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Dream Interpretation / Message to prepare for marriage
« on: May 28, 2015, 07:44:17 AM »
goodday Tony. I dreamt I was in my mothers room. Then I saw an old lady from our church who has since passed. She sat on a chair, you know like a standard brown classroom chair. She told me my ex' boyfriends wife wasn't doing well n she was telling this to my mom and I. She continued to say that my mom must prepare me for marriage - to my ex boyfriend that is since his wife was not being a good wife. My mom seemed happy about it coz I saw her smile. I seemed happy too and I said to myself at least this has happened after I have finished my school and graduated. The old lady after conveying her message stood up to leave n I noticed how smart she looked. Stockings and wore a cream pleated skirt. She used to be smart looking like that. Then another lady in the church who I believe does 'works of darkness' lol....she came into the room but after everything had been said n I was glad she didn't get to hear all this coz hey who knows what she could do....lol!!

I'm currently going into my last semester of university and have been worrying if I will graduate at all. I had this dream 2 yrs ago n been wondering of its significance in my life. I understand the symbol 'bedroom' points to intimate issues like love n relationships. Am still learning to sit in silence to absorb dream symbols into me to try and understand what part of me they relate - to my being and feelings emotions etc.

With that said....my ex's wife...not sure what part of me is failing n not doing well. Wats the marriage aspect about...wat part of my ex to incorporate in my life since I'm to prepare to marry him. He's a confident and a classy person...could this be it....I have to be confident and classy to prepare myself for after I graduate ?...my life out there? ....please guide my thinking....much tks :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: Friend
« on: May 12, 2015, 06:20:21 PM »
I will surely keep in mind what you've noted and reach out to my friend as I am worried about her. Tk you:)

Dream Interpretation / Friend
« on: May 11, 2015, 03:10:18 PM »
Tony here I go again. I dreamt I was at a church yard where my friend attends. I was wearing one of my favorite dresses....peach in colour and I was looking beautiful. I was standing behind a pillar such that my friend couldn't see me, not that I was hiding from but I honestly thot that she could see me. I then got away from the pillar and she could see me. She was dressed in a white top and black skirt. She looked at me from head to toe. She greeted me quite dryly which took me a bit aback . Thot she'd be happy to see but was wrong. She then commented on how my hair looked nice and I thot that was strange for her to not comment on the dress. She then turned to walk into the toilet, but I didn't go in with her coz I didn't feel I needed to use it. I stopped at the door then woke up.

Thing is on Mother's Day I sent her a Mother's Day card wishing her well on the day thru whatsapp chat. She read my message but didn't respond. Then the next day I told her the message was from me coz I thot she prolly didn't have my number anymore and asked how she's doing.....again she read it and ignored. I feel my dream pointed to this. Me standing by the pillar thinking she could see me but she couldn't .....would be me texting her and thinking her silence was because she didn't know who it was.....then going back to the dream me moving away from the pillar is me texting her to let her know it's me in reality. I think her greeting me coldly and commenting on only my hair....I should think it's her actually reading my texts prolly appreciating the gesture but not too keen on reciprocating. I was wondering what her going to the toilet would mean...is she dealing with personal issues in her life she doesn't want to have anything to do with me or is her going to the toilet her wanting to get rid of me. Please let me know if I'm in the right direction. I'm trying to learn about dream symbols....am I in the right direction in my thot process. Tks for your help:)

Dream Interpretation / Re: Game
« on: May 07, 2015, 06:06:15 PM »
Thanks for your enlightenment. Really appreciate it!

Dream Interpretation / Re: Game
« on: May 06, 2015, 08:11:51 PM »
Tks Tony for confirmation. One more question tho.....the dream about the egg yolk...would you think maybe it's got to do with my love life?

Dream Interpretation / Re: Game
« on: May 02, 2015, 08:29:46 AM »
Sorry for the typo error there... I meant to say the man was saying the shorts cost $10 and now they cost $100. My question is wouldyou tthink my train of that is correct...please let me know. Tks.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Game
« on: May 02, 2015, 08:14:21 AM »
Its so interesting you'd pause the question y I had this dream. I'm 33 and single and and just been thru yet another break up with a guy I was dating. I've been asking myself and praying for answes with anything regarding my love life n how I can move forward to finding love.....n real love for that matter. The feeling I get from this dream is prolly how I relate to men and sex. At my age I'm still a vurgin and quite by choice and there has been a general feeling of disappointment in the way I've got my message thru to not wanting to be sexually involved especially with these two guys and MIT allowing them to sort of be the man in the relationship. They both did say at some point that I always want to do things my way and made them feel uninvolved.

About 3wks ago I dreamt I was in a takeaway shop like a MacDonald's. I saw my sister n niece and we were waiting to be seated to have something to eat. I sat on this white expensive looking couch with a beautiful wood trimming. I looked on my side and saw an even more expensive looking room with expensive couch n navy blue carpet and saw people being served there. I wished we had that kind money to be in that room. Then there was a man who wanted to make an annoyncement that 10 yrs ago he bought a pair of sshorts and they got torn and he had to replace them and tjat 10 yrs ago they cost $100 and now he was going to buy them for $100.  Somehow i dont remember myself eating. Then i was sitting in a room where there were benches in rows and I someone was addressing us and seemed I kinda lost interest ...prolly I felt it wasn't relevant to me. The last part of the dream was really interesting to me. I got up and went to the door where my recent ex was waiting for me...it seemed he'd been waiting for me all this time. So I told him we could go as I had finished what I was doing. I saw him wearing a brand new suit and shirt and shoes. I'd never seen him in a new attire from head to toe. Then when we were about to leave I told him I forgot my hand bag n I was about to go and get it. He insisted he'd do it but I didn't want to embarrass him by showing people he was with me. He firmly insisted...then he turned to go back to the room to get my bag then I got up. In real life we didn't make our dating public....which is y in the dream I didn't want him to worry.

