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Questions about dreams / recurring dream
« on: February 08, 2012, 02:28:51 PM »
I have a disturbing problem. I have had a similar dream two nights in a row. This dream is about dogs. The first dream the dogs were alive and in a protective and loyal context in the dream. I needed to feed the dogs but couldn't because I didn't have any food for them. The second night the dogs were not protective but possibly nuisance or malicious in the context of the dream. They were neighborhood dogs that belonged to other people in the area. There was something questionable about the owners also. In my dream a fire broke out at the "compound" where the dogs were kept. The sound of the dogs dying could be heard through the neighborhood. In my dream I remember thinking that the fire department needed to be called. Later in my dream there was another fire, this time it was intentional. You could hear the dogs dying a painful agonizing death. Again, in my dream I remember reasoning that someone should do something.
In the past I have had dreams that have come to pass. The dreams were mostly little incidental occurrences but the energy that surrounded the dreams would build up until some event happened, after the event, the energy dissipates. I am concerned that I am having incidental dreams that actually happen, (small phrases random people say etc.). I feel this energy is slowly building and I am having these vivid wild dreams in between the random incidental ones that come to pass. I am apprehensive that another "event" is coming my way. If anyone has an interpretation please post.

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