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Questions about dreams / Telepathic communication in dreams.....
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:48:20 PM »

When I started writing down my dreams and paying closer attention to the details- colors, moods, backgrounds, etc. I quickly came to realize that no one EVER talks TO ME in any of my dreams. Interactions with people do center around communication, which seems to be verbal as best I can tell, but no one actually speaks (either I to them, or them to me). There are rare dreams when others (strangers) are talking to one another and I perceive that as an audible sensory event. Otherwise, I communicate with people in my dreams through 'knowing', like a telepathic communication, but not like a dialog, more like a 'oneness'. I understand the spiritual implications of the 'collective unconscious' and all that, and in my dream group I was told that it generally means I am very intimate (have close relationships) with the people in my dreams. The problem with this explanation is: I was also told that every aspect of the dream, even familiar people, are projections of myself (so I am intimate with myself??), AND this telepathic knowing occurs between myself and individuals in my dreams who aren't familiar to me (so I'm intimate with strangers??). This explanation alone doesn't sit right with me.

Does anyone else consistently experience this form of communication in their dreams, and is there any significance to it?

Dream Interpretation / The Wet Nurse- brief but powerful dream
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:34:49 PM »
I am sitting on the concrete ground, 'Indian style', somewhere in a public place- there are people around, but I have a vague sense of them, not a clear picture. The top half of my body is naked, and I am breastfeeding a newborn infant boy. My breasts are full and plump. I can feel the physical sensations of the infant's sucking on my RIGHT breast, and the internal sensations of my uterus contracting. For a second I am ashamed about these sexual feelings, and look around quickly to take assessment of the people around me. They are still vague. So I return to enjoying the moment, feeling the warmth of this infant's skin on my skin, feeling close, bonded, and increasingly sexually aroused. Once I determine no one is aware of my increased sexual arousal, I contract my pelvic floor muscles, which quickly leads to orgasm. I am awoken by the full-body sensation of orgasm.

In dream analysis group we all knew one another enough that significant background detail wasn't necessary. But I relocated and haven't found a new dream group. So here are some background facts.....

I am a woman, early 40's, who breastfed all 3 of my children, the youngest being almost 19 years old now. The infant boy in the dream was not one of my sons- he was a baby I was breastfeeding for someone else- not known to me. More than 10 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost both of my breasts surgically, and then shortly after my uterus and ovaries to cancer, which put me in very early menopause. In the dream I recognized the physical sensations as familiar- the same as those I experienced when I breastfed my children. But I had a sense of 'oh, how much I missed them' in regards to my breasts, so although I perceived I was physically feeling the sensations, I also knew these weren't my breasts, and the fullness I was feeling in my pelvis wasn't my uterus. But I wasn't disturbed by this- just aware and enjoying the sensations. Also, recently I've been exploring and gaining a deeper awareness regarding my own schizoid wounding and childhood traumas, and have been working through relationship entanglements with my mother too. My energy healer has been focusing me on loving myself and 'grounding' into my body, and my therapist has been putting that same concept in more psychological terms- re-parenting myself. Although I initially, upon waking, had the impression the dream was about that- me nurturing myself, and letting go of some pent-up emotional energy around that, what Tony stated in the dream dictionary about breasts really resonated deeply with me: "Only in the fusion of infancy, or of sexual orgasm, or in religious ecstasy do we escape the psychic wound of division."

I'm open to what anyone might add to the insights of this peculiar dream. It's the first time I've consciously been aware of dreaming about breastfeeding, and the first time I had an orgasm in dream that wasn't prompted by a sexual encounter in the dream. I'm not sure if this dream was about me sorting out the issues with my mother, my own self-love and the intention I have regarding healing that part of me, the schizoid wounding stuff, or if it's all inter-related? Well, I know it's all related....I think what I'm trying to ask is, is there something more specific/precise this dream is speaking to me?

And Tony, if you're reading, I just want to say thank you for hosting this forum and for sharing, free of any monetary cost, your wisdom. I plan to spend some time reading through the material you have shared in the pages of your site.....

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