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Dream Interpretation / Forced to jump off a bridge
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:36:04 PM »
Dear All,

This is only my second time here.  I had another strange dream, and if anyone can offer some direction, that would be great.  I am not sure of the meaning of this dream.  I will be honest and will admit that I have been contemplating about my life a lot. It seems that I do this about a few times a year and with the new year I have been reflecting on my relationships and my career goals. This morning I had a dream which I remember very vividly. I found myself in a warm climate and was exploring the area (funny because I am supposed to be going to PR a week and with all the work that I have been given at the work I am not so sure that I will make it).  I was on a bike riding through a town, there were palm trees and many people out. I rode by homes, shops and a cemetery. I felt good and asked engaged in conversation with the locals as I was passing by. I am generally very open and sociable person so this was not a surprise. I felt happy and content. I did however came to a stop where I wanted to get to another side of the town which was separated by a river. There was a bridge there.  There was not a walk way for pedestrians so I thought for a minute thinking that I could easily retract to find a better route to cross over as I could see land in the distance.  A woman appeared and mentioned that others just climb and make it across. With little thought I put my bike down and climbed up and well then made the plunged and crossed over. It was very easy to. There was no fear associated.  When I then tried to gather my belongings and exit a door. I thought it would lead me to the street but it brought me to the bridge again. This bridge was like a lot bigger, the structure was very solid. At that point I felt uneasy and I yelled to the woman and now a few others there that I had already did it. I was telling them that I had jumped and crossed so why was I there.  After a few attempts in trying to tell my story I figured that they weren't interested in listening. There was a a few others that were jumping. I was became afraid became at the point where this door led me was to the side of the bridge pillars.  They were too close so if I jumped I would most likely hit them and die before I hit the water. I thought carefully as to how I would jump. At one point I became desperate because I didn't think that I could make it without getting hurt but I said I have to do it because there is no way to the other side that that.  I took a leap of faith and jumped. I felt freed with no fear but the voices from below  were quickly becoming dimmed and  all of the sudden I woke up and my uncle was embracing me saying that I am okay. He apparently jumped in the water and saved me.  What does this all mean I am not sure but I felt like I died and it was not necessarily a bad thing :)

Questions about dreams / Different Snake Bites by water
« on: September 11, 2013, 11:12:31 PM »
Lately I have been having dreams. I find it intersting because I rarely remember them. A few weeks ago I dreamt that I ran from a room where a man was in bed then I found myself in a huge home on an island surrounded by water which was being demolished by natural forces and I had a a baby on hand. I was not scared. Before I awoke an insurance appraiser gave me a dollar figure of how much they would pay for rebuilding the home.  Last night I had a different dream which involved me being in water. There were some males there and each male suggested that I let a snake bite me. The first bite took my breath and energy  away. When I walked over to the other friend (random people who I don't even know)suggested I let a diffferent snake bite me. I had to dive down deep into the water to find it and let it bite me. When I found it before it bit me I swam to the surface.  The funny thing is that I can't swim in real life. Another snake lunged at me and but missed while at the surface. I then seen another fella and as I moved toward him I felt the sting and I was becoming paralized, loosing my breath. I slowly uttered that I was dying and I then woke up. I have to admit that i have been under a lot of pressure both at work and in  my personal life. My step mother and my son are both hospitalized and loads of changes going on at work. I am trying to find another job. If you have any insight,  I would gladly take it. Thank you very much.  

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