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Dream Interpretation / Dream of deceased grandparents
« on: October 07, 2010, 10:22:52 AM »
Hi, it's the third time this week that I dreamed of my deceased grandparents.
Usually my dreams appear to come true- it started 15 years ago when I dreamed of my deceased grandmother ( she died approx. 25 years ago ). I dreamed she was waiting for my grandpa to come. She told me that he was about to come to her so she won't be alone anymore. At that time my grandpa was ill and I didn't know that because I live in another country. A few weeks after my dream I was told that my grandpa died.
It's seldom that I dream of them.
8 years ago I dreamed that me and my uncle were at a train station and waited for a train.
When the train came my grandpa was inside it at the door and didn't let me enter it but took my uncle's
hand and let him in. Few weeks after this my uncle died in a car accident.

Now again since last Wednesday I again dreamed of my grandparents ( thrice in this week ). The first dream was about them visiting me in my house. The second time I was waiting at my grandma's house for my mom and my grandma. My mom came and I saw my grandma behind her. I argued with my mom why she was late and I kept asking her why she wants to leave and that she cannot do so.
Yesterday I dreamed of my grandpa. He was in my house and when he wanted to leave, I wanted to give him some chocolates as some kind of souvenir, I don't know whether I gave him the sweets or not but I had the intention.

What does this mean ? I'm so confused due to my other mentioned dreams.
Thanks in advance.

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