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Questions about dreams / No dreams
« on: December 28, 2010, 10:34:17 PM »
Hello Tony

I have been reading ur forum recently, and listening to my friends' dreams, which made me feel a kind of lack of my own dream world, as I can remember my dreams very rarely.

Do you think there might be some reason or meaning to non-dreaming?

I have been dreaming a bit when I was a child, but then it was decreasing more and more. Now most of the few dreams that I have seem to be very mandane.

Some time ago I have seen "inception", and after this I had a couple of drems, night after night, they were both very similar, some pointless situation, very tireing, but still there was some ation, and i had to put a lot of effort to resolve it, or just get to know what will happen. No exitement whatsoever. The colors were greyish too.

In both dreams I realized that I am dreaming in and I just stopped them- still sleeping, to go into the empty calm sleep. I remember in my dream i felt really happy about it - just as tho i can have rest after big effort.

Since then I have been waking up in the morning completly blank. Sometimes even extraordinaryly blank(which was very interesting too).

What can it mean that I have so little dreams, and how can I enter my dreams?

All best and thank u:-)


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