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Greetings / hello fellow dreamers!
« on: March 30, 2011, 05:13:15 PM »
I stumbled on this site while struggling to uncover the meaning of a disturbing dream.  Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

I've had literally thousands of dreams about spiders since childhood.  They typically involve the spider & I spotting each other, then standing in a sort of stalemate until the dream is over.  I'm generally paralyzed with fear in the dreams, and sometimes the spider is unmoving as well.  There have been exceptions -- a few times, I found the spider on my hand and could not get it off; it has on occasion leapt at me; and once, it chased me on a unicycle.

Last night, it talked to me.  I was scared of it like always, but it approached me and handed me a book.  Then, it leapt onto the back of my head and latched on.  While it was in that position, I could hear it talk.  It had apparently written the book, which was a collection of poetry and knowledge, and it gave a sort of commentary while I read.  It was clearly more intelligent than I was, but it seemed to want my understanding and possibly approval.  We had a mutual understanding that it was going to bite me at some point and that it would probably be very painful.  I was afraid of being bitten but felt certain that the spider would not kill me.  After the spider shared its knowledge, we decided to collaborate on some sort of project.  I'm hazy on the details, but we had somehow gotten trapped with a few other people and were trying to save everyone.  We accomplished our objective, but the spider wound up dying in the process, before I was bitten.  The dream ended with me staring at its corpse, feeling remorse for its loss but still feeling a little afraid of it.

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