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Questions about dreams / What does this signify?
« on: March 13, 2011, 02:20:40 AM »
What does it mean if, in a dream, I see a hawk flying at me, slightly towards the right?  The eyes are very yellow and bright.

I usually have interesting dreams, but seldom remember very many details.  This dream last night, however, was amazing in its detail and color, so I wrote it down as soon as I woke up.  That’s something else I seldom do!  Here’s the "scenario":

The center of the screen is a leafless “ginkgo” tree – at least the tree is the shape of the ginkgo leaf, if that makes sense – and the branches lean slightly towards the left.  On each side of that tree, but out of direct line of vision is another tree, but a different shape – these trees don’t seem to be significant.  A hawk is in the leafless tree and builds a nest, then the leaves start appearing.  The leaves are each shades of beige, gray and mauve in an organized, overlaying pattern, and they get thicker and thicker until the tree is very bushy with leaves.  The hawk (who is colored similarly to the leaves) sees me watching him and starts flying straight at me, and he looks kind of pissed off.  I can see his eyes and beak very clearly.  I turn to enter my house through sliding glass doors, and have to brush away small, slender, black, vertical, stick-like things from around my face.  Then I wake up.

I will appreciate any input.

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