So I wonder from this dream if the same message was not being conveyed ....allowing men in my space. Not sure if my interpretation relates. This morning too my sister says she dreamt of me wearing a basketball T-shirt n my recent ex 's best friend was touching some design marveling at it. Then my sister says I snapped at him thinking he was touching my breasts. She says I hurt him deeply. Same message again about my relation to men in general. Its a real transition I'm going thru and really painful and can't wait to get the results I'm looking for. This morning I dreamt an egg crack in half the other half had the egg yolk safely cupped in it...the yolk looked alive beautiful n a very nice yellow. Somehow I was fearful when the egg cracked in half and was trying to wake myself up then the dream continued to show the yolk being safe in the other half. I wonder to if its not pointing to the turnout about my love life. I'm not sure if my train of thought is in line with what messages my dreams are conveying.

Dream Interpretation / Game
« on: May 01, 2015, 06:59:43 AM »
Hire there Tony. Its surely been a while since we last spoke. Hope you well.
I had a dream this morning and am hoping you can assist me. I dreamt   I was playing a game similar to spin the bottle. The people I could clearly remember was my ex boyfriend from 12 yrs ago (he is now married and have a friendly relationship eg. in the past month we've been praying about some issue he had to deal with and we got a break thru. So it really is a simple friendship - no bad air). The other person is my ex best friend who I was friends with at the time I was dating my ex.we stopped being friends about 3 yes ago. The 3rd person was my church mate and we're in the same youth group but he's about 10 yrs younger than me.

So it looks like its a church social night and we're mingling well andy ex seems to be quite close in his interactions with me. Then we all sat in a circle to play this game. At first it seemed innocent where someone would say your number and you had to touch the same body part with the person sitting next to you. I was sitting next to my church mate who is younger than me and is a guy. So the trick is to call out numbers fast enough to confuse you and your number could be called out a number of times in succession and each time having to touch the same body part. So I had to touch this young guy sitting next to me. Then they kept calling my number then I realised we had to touch each other's butts and I immediately backed off and said if that's how this game is played I totally refuse. My ex was sitting a few chairs down from me on my left. I saw him looking bored hands folded and his one hand closing his eyes legs spread . it seemed like I had spoiled the party eith y comment and I felt a little bad but I silently defended myself in my thoughts that my ex would not allow his wife to be a part of such a game so y should I allow someone to toych y butt in a game. I felt it was unprincipled to be a part of such. Personally I don't like spin the bottle coz you end up doing all these sexual things in public.

After I passed my comment no one seemed to want to play the game anymore coz they felt I was a party pooper. I tried to interact with my ex but he seemed disinterested . I was a tad bit hurt...please Tony I'd like to hear your thots on this one. Tk you kindly :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: HELP! DREAM ABOUT MY EX
« on: October 06, 2013, 04:21:09 PM »
Thank you, thank you Tony. This has been really insightful. I really appreciate your help. I know I will sleep feeling happier and much lighter today. I will also try to take your advice by taking a closer look at the symbols to see how they relate to me personally.

Much thanks.

Dream Interpretation / HELP! DREAM ABOUT MY EX
« on: October 06, 2013, 10:27:51 AM »
Hi Tony. My name is Gina and new here.  I am having such intense dreams that leave my nerves in a wreck each time so much that I can't function. I need the truth as to what these dreams could mean and I hope you can help.

I have been having dreams about my ex. We broke up almost 10 years ago. He is married now with 1 child. I have never met his wife or his daughter but seen them on pictures. The other day I dreamt I saw a wedding picture  with his wife and her maid of honour -  just the two of them. She was dressed in her white wedding gown and her maid of honour in a white dress. At first when I looked at the picture I had no idea it could be her. Her wedding dress had a seam just underneath her breasts. In reality her wedding dress was like that. Anyway , as I looked at this picture the wedding dress tore from the seam and the bottom part of the dress dropped. I was in shock so I tried to fix the picture by attaching the bottom part of the dress back.

When I thot it was now attached the dress fell at the same seam line again. I realised that no matter how I tried I could never attach the dress back and fix things. So I decided to let it drop and so it dropped all the way down. The maid of honour's dress started dropping as well. They then started huddling together because they were  shy and embarrassed. The brides' panties started showing and she was wearing white oversized baby panties. I woke up in shock.  

A little bit of background is that I have been praying for a life partner for over 5 years now. Its a pity I can't write down every dream I've had but a lot of my dreams could point to my ex being my life partner. However in this spiritual journey I have found it very very difficult it could be me ex because he kind of like taught me that he doesn't love me. I have dreams of his mum telling me he loves me and me running away and not wanting to hear it. I am not hell bent on wanting this man back in my life but if he is the one I would be cool with it. The other time I dreamt him and I back at our high school walking together and I suddenly fell blind and I started feeling apologetic and embarrassed about being blind saying that it happens to me often. In my mind I kind of had dismissed that he left but it seemed like he hadn't ever left coz he was physically there next to me. I felt foolish. Then I woke up.

I hope you can find the time just to shed some light on this issue. I would really appreciate it.  

Kind regards


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