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Questions about dreams / Stairs
« on: January 26, 2014, 08:39:02 AM »
Hi everyone

I'm wondering what it means to be running up several flights of stairs trying to get away from someone and then the stairs reduce to the point where you are no longer running but climbing them as if they are monkey bars but moving upwards and then they turn back into stairs.

Questions about dreams / Re: werewolves as symbols
« on: January 26, 2014, 08:36:04 AM »

a lot has been written about werewolves & as dream symbols,some of it a bit confusing,as always our own personal associations are as important as the collective ones.
most of the meanings I have come across, tend to centre around it symbolically representing a sexual predator,this may be one of its meanings,  as always it will depend on its actions in a dream,but to me its not the whole story,
 a werewolf is a human who has become an animal,not just any animal ,an aggressive violent one,who has no control of his actions.
i once helped a lady who was plagued by werewolf dreams,
i asked her if she was in a masculine controlled environment,to put it politely,
my thoughts were ,she was in an abusive relationship, from which she could not escape.
she finally told me her male partner was very violent towards her,frequently & i quote, "dragging her around the room by her hair",most of the time he was loving & kind,but when he drank,there is the werewolf,
i think in most cases the symbology seems to suggest this violent,aggressive nature, either in another person around us or even within ourselves.
i am happy to report that the lady in question got out of the violent relationship,& is now a lot happier.
just thought i would share this with you all .
rgds mikey

Hi there :)

Very interesting! I never thought of the werewolf symbolizing that. It seems very fitting and appropriate.

When I was a child I used to have nightmares of a werewolf coming after me, most times trying to find a way into our house. Sometimes I would destroy it by grabbing its mouth and rip it to bits, at other times I would be running or hiding.

In reality I had been sexually abused and we lived in a home where violence was present through my step father.

As I grew older the dreams disappeared (within the last 7 years to be exact and I am now 33) and after discussing the topic with a good friend of mine I came to the conclusion that the werewolf represented the changes within my family through the actions and behaviour of our mother. This impacted me on an internal level that led to inner transformation which was very painful. The moon in astrology signifies ones family and mother and it is what causes the human to change into the beast.

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