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Dream Interpretation / Father in dream
« on: December 10, 2011, 01:24:01 PM »
Hi everybody!

Last night I had a dream about my dad; I had been working on father issues until late at night so it wasn't surprising. But I still can't seem to get what the dream was trying to tell me. In the dream  Iwas with my dad and he was constantly asking me for help, how to do something, how to solve something and I was explaining to him over and over again. There was a slip of paper involved with some kind of password on it and I kept telling him to get it but he'd lost it and I couldn't find it for him. I was feeling frustrated but didn't want to show it to him. My real dad is a lot like this, and often makes me feel frustration because he's not catching on and often throws up his hands and challenges.

If this is about my relationship to myself, what is it that I have lost? Am I frustrated at myself for not taking on challenges? I am actually taking on quite a few challenges at the moment; could this dream be about self-judgement? I had a look at the "father" section in the dream dictionary, but remained non the wiser. :)

Thankful for any thoughts!! And thanks, Tony, for a great forum and a wonderful dream dictionary!


Dream Interpretation / Screaming
« on: October 08, 2011, 07:21:10 PM »
Hi everybody - I had an experience a while ago where I woke up to a voice screaming in my head. It could have been my own voice, but it was only in my head. What could this be about?

Dream Interpretation / Clark Gable and me in a black and white movie
« on: September 06, 2011, 10:22:36 AM »
Last night I dreamed a movie where I was a young woman and  I was engaged to a man played by Clark Gable. We were to be married. Then there was a complication which involved my younger sister in the movie (I don't personally have a sister), it looked like she was going to get Clark, but then it was straightened out and we were reunited. I woke up in a feeling of deep warmth.

I'm not sure how to look at this dream; is this dream about aspects of myself, male/female, or about an external relationship, do you think? Am I not being honest about myself, as I'm playing a role in the dream? Or was it an aspect of myself? The woman I was in the dream was hyper-feminine with frills and made up hair and stuff that I don't usually do myself.


Dream Interpretation / dark men, cake and a thought of rape
« on: August 29, 2011, 12:16:01 PM »
I had a most peculiar dream with many elements and I have a little trouble piecing the information together; I hope some of you will have some helpful thoughts on interpretation!

I dreamed that I was in a garage; a repair shop for cars, first I was in the workshop itself, talking to my current boss, after a while I went out into a sort of car reception area, I could see my boss through some sliding doors that were a little open. I was out in the reception and I was eating cookies and cake, I found half-eaten packets of cookies and just piled everything on my plate, at the same time looking over my shoulder to check that my boss wouldn't see me. I also happened to look at a newspaper and the leading story was that three Jamaican athletes had been convicted of (I think) murder - and I remember knowing that they were in fact innocent of the crime. At some point I was also lying down in some bushes outside the car repair shop, it was night and I was lying on the ground in the arms of a man that looked like he came from the middle-east or thereabouts. In the dream there was previously another man that wanted to "hug" me in the bushes, but I had politely chosen not to, because I knew that he would have raped me.

This dream was very interesting and peculiar! Also in relation to the cookies and cake - I've had countless dreams about these foods the last couple of weeks. Does this have something to do with nourishment or addiction?

Dream Interpretation / Namesake
« on: July 08, 2011, 02:44:09 PM »
I had a dream just now where I was in a church, giving some kind of recital, except I wasn't singing as much as sitting down on a chair, going deep into meditation. There were only a few people in the audience and when I was done, some of them didn't applaud. In the dream I had a coach and she was an older lady, a little bit rigid, and she was very firm and said to me that this was only a dress-rehearsal and that I would be fine. She pointed out the window at an amazing landscape of rolling hills and woods and mountains. I overheard an audience member tell someone that they'd found another "me" - my namesake - on the internet and that she was going to commission services of that person instead of me. I felt very defeated and betrayed and disappointed. Any suggestions for how to interpret these dream elements, anybody?


Hi everyone,

I've been dreaming this dream two nights in a row and also otherwise having very vivid dreams that leave me exhausted. The dream is that I'm lying in between a comodo dragon and a crocodile. I'm not so much scared as totally clear that I can't move or run away because they will gobble me up if I lift a finger. I'm recently working a lot on my fear of fear itself and also taking new steps in my business and I'm stopping myself all the time from taking new steps forward; I'm not sure though what the underlying fear is - I'm assuming that the reptiles are about fear holding me in place. What so you think?
I also have been having dreams about women being chased or attacked by men - last night it was a man with an axe - and I'm guessing this is part of the same fear of success and what my unconscious thinks about womens' right to succeed.

Thanks for a great forum, Tony!


Greetings / Hi everybody!
« on: February 03, 2011, 09:45:00 AM »

My name is Pia and I'm a Kundalini yoga teacher, energy practitioner, singer and musician. I've had so much help in my life from listening to my dreams and I'm very happy to have found Tony's site and this forum. Thank you so much for this service, Tony!


Dream Interpretation / Polar bears
« on: January 31, 2011, 11:40:52 AM »
I've been dreamng about polar bears a lot. They're not attacking me,  it's  tricky to know what they mean. Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant and as i was looking inward into my womb I saw my child but also a polar bear in there, lying in a fetal position a little distance away from the foetus. I have been releasing a lot of shame and frustration and sadness lately, would any of these feelings match the polar bear? The bear isn't aggressive but it makes me uneasy. My own interpretation has been that I have a silnet cold rage in me that I'm holding in my 3rd chakra, a strong resentment that is sleeping and I'm afraid of my own power, of my anger. Any suggestions?

Dream Interpretation / dream wedding
« on: January 22, 2011, 11:42:29 AM »
Hi everyone,

I dreamt that I was the groom at my own wedding and a friend of mine was the bride. (Our friendship builds on the fact that she was the one to be helped and I the helper.) In the dream the wedding is huge. I’ve been wearing my wedding ring all day before the wedding, I was so happy about it. I ask my friend if she has her ring and she nonchalantly points to a box at the altar and says she’ll just grab any ring from the box. THat makes me feel a sinking feeling. We go outside and we’re at a playground. My friend climbs down a really steep and high ladder but I’m too scared to follow her, I have to climb into a tree to find a staircase. When I get back to the venue the wedding has been canceled and everyone has gone. I’m wearing flowing clothes that make me look like a nun.

It was weird how I had such a strong feeling of wanting to get married, I longed for it. I could feel thatin my body eventhough I was dreaming. My guess is that this has to do with marrying different parts of myself?

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