared by the house, it was beautiful. We then viewed another house, more like the one we live in now which we purchased (just a standard two bedroom home on a residential street).

The dreams I’ve had since all involve us living in the smaller house. However, the grand house is kind of at the back of our house. No one else has ever referred to the grand house, so it’s as though only we are aware of it being there. I don’t know how it is hidden, there are no doors connecting the two buildings but I think they’re attached. They definitely both belong to us. We walked around the grand house in a few dreams, exploring the rooms & deciding how we want to use it, but I am overcome with such fear whenever I step into the house that we continue to leave it empty. One time I was brave & went in alone, but a ghostly figure chased me out. My husband said I was screaming in my sleep, so he woke me up. I slammed the door shut on the ghost & haven’t been back in since.

Sometimes I have a brief dream about the little house, where I’m in the loft, which is huge (and part of the other house, though not scary) & look down through a little hole in the floor so I can see the grand house. I can see the large open entrance and the beautiful staircase. I’m always intrigued & want to use the house, but know that stepping foot in it frightens me.
In my most recent dream last night, I peeped through the hole in the floor, then dreamt that we were looking to rent out the grand house. Again I really wanted to use that house for our family, but was too scared to step foot in there.

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